Half Their Size's Austin Shifflett Gets 8 Lbs. of Excess Skin Removed

Before Fame

Obese man from Charlottesville, Virginia loses HALF his body weight
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4 Matches for Austin Shiflett

Austin Shifflett, 22, who lost pounds, and Heather Patterson, 43, who shed , both appear in People magazine's "Half Their Size" issue , currently on newsstands. Shifflett said today on " Good Morning America " that he was a target for high school bullies when he tipped the scale at pounds a few years back. It was while he was with a friend who was weighing himself to try to gain weight that Shifflett says he realized he had to make a change of his own. Now weighing pounds, he's proud to say he's managed to keep the weight off by swapping out his old diet of burgers and sodas for healthier fare.

Patterson, now a health coach, struggled with her weight of pounds for two decades before losing pounds. She says she was motivated by a photo of herself on social media. It was at that moment he knew he needed to make a change. Shifflett was thinking he was within the ballpark of pounds but the scale told him the truth.

At 17 years old, Shifflett says he weighed pounds. From that low point, Shifflett came out on top and pounds lighter.

Shifflett admits he has faced some harsh realities from the sudden weight loss. After dropping plus pounds, he was disappointed that much of the extra skin remained. That's what happens when you lose such a big amount of weight in such a short amount of time," Shifflett said. One procedure focused on his upper body - the chest - the more difficult procedure was his mid-section. So not only did we take tissue from his abdomen, we went all the way around his hips and even across the lower back and buttocks, and basically pulled everything up," said Zemmel.

It's been two months now since the last surgery, and Austin has healed nicely. He's now happy with his new look, which is actually providing him with income. Austin is modeling and has several national TV commercials in the works. Zemmel says, he was glad to do it.