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Lastly, what little technical support that I have needed was excellent. Educating Communities for Parenting. In seconds, we can change pipe sizing and really fine-tune the model. Manager, Local Accounts Virtual - Pittsburgh. Preparing and following a nutritious and balanced diet is not as easy as it sounds.

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You must notify us about any billing problems or discrepancies within 90 days after they first appear on your billing method statement. If you do not bring them to our attention within 90 days, you agree that you waive your right to dispute such problems or discrepancies. Nutrisystem has been helping millions of people in achieving their weight loss goals. In addition, it also helps those who want to keep control of their weight and health.

The portion-controlled diet program is very simple and easy to follow. Nutrisystem program has several plans as listed below. All plans comes with Turbo 13 kit which is the latest addition for Nutrisystem plans for women has three sub plans namely Basic, Core and Uniquely Yours.

In basic plan, foods are preselected for you. In Core plan, you can choose your own food and you also have free access to dietitians and counselors. You also get free access to dietitians and counselors. Fitness and nutritional needs vary for both men and women. Considering this fact, NutriSystem has designed individual plans for men and women separately. This helps the men in losing weight healthily without facing those hunger pangs. Your software was very useful Our main field is in the design and construction of industrial and warehouse buildings.

We are also developers for industrial parks here in the México-USA border as well as in central México. Your software was very useful in doing this work. Also, thank you for the technical support that we have received since purchasing the StormNET software. StormNET is setup in a way that it makes it easy to learn the program.

Besides being easy to use, it is also very in-depth in the wide range of uses it can be used. We found StormNET to be an outstanding design tool We found StormNET to be an outstanding design tool—offering extreme user friendliness and comprehensive design choices. StormNET is a great improvement for designing stormwater detention systems StormNET is a great improvement for designing stormwater detention systems for our area.

We also appreciate the technical support that has allowed us to get our projects completed quickly. Part of our core business is urban highway and municipal street reconstruction, which often incorporates the need to evaluate and upgrade the storm drainage system along the streets being upgraded. We had a copy of an older stormwater system analysis and design software that was no longer viable for our work, so we researched the available software to replace the aged software.

We looked at the majority of current software packages and selected StormNET because of its features and cost. Another beneficial feature provided by BOSS International is the availability of program upgrades at no additional cost. The latest version of StormNET has made the package more user friendly and provides much easier and more efficient project setup and input of system data.

Our primary use of StormNET has been the hydraulic analysis and design of stormwater drainage systems, but our use of StormNET not been limited to only storm drainage system hydraulic designs. StormNET by far has exceeded my expectations. I have used various popular stormwater modeling software programs and evaluated several others before we decided to purchase StormNET. I appreciate it's ease of use, ability to import my CAD site plan or site photos, and abilities to model complex interconnected pond systems.

The free online video tutorials have saved us money and time to quickly and easily learn the software without paying those "extra" fees for offsite training, hotels, meals, and travel costs. The curb inlet analysis was performed to help me size four in-line curb inlets on a new roadway to insure that zero flow bypassed the inlets into a high traffic volume highway.

The flood study project was one where I was able to import the XP-SWMM model from others into StormNET and check the other firm's work on behalf of our client and I was able to find several design mistakes quickly using this method. I give StormNET's customer service program high marks where other companies pale in comparison.

It was well worth the purchase and has aided us on several major projects. I don't recommend anyone buy the software because I don't want my competitors to get the advantage we now have!!! StormNET has a wide range of tools that have been useful StormNET has a wide range of tools that have been useful for us in designing and analyzing storm drainage for our projects.

I really like the built in tools and information about products such as StormTech chambers that has to be manually input into other software packages. Also, it offers me the flexibility in designing a wide range of channels including multiple types of cross sections for open channel flow that is much more versatile than other software. Also, the tech support has been excellent. I get quick and professional responses to my questions.

StormNET is a fascinating program StormNET is a fascinating program because of its simulating and modeling capabilities. I have not learned all the functions of this program yet, as I am a first time user. I am currently using the program to simulate future and existing flow conditions in a large watershed. Markham, ON Canada www. Our office has started using StormNET and found to be the most efficient and comprehensive software in the analysis and design of storm drainage systems. Civil Engineering Ponce, Puerto Rico.

