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I had a small serving of mashed potatoes as part of my dinner and experienced discomfort later on in the evening. What do you have to lose, except possibly your suffering? I need a substitute for sugar! It was really nice to not have random yes random, not because I did or did not eat blood sugar crashes all day, to not crave food constantly, to not feel hungry all day, and to not be congested, oh AND to sleep! I finally got off of prednisone, I took my last dosage on friday. Rather than become a forensic psychologist, Nahillah decided she wanted to be a child psychologist instead. Okra is not a nightshade family vegetable and should be fine.

“Is _____ included in the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol?”

The coffee seems able to clear a wide range of harmful subtle energies in the human system in a way that no other plant or animal substance can do. Repeated use of the coffee implant clears these vibrational frequencies at deeper and deeper levels, each time the procedure is used. These energies definitely affect our health, although they are quite subtle. For more information about some problems of vibrational frequencies on the body, please read Psychotronics on this website.

In the science of acupuncture, restoring health depends upon balancing about a dozen energy channels or meridians that run up and down the body. Introducing water and coffee into the colon weakens or inhibits the large intestine meridian somewhat. This tends to enhance the liver meridian, according to acupuncture theory. Commonly, the liver is weak and the large intestine meridian is over stimulated or overactive due to the presence of toxins in the large bowel. Protection against toxins in coffee.

Also, ground coffee may be somewhat rancid, as it contains polyunsaturated oils that can quickly become rancid. However, from our experience, when taken by rectum, these toxins are not absorbed nearly as much as when the coffee is taken orally.

This occurs because the colon is designed to absorb nutrients, while filtering out and leaving behind toxic substances inside the colon. In fact, a healthy colon is quite amazing in its ability to absorb nutrients while protecting the body from a wide variety of toxic substances. This is the reason why drinking coffee is somewhat toxic, but coffee used in an enema is much less so. In fact, we have seen very little toxicity from repeated coffee retention enemas, while those who drink coffee regularly exhibit some toxicity from the beverage.

Two reasons for this are 1 the presence of some water in the colon, and 2 the need to keep the anal sphincter shut tightly. Retaining the enema for up to an hour is best for this purpose. Moving energy downward from the head toward the feet is extremely therapeutic.

It assists with grounding and centering, but it does much more than this. It is a powerful healing method all by itself. Yin means cold, expanded, flaccid, and usually it also means ill. A problem with many remedies and healing procedures, including vitamins and most herbs, is that they make the body even more yin. Coffee is a more yang herb, even though it grows in tropical climates.

It becomes much more yang when roasted thoroughly and boiled for 12 minutes only. This also gets rid of some of the caffeine, a yin substance although some caffeine is necessary for the desired effects. The yang quality of coffee is a great advantage of this procedure over other herbal, natural and medical methods for cleansing the liver and colon.

The yang effect is due to a combination of the nutritional factors in coffee, and its ability to remove yin toxins from the body such as toxic metals and toxic chemicals. To learn more about this vital subject, please read Yin and Yang Healing and Yin Disease on this website.

Coffee enemas help relax the sympathetic or fight-or-flight nervous system. Many people report this. This may seem odd, since coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. Possible reasons for relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system include:. To learn more about the sympathetic nervous system and its importance, please read Autonomic Nervous System Balancing on this website.

While it may seem minor, enhanced hydration of the body from doing enemas can be a major benefit of coffee retention enemas. Many people are quite dehydrated today. Common reasons for dehydration are:. Most adults need close to three liters or quarts of drinking water not other beverages per day. Do not drink this with meals, however. Drink one hour after meals up to about half an hour before meals so as not to dilute the stomach juices.

Another type of water I do not recommend are any alkaline waters that come from the alkaline water machines. These include all sugars, all fruit, caffeine and alcohol. One cup of tea or coffee daily is okay, but no more. Soda pop may contain a lot of caffeine. The addition of several cups of water in the enema improves this serious, but sometimes difficult-to-identify situation. Improved dehydration also greatly enhances detoxification of the body and overall health.

For more on this subject, please read Hydration on this site. Improved activity of the energy centers. As energy moves downward it helps all of the physical energy centers to become more active and more balanced.

