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Moderate exercise like walking is necessary to get the fat burning process going. We always encourage the public to use their own discretion when reading health information on social media. For better result with nutrition, diet plan and exercise, contact me Regards Siddharth Singh. Having low metabolism is bad because once you resume normal food intake upon reaching your target weight, it will likely to shoot up again, often putting back more kilos. Some diet plans ship foods straight to your door, while others require you to shop for very particular ingredients.

What is Omnitrition?

I have used Herbalife for the last weeks and lost 8lbs in weight as well as reduced other measures. I strictly followed the plan given and started to go back to the gym most days before work. For me, I needed a kick start, after getting myself into bad habits with eating and being lazy after work, all triggered by a health issue.

I found the products to be expensive and I found the referral system to get your products cheaper, another name for a pyramid scheme which is illegal in some countries. I found my rep to be polite and had no issues with him and the products combined with my new found fitness regime worked. But, I do think it comes down to the same old adage, if you're going to lose weight, you need to make some healthy lifestyle choices, review what you eat, eat healthy, drink less alcohol and exercise a lot more.

I think I could have achieved the same results without the products. I ended up going to Holland and Barrett and buying the equivalent - i. Protein shakes I am reviewing but I won't buy at full price again from Herbalife and I won't be convincing others to get it through me so I can get my already overpriced supplies slightly cheaper.

If you're going to use this product, give it a trial run, everyone is different. Otherwise, don't waste your money. I've just join this company to work for someone else as my job and my supervisor looped hole me into business and making me a business scandal.

He made me want me to advertise these products thinking they are the best in the world when people are pretending are excellent when they just cheated it out with regular food in their lives. I've tried it myself for a month nearly 2 months and horribly hated it over time. They think it works on me, NO way it never and including the people I'm trying to promote on the street and the supervisor told me not to sell anything about Herbalife. Useless he say so but it's not working if people could like to know the company and the products first before they sign up.

This company is terrible for people who have or not have working jobs in Australia or in the world because basically you're just wasting all your money or saving for all buying these expensive and never work products even it's at the highest rating but it's never worked on me so this is the biggest mistake of my life.

This is a cash grabbing company and I'm telling these losers to stop selling me more fraud products. The more they fraud other people in the streets, they get more better awards or achievement for being manipulating others and even friends to donate money to them for the best and from random people that they getting off from rejected application and everyone.

I'll stop working for these busts forever because this basically doesn't work even advertising around the streets by words and putting down the ad posters everywhere I go even on any social media. I never made any money from these idiots and my supervisor never explains enough about how to get clients and made excuses when he phone people about the company when they are in voicemail.

These Herbalife staff members manipulation idiots just pretending that the products working on them giving great life when they don't have proper self control, plus I've tried the products, it's sucks and never changed my life in 60 days ago but same old person as before.

Just have anger issues with using Herbalife products. Remember these Herbalife products don't change people's life, they just made it worse by forcing them by buying more and more of these expensive and never works even exercising or workout. What real thing that a fit normal person would have a much better workout and eating the right foods without Herbalife because they have much better self control by not getting involved with them.

I started Herbalife in March I was 21 years old. I took it for about months. I developed back problems. One day it was so bad, the pain of walking made me feel paralyzed. I had to leave work and take myself to the hospital. It's been 1 year and I haven't used the products since. It works with weight loss, sure, but the pains it brings isn't worth it.

Now I have a ton of this product in my house, never touching it again. It's just spoiling away in a shelf somewhere. My doctors do not recommend. And another thing that won't go away? The people who sold it to me. They keep texting me to this day about new Herbalife products. I'm not buying it. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I tried the weight loss programme a couple of years ago. With exercise I did lose weight. I had to stop products as I had bad cramps after a couple of months.

I assume it's to do with the intake of milk. A then close friend of mine was a seller, once he found out that I found someone locally selling Herbalife, rather than being happy I was trying this product he stopped talking to me.

