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The event log window contains 22 log entry lines. The information presented here is intended for instructive purposes only and has been gathered from sources deemed reliable, though it may be subject to errors, omissions, changes or withdrawal without notice. Valid for SNMP v1. Page It disables the port where the leave message is received ability to transmit multicast traffic. Such neurons have been directly observed in primate species. Antigens of the MNS system are located on one of two glycoproteins: The user can enable or disable ports pairs that are on the S-Ring list by CLI commands in order to exercise final control if needed.

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Are you looking for support or purchase information? IE3-ready low voltage products. ABB launches first low voltage moulded-case hybrid switch Press release. Moulded-case circuit-breakers overview Brochure. Automatic Transfer Switches Brochure. Tmax T - PV For photovoltaic applications. Tmax T - VF For variable frequency applications. Tmax T - ML Low-voltage, shockproof circuit breakers.

Power distribution The most common application for moulded case circuit breakers is power distribution. TMA trip units are an option for Tmax T4, T5 and T6 up to A, while a wide range of electronic trip units is able to support a better customization of the protection functions: Energy metering During the last years, the growing attention to the environmental issues together with new policies of cost reduction, which involve not only capital costs but also operational costs, has led to a wider diffusion of the energy measurements practice down to the lower distribution levels.

Motor protection Motor protection is one of the most common application for moulded case circuit breakers in low voltage installations. Protection against overload with thermal memory is guaranteed by selecting a trip class among 3E, 5E, 10E, 20E in accordance with IEC Protection U against phase unbalance, R against rotor lock, and G against ground faults can also be available.

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Video manuals Instruction guides. Products and documents browser. System pro M Miniature Circuit Breakers family. Contactors and overload relays For motor starting and power switching.

Contact information What would you like to do? I need more information ABB Sales. Each of the two ends of a ring must be connected to two ports in a Magnum 6K Switch that is enabled with the RS-Ring software. Some items for using RS-Ring are as follows: If there are non managed devices, RS-Ring cannot be used. Devices 6K family of supported switches Distributed across Recovery all switches in the decision ring. S-Ring supports non managed switches as long as LLL capability is supported on that switch.

A ring is a special form of mesh network topology. Operations will continue this way indefinitely until a fault occurs. S- Ring port-pair list for that 6K Switch. The user can enable or disable ports pairs that are on the S-Ring list by CLI commands in order to exercise final control if needed.

Before using the S-Ring capabilities; authorize the use of the software with the license key. To obtain the license key, please contact GarrettCom Inc.

For configuring LLL, use the commands listed below. Unlike S-Ring, the decision is made by each individual switch and not by the ring master. The port-pairs may be of any media type, and the media type does not have to be the same for the pair. Before using the RS-Ring capabilities; authorize the use of the software with the S-Ring license key. A dual- homing switch such as EDS42 offers two attachments into the network or two independent media paths and two upstream switch connections.

In the case of the Magnum 6K family of switches, any two ports can be defined as dual-home ports to provide this level of redundancy. There are two modes in which the dual-homing works. The second mode of operation is primary-secondary mode.

In this mode of operation, the primary port is explicitly defined and the secondary port is explicitly defined. This increases the throughput across two devices and provides improved reliability. However — on each switch, the set of ports can belong to same VLANs as shown in the figure below. This is a valid configuration. Before enabling, please ensure that the correct ports are configured. If network connectivity is lost due to a port being configured as a LACP port, you will need to physically access the switch via the console to correct this error.

Primary port is the port over which specific traffic like Multicast IGMP , unknown Unicast and broadcast traffic is transmitted. As shown by the add port command, the port with the lowest priority value has the highest priority and is designated as the primary port. In the figure shown above, Switch 1 has ports 11 and 15 forming the first trunk, connecting to Switch 3.

Switch 1 also has ports 17 and 23 forming the second trunk on Switch 2. To make the preemptive queuing possible, most switches implement at least two queue buffers. The Magnum 6K family of switches has two priority queues, 1 low and 0 high. DiffServ works by tagging each packet at the originating device or an intermediate switch for the requested level of service it requires across the network.

You can partition traffic in up to eight classes of service using IP precedence. QoS is disabled by default on the switch. QoS needs to be enabled and configured. Once the weight is set, all the ports will be the same weight across the switch. The valid value for weight is A weight is a number calculated from the IP precedence setting for a packet. For example, when a packet is received untagged and has to be transmitted with an addition of the The valid value for weight is Syntax show-portweight - display the weight settings on a port It is used to establish host memberships in particular multicast groups on a single network.

The mechanisms of the protocol allows a host to inform its local router, using Host Membership Reports that it wants to receive messages addressed to a specific multicast group. The multicast group running version 2 of IGMP uses three fundamental types of messages to communicate: A message sent from the querier multicast router or switch asking for a response from each host belonging to the multicast group.

If a multicast router supporting IGMP is not present, then the switch must assume this function in order to elicit group membership information from the hosts on the network. The routers operate as queriers. In this case, the IGMP-configured switch runs as a querier. PCs 2, 5, and 6 are members of the same IP multicast group. IGMP is configured on switches 3 and 4. Either of these switches can operate as querier because a multicast router is not present on the network.