This can cause gas, bloating and foul smelling stools. However, even if it causes no symptoms, it can damage health significantly, in some cases. By cleaning the colon of yeasts, parasites and other pathogenic organisms, and by increasing the bile flow, coffee enemas greatly reduce autointoxication.

For more on this topic, read Autointoxication on this site. Assisting the lymphatic system. These are extremely important lymph glands located along certain areas of the small intestine. Reduced congestion of the internal organs. The combination of the effects above speeds up devlopment. This is the growth of the subtle human energy fields, including the Merkabah described in the Old Testament of the Bible. However, once a person develops to stage or so, we believe that coffee enemas are not helpful for further development.

This is a research subject at this time. This occurs due to a combination of all the effects described in the paragraphs above. For more on the topic of systemic yeast, please read Candida Albicans on this site.

The body must eliminate poisons somehow. If the colon is not working well, the body must use alternative elimination channels. One of these is the skin.

Coffee enemas assist the skin by restoring elimination through the liver and colon. This may seem unusual, but just lying down and holding the anal sphincter closed for 15 or so minutes is a form of concentration exercise that teaches discipline, relaxation, coordination and other mental traits that are helpful for most people.

Different from drinking coffee. Coffee ingested as a beverage is absorbed from the stomach. This differs from absorption from the colon , which occurs with an enema. The colon seems to block the absorption of certain toxins found in coffee, including cadmium and some of the caffeine. Drinking one cup of coffee daily is okay, but not recommended. Drinking more than one cup is harmful for most people.

This enzyme reacts with free radicals which cause cell damage in the bloodstream and makes them inert. These neutralized substances become dissolved in the bile, are released through the bile flow from the liver and gallbladder, and are excreted through the intestinal tract.

Basic equipment required for coffee enemas are either an enema bag or enema bucket. One could use a fleet enema bottle, but this may not hold enough coffee solution. One could also use a colonic irrigation machine if it is designed to administer substances other than water.

This chapter discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of enema equipment. Some people prefer enema buckets to bags. A reason for this is cleanliness. Since the buckets are open at the top they can be thoroughly cleaned.

We recommend a plastic or glass bucket. In our view, the plastic is perfectly safe. Stainless steel or any metal bucket will oxidize the coffee to some extent and therefore weaken it somewhat. Enema bags come in two configurations — open top or closed top. The open top bag is easier to clean because the opening is larger. However, it is also easier to spill the coffee. The closed top bag is harder to clean, but not really difficult to rinse out.

It has the advantage that coffee cannot spill out because the opening can be sealed. The plastic or rubber ones are fine. These are usually made of hard plastic. Most enema bags and buckets come with two tips.

The smaller tip is for enemas, while the larger tip is for douching, but not for enemas. The hard plastic tips are easy to clean and can be removed from the tubing easily.

Some enema kits do not use a hard plastic tip. Instead, the tubing just has one or two holes in the end and one inserts the tube into the rectum. These are softer but more difficult to clean. Some people prefer to use a soft rubber colon tube or a urinary catheter instead of the plastic enema tip.

The tubes are described below. The urinary catheter is much smaller in diameter, so it is easier for some people to insert, especially if one has anal strictures or hemorrhoids.

Most practitioners just recommend inserting the standard enema tip into the rectum lubricated with a little petroleum jelly, soap, or oil. Some people, however, suggest using a flexible rubber colon tube connected to the enema tip. Usually, one first inserts the colon tube all the way into the rectum, and then attaches the enema tip to the protruding end of the colon tube. Reasons for using the colon tube are:. The colon tube releases the water and coffee farther inside the colon.

This helps it reach deep inside the colon. The colon tube maybe thinner and softer and thus may go in easier. Most people do not use colon tubes, which are more difficult to insert.

I do not believe using a colon tube is necessary in most cases, though it will move the coffee mixture around the colon a little better. These are inexpensive plastic bottles with a removable top sold in drugstores. They come filled with usually salt water, and are designed for a single use enema to clean the colon. Some people like to empty out the salt water and fill the bottle with coffee solution and use it for coffee enemas.