The lady I used was found on the Herbalife website. She came, took my measurements and weighed me. I made a note of all measurements for myself. She came out almost each week to check up on me. Then after 4 weeks sent me my progress, entering a larger weight to start off with showing a big loss, she was very happy for me and thought continuing product will help me further.

When I corrected her she said she made a mistake, but still by continuing the products will help me lose weight. After the cramps got worse, I stopped Herbalife. After 2 years now, I see on Instagram and other social media all these different programmes they offer now. The breakfast plan, free trial they send you some sachets of shake and small sachets of tea.

I had now gained weight and thought rather than purchasing 2 big tubs of shake I'd ease myself into with the breakfast shakes.

I again had cramps, went to the doctors was told maybe it was the milk. That she will get more tea sent out to me. As the almond milk worked better for me. I decided to go all out and place a weight loss program order. I placed order on the Sunday, sent her a text to let her know. She replied to say she will get product out asap.

Wednesday came I still had nothing. By now I am talking myself out of this whole healthy thing we know it take motivation to want to lose weight. Thursday I have message her asking where the products are.

I was told she was still waiting on them. She replied that's fine send her my bank details as she will need to process refund now because in the evening she was going on holiday for 2 weeks. I tried another seller and was told as I've used someone else before I can't use them. Now 2 months later messaged and placed an order. She had the nerve to call me and say I wanted to check your definitely going to use the product and not cancel again Well I again have paid for postage so ask her to post products to me was a Thursday so I can start on Monday.

She told me that's fine. She will come and see me Monday today to take measurements and have a chat, and that I can drop her off at her house so I can see where she lives in-case I ever need to know.

Monday morning I get a text saying she hopes I have an amazing week, and how she will bring the products with her after 4 pm! I've replied saying I thought we agreed they would get posted so I can start today, she replied saying she sent products to her friend and royal mail have lost them and she should've messaged me to let know she wasn't posting them. It feels like all the seller want is your money. I have expressed how annoyed I am. As there's always something.

Wish me luck if these product's turn up. I requested a refund from Herbalife due to the fact I had an adverse reaction to their products. I'm being told it takes up to 4 weeks to do a refund. How in the world is this possible when it only takes them a few seconds to debit your account when you become a member.

They received their product back a week ago and I haven't heard anything else from them. This company is very shady and their distributors are no better. They push these products and make you believe that they are best products in the world. They lie like a rug to get you to purchase them. The distributors are wolves in sheep clothing. I will never ever do business with this company again. I lost 13 pounds in 3 months. I changed my lifestyle. No diets so I was not hungry or without energy.

I started using Herbalife products before. I never thought it worked but now I can only recommend it. Be warned and do not believe the 30 day money back guarantee that they advertise as this is completely untrue. I bought the products and used them for a week but throughout I had a reaction to them and suffered massive stomach pains, I was very unwell and my doctor advised me to stop taking them.

I am still waiting for my refund and she now refuses to give me my money back, I have called the customer services number and no one got back to me after they said 48 hours. This is literally the worst experience I have had. The products themselves are also very dangerous so take them with caution, there are so many ingredients in there that don't even make sense, you are better off following the body reset diet which is natural smoothies which are a balanced meal none of this radioactive crap!!

I found this product to be extremely helpful. I have a motor neuron disease and am physically unable to maintain exercise programs due to other health issues, including epidermolysis bullosa simplex and PCOS etc. None of the diets recommended by doctors or specialists were having any results. I spoke to a nutritionist and a weight specialist and they both said they were sorry, but it seemed that I could survive on a peanut and there was little hope to lose weight.

These diets and processes were costly and disappointing. I decided to try this product after the birth of my child, it was breastfeeding friendly and instead of gaining a kg per week as on other diet programmes, I lost a kg per week. I had so much energy and felt great. I have had to stop purchasing this product however as it is not affordable. If you have the income to support it, it's fantastic. Worth every penny if you can afford it.

But I watched others without my health issues shed easily 10 kg in the first month and feel great for it. I found the consultant I dealt with to be money oriented and it made me uncomfortable. I later met another consultant that was lovely and in the business for the right reasons.