We have been using the StormNET software over the past 2 years on complex stormwater projects. The software is easy to use and the integration of the rainfall designer and other design parameters allows me to model more efficiently. I enjoy working with StormNET and found it to be a very useful tool in determining storm runoff from our projects. It removes the laborious calculations that a designer would need to complete in order to size systems properly although double checking for correctness is a must.

StormNET quantifies the results and presents it in a manner easy to read and visualize. This is very useful when drainage reports are produced and submitted to the city for review. If an issue comes up tech support is fast to respond to your question and will continue to help until you thoroughly understand the solution. From start to finish StormNET is an excellent investment and will continue to aide in our designs. The one of the biggest benefits of StormNET that I have found is the ability to read DWG drawings thus producing good base models and input data from the screen verses entering coordinates by hand.

The Microsoft Excel export options helps make fast and accurate tables that can be inserted into reports. In general, StormNET has substantial reduced the setup time required for getting hydrological component ready for design and analysis.

StormNET software has made the job of basin delineation and modeling extremely easier and more efficient. In addition, the graphical user interface allows me to seamlessly transition between modeling output reports and graphics.

The software is user friendly and has reduced our design time With regards to the StormNET software, I believe this is an essential piece of software that every design consultant should have when performing hydraulic calculations on drainage conveyance systems. The software is user friendly and has reduced our design time, especially when having to make minor adjustments to our models or running various scenarios on the conveyance system.

Thank you for your assistance with the StormNET water modeling program. The entire BOSS International team has been very helpful in getting the program up and running in our office. In my opinion the two biggest items that StormNET has going is first the powerful analysis capabilities of the program, and two the customer support that comes with the program.

We appreciate all your help and will keep the lines of communication open as the program continues to improve. StormNET has been a great tool with respect to increasing my productivity in designing new sewer systems. I recently designed the storm sewers for a 60 acre development and found it easy to modify designs as plans changed.

I also expect to use StormNET in the future when performing forensic analysis of sewer systems. StormNET has greatly reduced the time StormNET has greatly reduced the time required for the design of stormwater management systems. There is a very small learning curve associated with StormNET and the program is very user friendly.

Patton, Martin and Associates, P. The video tutorials shorten the learning time In just a couple of weeks of using StormNET, it is easy to see that this software will serve us and our clients well. The video tutorials shorten the learning time associated with new software. This software will allow each engineer in the firm to become more efficient when it comes to hydrology and hydraulic modeling. The tech support and follow up has been great! We look forward to continuing to improve our modeling capabilities with the use of StormNET.

This software is more efficient and comprehensive This software is more efficient and comprehensive in the analysis of complex storm drainage systems than the HydroCAD software that our staff is currently using. We would recommend StormNET We would recommend StormNET to anyone who needs to model complex stormwater and sanitary sewer systems in an efficient and accurate manner.

StormNET has paid for itself many times over None of the other products were as user friendly and efficient as StormNET has been. StormNET has improved our project design, eased design changes and iterations, streamlined our hydrology and hydraulic calculations, and improved our confidence in our models. All of this has be done while reducing the amount of time needed to complete the required calculations. BOSS International's support staff is very responsive and knowledgeable about their software, consistently focusing on any issues we have until we are fully satisfied.

I would recommend StormNET for comprehensive stormwater modeling and feel that it meets the needs we have for such software. StormNET has paid for itself many times over and is even less costly than comparable software over the long term.

Grand Junction, CO www. It is certainly acceptably for use on any projects submitted for review in Nassau County. StormNET helps us to improve our hydraulic tasks because it integrates a variety of solutions in the same platform. The graphic interface and its combination with Civil 3D allow us to analysis and design sanitary and sewer networks much faster and allow us to analyze other possibilities in order to achieve the most efficient solution even more quickly.

Gabriel Lopes Gabinete de Engenharia, Lda. It is easy and very useful in hydrologic and hydraulic calculations It is with great pleasure to tell you about how StormNET has helped us in our projects, and the most recent of which is the one Paul Vacho and your technical support helped us with our project in the City of Scottsdale, here in Arizona.

It is easy and very useful in hydrologic and hydraulic calculations, and providing accurate results. President Desert Land Engineering, Inc. We have been using StormNET for about 2 years now and find it to be a good program to work with.