The benefits of IGMP are clear. It disables the port where the leave message is received ability to transmit multicast traffic. Querier shows where the switch is acting a querier or a non-querier.

In the example above the switch is the querier. Querier Interval shows the time period in seconds on which the switch sends general host- query messages. Timer shows the amount of time left in seconds before the group port will be deleted or will not be able to route multicast traffic if the switch does not receive a membership report. Leave Pending column shows the number of leave messages received from this port Every port can be individually set to three different IGMP modes — These messages are sent to ask for group membership information.

This is sent to the all- system multicast group address, The default is enabled There are many software packages which provide a graphical interface and a graphical view of the network and its devices. The graphical interface and view would not be possible without SNMP.

This is done to protect the switch from being polled by unauthorized managers. Valid for SNMP v1. The following RMON groups are supported: Valid for SNMP v.

Maximum of five stations allowed. An inform notification is an acknowledgments that a trap has been received. A user can add up to 5 stations. These items are examined individually in this chapter. Alarm Relays In a wiring closet, it would be helpful if there was a visual indication for faults on components on the network. This may be needed to adjust to the behavior of the circuit or relay. Default is 3 seconds. If this capability is used, please ensure that SPAM filters and other filters are not set to delete these emails.

If value is none, no traps are sent to this recipient. When using the serial connectivity with applications such as Hyper terminal etc.

The important parameters to set for any serial connectivity software is to set the line delay to be milliseconds and the character delay to be 50 milliseconds. Syntax show history — show the last 25 commands executed — if less than 25 commands are executed, only those commands executed are shown If the user logs out or if the switch times out — the history is erased. No Parity Stop Flow Control: None show history Magnum6K25 1: The event log window contains 22 log entry lines.

Also notice that there are other MAC addresses associated with port 3, indicating that the port has a hub or a switch connected to it. MNS-6K allows a maximum of 5 recipients email — The prompt has predefined variables. This is useful to specify whether a log file or host file is uploaded or downloaded. The default is enabled adds or deletes a management station, specified by the IP address, which can query SNMP variables from the switch.

Applicable for SNM v1 only. Description configure port mirror settings configure port security settings specifies the port or switch level priority. If no ports are specified, then the switch bridge priority is specified and its value is specifies the port or switch level priority. Note as discussed earlier, you can create multiple RS-rings on a switch remove the switch from RS-Ring topology by eliminating the end ports on the switch enter the RSTP configuration mode enable RSTP — by default, this is disabled and SNMP to v1 only.

Need to save and reboot the switch after this command sets the time as well as the timezone. Default value is 10 seconds. The Range can be from 2 to seconds. Restrictions apply to the maximum value because of an internal calculation that is dependent on the value of the Query Interval. The valid value for weight is displays which mac address is associated with Description display the hosts table entries IGMP operation status display all trusted hosts shows the IP parameters set in the switch displays the status and other relevant LACP information display the status of LLL display logs and specific types of logs For assigning access capabilities to the user — for example to allow or not allow telnet access to the switch a part of the View based Access control model VACM as defined in RFC This command defines a manager or group or manager stations what it can access inside the MIB object tree.

In addition to the value "none" no time changes , there are fifteen pre- defined settings, a few examples are: The first step is to ensure that you have the proper version of the MNS-6K software.

To access the proper software, you will require access to the GarrettCom web site and ftp site through a network which does not block ftp file transfers. If your site blocks ftp file transfer traffic, please contact your system administrator to figure out how to access the GarrettCom site to download the necessary software. Intentionally left blank for image continuity — image shown on next page ftp: There are other folders with additional software, MIBs as well as additional useful information for the Magnum-6K switches which you may want to use later.

The access can be over the console port using the null modem cable or through the network using telnet. This is described in step 2. Preparing to load the software Backup your existing configuration….. This section will show you how to save the existing configuration and prepare you for loading the configuration. Magnum 6K switch or DNS name associated with the switch to be upgraded. Access the Magnum 6K switch by using the telnet command.

For example, if the switch has the IP address For ftp services, make sure the server can support anonymous login or make sure the login password information is available. The human blood groups and other polymorphisms. Oxford University Press, London. Human Blood Groups, Second ed. Uvod u humanu imunogenetiku. American National Red Cross. Modern Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices. Davis Company, Philadelphia, PA. Vox Sang ; Blood group antibodies and their significance in transfusion medicine.

Transfus Med Rev ; Human Blood Groups — 2nd Ed. Blackwell Science, Oxford, London. International Society for Blood Transfusion.

Genetics and the races of man - An introduction to modern physical anthropology. Little, Brown and Company, Boston. Kardiovaskularni sistem — Krv. Granulociti Neutrofilni granulociti Eozinofilni granulociti Bazofilni granulociti Limfociti Monociti. Krvne grupe Transfuzija krvi Krvni pritisak. Preuzeto iz " https: Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor. Na drugim projektima Wikimedia Commons. Ova stranica je posljednji put izmijenjena na datum 2 novembar u