This fellow in totally unprofessional, arrogant, ill-mannered. He is a cheat of the highest degree and sells these products at very exorbitant rates compared to other associates. If confronted, never returns them.

Even forcefully sells its products and hardly picks the phone when tried to return them. These Herbalife guys are cheats. Product is good but the associates are very cunning and money minded. I gave money for a product with one associate in Bangalore and he never delivered the product. I stopped the product itself and moved to Amway. Else you need to be an associate yourself but it is not worth it. I have done business with Herbalife for many years.

Their customer service has gone way downhill in the last year. My credit card company kept blocking my order so I tried to change the card on Herbalife's system but it did not work on the recording. I was told that it could not be changed. The order was blocked five more times. Herbalife did not even call to let me know. I finally got them to change it but the next month they used my old card and the result was it was blocked again.

You would think I could get help. I waited 30 minutes for a supervisor who then changed the card but I was told my order would take a while to get. They refused to send it out in a quicker way even though it was their fault. I am considering using another company.

Thanks for letting me air this complaint. Herbalife is a good product. The formula one, which is your meal supplement, taste more like smoothie than a diet shake. In overall the products are of good quality. If you take as recommended you should have results. I lost 40lbs my first round, it is a lifestyle change but the results are great. The people who sell it can be a bit pushy but if you overlook that and get to know the products offered you can understand why it has been in business over 30 years.

I tried to support my friend by buying some product. She was close to throwing all her products away since she could not sell it.

She spent thousands of dollars and was stuck with the inventory. As for me, I had rectal bleeding for 2 days. I went to my doctor and he couldn't figure out why and we decided to go back to the same diet before Herbalife and my rectal bleeding went away. I told my friend and she did not believe me and gave me some meal replacement. I was reluctant to take it but tried it again.

After two days I was urinating blood and my hemorrhoids returned. I broke out with blisters on my lips. My friend who sold me the product told me her aunt was urinating blood as well so I don't think it was a coincidence. Please avoid this product as much as possible.

I need urgently to be help by Herbalife USA as my membership is from there, when I came to South Africa try changing address and send all documents necessary but they insisted that I need it IRS number which I don't have here. So just like that no more option were given to do transfer. And now I'm about to lose even the faculty to buy because they ask me to listen to a training in the Training Center with we don't have access in this location.

So no more Herbalife for me??? It's incredible after almost 12 years of giving to a company. I was Get Team and this situation only discourages us to try building a business here as was no point.

I have always defend Herbalife as I had so good time in Latino America but sad to see a lot of what is sale to promote business as wild wide opportunity is not true!!! I bought some products online from Herbal Canada distributor and I didn't receive it for long period of time hours base on the site.

In the web, there isn't any option for contact like fishing sites except an email address never heard back. When I called main office in Montreal, they couldn't do anything and they confess they don't have any authority or power to do anything.

I strongly recommend to prevent putting your time, money and mind on pressure for nothing. I was kg after 2 months, lost 14kg. My father use this shake for control blood sugar. His body weight is idle, only controls blood sugar. It means there is no side effect in this product. Herbalife products are very good for my family. Herbalife has decent shakes and their teas are good, but the group of people in this business are immature and uneducated!

They are selfish and it is all about making money for themselves and not to actually help people with their health issues. I've been doing Herbalife for only a week now and it's amazing how much energy I have.

I NEVER exercise but since I've been doing the shakes twice a day and the tea, which I think helps the most, I've been running about three miles a day and hiking in the mornings. I don't have a scale so I'm not sure if I've lost any weight but I do know that I feel really good and confident and my skin hasn't been breaking out as much I have really bad acne. Also, it all tastes delicious!

Update on my review concerning the Herbalife supplements. After a visit to my primary care doctor, I learned that some of the supplements I was using were interacting with the prescription drugs I was taking. While I still am not convinced my friends are actually going to make any money in this business, the supplements are actually good. Some supplements can cause bad interactions with certain drugs. I have been using Herbalife products on and off for a few years. But, I watched my friends and family members go broke while the "big guys" in this company made money hand over fist!