The program is user friendly and it is a great help to be able to import backgrounds from GIS or CAD files to aid in laying out the system to be modeled. When changes need to be made to nodes or links it is easy to do and adjust the respective data. The technical support that is provided has been helpful whenever I have a question. The response time is usually short and the problem does get resolved. We are satisfied with the program and the modeling results it provides. La Grande, OR www.

BOSS's technical support was very helpful and got us up to speed quickly. We purchased StormNET a few years back. At the time we needed quite a bit of technical support to get up to speed on the program and to find answers to some of the aspects of the program we felt were not working correctly.

We typically use this program once or twice a year and will continue to use it when we need to model stormwater systems. The program is easy to use and produces quality output We are looking forward to implementing this package on our upcoming projects. It has everything that we need for the types of project we work on. The program is easy to use and produces quality output for integration into construction documents.

Thanks for the upgrade - the video tutorials are very good. Multiple detention ponds, complex outlet structures, diversions, pipe networks, backflow conditions and much more We are very pleased with StormNET. The software does everything we need and more. We initially thought StormNET would only be used on larger complicated stormwater projects, but have found that the program is so simple and easy to use that we now use it on all stormwater design projects.

Multiple detention ponds, complex outlet structures, diversions, pipe networks, backflow conditions and much more can be designed or evaluated within a single model that is easy to build. BOSS International has definitely been listening to their customers and their customer service is hands down the best that I have seen. Keep up the good work.

President Land Engineering, Inc. We have been using the StormNET program and feel that it works very well for most projects that we are doing. The type of projects that we are doing do not always require storm drain calculations but for those that do, the program is very useful.

Probably the most valuable part is being able to import the information from our drawings easily. Cedar City, UT www. I am pleased to report that the performance of the software plus the technical support has exceeded my expectations.

The escalating rainfall intensities that we are experiencing as a result of a changing climate, has resulted in an increased liability on designers to ensure that their drainage systems perform in a sustainable manner. Whilst meeting these requirements, our clients demand cost effective solutions that meet the constraints of their budget. StormNET has enabled us to provide our clients with fully optimized designs quickly and efficiently, resulting in increased productivity within the office.

Camborne, Cornwall, United Kingdom www. We have been using StormNET for one year now and are very pleased. We have found that the program works very well to design storm drain systems from pipe sizes, detention ponds, and bio-treatment areas. The learning curve is pretty short compared to some of the other software we looked at. The technical support was very responsive and helpful in getting us up and running and being productive within a couple days. A design that used to take us two days can now be done in 4 hours.

We have found StormNET to be a powerful, full featured storm water and sanitary sewer design and analysis software. It handles all our storm and wastewater design needs. The flexibility of the software allows us to utilize StormNET on simple as well as the most complex systems with ease.

Support for the software is second to none. StormNET staff are knowledgeable and most importantly, available to quickly assist us with utilizing the software and working through modeling and software use issues.

Training material and support from StormNET staff has proved invaluable. We highly recommend this software. West Columbia, SC www. We have been using this program more frequently as of late, and we are pleased with a number of the functions and time savings it affords. Additionally, the online tutorials were a big help in reducing the learning curve. StormNET is a very reliable and useful program StormNET is a very reliable and useful program in our civil engineering calculations.

Miami Lakes, FL www. StormNET demonstrates a lot of flexibility The ability to use an aerial photo as a background image and overlay a basin boundary and conveyance network makes StormNET a very useful modeling tool. It is also very easy to modify assumptions and run different scenarios for optimization.

StormNET demonstrates a lot of flexibility and includes many hydrologic and hydraulic routines one would expect from a powerful stormwater modeling program. The product is seamless with AutoCAD and saves us precious time on all projects.

These two products can be used on large or small applications, and readily reduces production time from weeks or months to days. Thanks and good effort! I believe that the upgraded version of StormNET is the best product out there. When you unveil this to the modeling world, it will impress even the skeptical.

You really have a fantastic product! It's user friendly, and now it communicates with GIS making the transport of data seamless. The program is great We have been using StormNET for over a year now and are quite impressed with the program itself and the technical support that comes with it. The program is great for stormwater modeling and very user friendly. We picked it up quite quickly. When there were tips or tricks that we needed, or problems that we encountered, the staff at BOSS International have always been quick in helping solve any issues.

It seems that BOSS has also been quite responsive to upgrading their software in response to user demands as well. Overall we have had a positive experience with the program.