Since starting these products, my energy and mood greatly diminished. At first, I didn't link this to Herbalife. But, before starting Herbalife, I ate sensibly, took a few Ayurvedic herbal tinctures, and exercised vigorously times a week. My hair was thick and lustrous, and I felt the best I have felt in my life! After about a year or so on the products, however, I noticed my energy levels were declining, my hair was falling out, and I started having problems with my digestion again.

Upon further review of the ingredients in these products, I saw they had a lot of artificial ingredients in them. I have spent a fortune on these products, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to throw them away and go back to my simple lifestyle; eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, along with vigorous exercise, and meditation practices.

Omnitrition approved foods do not include gluten in any phase. This phase is sometimes overlooked but is allegedly important to the success of the diet. HCG injections or Omni drops must be taken during this phase and every phase forward. HCG is said to trigger fat burning during this phase. Phase 1 consists of two full weeks. The Omnitrition hCG diet plan promises users will see and feel fast, perhaps immediate changes.

During phase 2 of the Omnitrition diet plan, users may purportedly achieve a weight loss of up to fifteen pounds as well as well as noticeable improvements in digestion, energy levels, mood and even clearer skin. The protein- and plant-based diet is extremely restrictive. Amen encourages clients to experiment with different Omnitrition approved food combinations and exercise ratios.

Although phase 2 may be difficult, those who stick it out will feel better and stronger for having done so. This phase is defined by its rigorous calorie restrictions and allows users four ounces of protein and vegetables, specifically a half a cup each. Phase 3 dieters are also allowed two pieces of fruit for lunch and for dinner. Though the plan does not allow breakfast, dieters may eat a small serving of fruit in the morning.

Alcohol is likewise discouraged during this phase. Omnitrition asserts that Rapid weight loss continues during phase 3, culminating at up to ten pounds. Omni 4 Liquid packs a minimal 45 calories per serving. This phase encourages users to increase their workouts and to start a food journal to track both healthy and unhealthy eating habits. During the maintenance stage, users gradually reintroduce dairy and other foods back into their diets.

If dieters are experiencing hunger in this ongoing phase, either an apple or a tomato is allowed as a late-night snack. Per ongoing weight management instructions, Omnitrition encourages participants to maintain phase three on 80 percent of all meals, while there are no restrictions for caloric intake regarding either foods or beverages.

However, as with any food or nutritional supplements, there are subsets of individuals who are more susceptible to negative side effects due to medical conditions or to medications taken. The interesting ingredient in its formula is HCG human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy.

HCG has a wide array of side effects including:. HCG can cause early puberty in young boys as well as these side effects: The hormone may cause a hormonal imbalance in men; leading to an enlargement of breast tissue gynecomastia.

Omnitrition is designed to help anyone with the drive and determination to lose weight and to dedicate themselves to a healthier, fitter and more disciplined lifestyle. Advantages to consistent use of the program also include purportedly include a dramatic decrease in sugar and carbohydrate cravings. By reducing sugar and other harmful additives, the phases of this program promise to decrease pain, swelling and inflammation.

The Omnitrition eating plan also offers the advantage of a low-cholesterol diet due to its plant-based food plan. It also limits starchy carbs and sugar. Also, Omnitrition asserts that benefits to strict adherence to this nutritional plan include improved digestion, clearer skin and more sustained energy and mental focus. The Omnitrition cost of its extensive health and wellness products varies considerably.

Omnitrition markets weight loss products including:. The original Omnitrition Drops can be ordered per bottle as well as in orders of four bottles.

Plexus Slim is another multilevel diet supplement program, so it is hard to tell if reviews are real or not. Users are also encouraged to take Plexus Block- a supplement which is used to burn fat. Isagenix is also an MLM pyramid scheme marketing plan that relies on promotion and reviews gathered by the people who are selling it. The weight loss product, IsaLean, is a powdered shake designed as a meal replacement.

Isagenix recommends 1 to 3 shakes a day as a way to get high nutrition while cutting calories. HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta of a pregnant woman. This hormone helps the developing baby get lots of nutrition no matter what mom is eating herself. There was a study done in the s by Dr. Simeons that showed promising results using hCG for obesity. Yet another MLM marketing strategy company- noting any trends here? Yup- another MLM multilevel diet supplement program.

Thrive Patch uses dermal fusion technology DFT that allows you to absorb nutrients directly through the skin vs taking pills or shakes. However, there are no clinical trials to back up any of these claims. Only company that is not an MLM business model.

This option is a completely online program that encourages eating real food vs meal replacement drinks or supplements. The Omnitrition meal plan has, like any diet program, strengths and limitations in its prescribed method to help users lose weight. It may be a good fit for some while others may benefit from an alternative weight loss solution.

Here are a few key points of concern for anyone considering this particular program:. At this time, there is no specific research supporting the efficacy of the Omnitrition HCG diet plan or any of its products. There has been one Omnitrition lawsuit to date regarding the safety and efficacy of the Omnitrition hCG drops. The first two phases of the diet program are very restrictive and might be difficult for some dieters to follow.

One of the best aspects of the Omnitrition eating plan is that most of its calories come from non-starchy vegetables and lean proteins, which help to cut down on body fat and to shed inches.

Also, both men and women participants of this diet program have largely reported that they did not experience typical negative effects associated with calorie restriction, such as physical weakness, tiredness or mental dullness.

Those who have a hard time with willpower may find this diet plan too restrictive to stick to on an ongoing basis and may want to seek out a more food-diverse option instead. I still had cravings 3 weeks into the program, while following the program to a T! I still had cravings. So this is not the way to go.

The drops made no difference whatsoever. Lost 26lbs in less than three weeks. Discipline is key to this diet. But, do the products offer more than others? One of the products we like the most is Burn TS. The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients, that have been shown to promote weight-loss by accelerating metabolism and igniting fat loss. Choosing the right weight-loss system can be confusing and often times frustrating. Let us know a little more about you and your goals.

Omni another name for Omnitrition, side effects include increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure, as pulled from some customer comments.

Choosing the right product is the 1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn TS, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Omnitrition can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon. You take Omnitrition products based on the label instructions. Omni Drops is used to lose weight with a droplet formula that is designed to be used while dieting, which can lead to a pound of weight loss each day.

Maintaining a diet is necessary with the droplets because the supplement cannot work on its own. Omnitrition claims that it is scientifically proven, but no clinical research is available from the company. We do know caffeine and green tea have some support in the weight-loss community, but when combined with coffee powder and synephrine HCL the risk of side effects increases substantially. A product with ingredients backed by science is Dietspotlight Burn ; check it out!

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with professionals in the weight loss industry and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.

Do Not Send Email Notifications. I just started Omni on August 20th and I am down 32 pounds. I have learned portion control, how to cook without a bunch of additives, and most importantly I have learned not to let good food control my life! Hi Ron, sounds like you found something that really did work for you.

I am skeptical as well. I am looking for something to assist me in losing lbs. I am not looking to be movie star perfect. I am looking to improve on my health. My joints ache, my blood sugar is high and I am borderlne diabetic. I need to do something for myself for a change. What is your work out schedule and what types of exercise are you doing?

Thanks for any feedback that you might be willing to share. I have already lost 11 lbs and feels great! I am a skeptic when it comes to diet programs, weightloss programs and infomercials that try to sell you everything from A to Z. When Omni entered my Life my view on that product was no different. After some convincing, a Friend had me come to one of her meetings. After a great education on the product I decided to try it and was hooked. I have been on Omni for 5 months now, I have lost pounds and have never felt better.

I have taken pressure off my joints, my back pain has gone away and overall have more energy. Blame should never be put on the product, because no one is forcing you to take it. Who needs clinical research when you have that to read. But, if all you are doing is sitting on the couch eating Bon-Bons anyway, what do you have to lose. Once you are on Omni, the product speaks for itself. My name is Ron, and I approve these comment.

I have been taking OMNI for 5 months now. I have lost 45lbs in 5 months.

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