Advantages of these bottles is there is no tube to wash and the bottle is very light in weight and simple to use. Disadvantages of the fleet enema bottles are:. There is no clamp, so as soon as one turns the bottle upside down to insert it the liquid will begin flowing out of it. This is often very messy.

The small bottle may not hold enough liquid. The largest fleet enema bottle we have seen holds 8 ounces. This is barely enough. It is difficult to clean the inside of the bottle since the bottle has a small neck. The bottle is rather fragile and may not last.

Colonic irrigation involves putting a lot of water into the colon to clean it. Some of these machines could be used for a coffee enema, but not all of them. An advantage of the machine is that it uses a wider enema tip with a double opening that allows water to both flow in and flow out.

This means that when doing an enema one does not have to go to the toilet to empty out the coffee. This is easier in some ways. All procedures recommended on this website begin with a safety section.

It is most important. Start with only a teaspoon of coffee, just in case you are sensitive to it. Cleanliness is very important when doing any procedure involving the lower body. Wash everything carefully with soap and water before and after use. Never force the enema tip into the rectum. Lubricate it well and move it very slowly and gently, aiming it directly upward from the legs to the body. Be sure it goes all the way inside until it cannot go further. Never retain the enema if the pressure to release it is too high.

Read about what to do if you cannot retain the enema under. Be sure the temperature of the coffee liquid is comfortable to the touch. Coffee enemas take some getting used to. However, with a little practice they get much easier. This article will help with this task. In fact, many of our clients look forward to them. We do not recommend using more than about 2 cups of water in the enema. In fact, 1 cup of water is fine and easier to retain. Distilled or spring water are best for coffee enemas.

If these are not available, one can use carbon-only-filtered tap water for enemas. Doing two coffee enemas, back to back, is extremely powerful. Make enough coffee for two enemas and do one, expel it after minutes, and do another one right afterwards. Some people can do up to four enemas daily, each with up to two tablespoons of coffee in each one. Others cannot handle this much coffee. Please be careful when starting enemas.

If you want to do several enemas daily, begin with just one enema daily for at least a few days, and then slowly increase up to 4 enemas daily. If time permits, you may retain the enema for up to one hour or even longer. This is not essential, but there are definite benefits to retaining the enema longer than 15 minutes.

If you retain the enema for more than 1 hour, only do one enema per day. Some clinics or organizations may recommend 3 tablespoons of coffee in one enema. We find this is too much for most people! Please use only up to 2 tablespoons of coffee per enema! Some doctors or clinics may also recommend high caffeine coffee, but we find that, for development, higher caffeine levels are not helpful.

The best methods to prepare the coffee are:. Pressure cook it for about 14 seconds. With this method, the coffee actually cooks longer because it takes about 2 minutes for the pressure cooker to reach its ideal pressure. Boil the coffee in a pot for about 12 minutes. These are better than other methods of preparing the coffee such as a coffeemaker, percolator, or Keurig machine. Here are some guidelines so that you will be warm and comfortable.

We suggest lying on your back when doing a coffee cleanse. Any of these can work. However, the reasons for lying on your back are: Doing a combination, which we call the spa morning routine , is wonderful, and it is only possible if you lie on your back.

Some people find it helpful to elevate the hips a few inches higher than your head. Reasons for this are:. By angling the hips properly, one can often do the vaginal coffee implant at the same time one does an enema without needing a sponge or Tampon to hold the coffee inside the vagina. For details on how to do this, including how to measure the angle of the vagina, read The Vaginal Coffee Implant. The presence of intestinal gas is one of the main reasons people have difficulty holding a coffee enema.

This is important because it is the location of the colonic reflexes to the brain. Ways to raise the hips above the waist are:. A Many people enjoy lying on a towel or yoga mat on the floor of the bathroom. B Some people do their coffee cleanse in the bathtub, especially if you are not too tall. This is also good to limit accidental spills. C Some people set up a cot or massage table to lie upon. D The author learned to do coffee enemas in bed, spreading a rubber sheet or old plastic shower curtain and on top of that several layers of paper towel on the bed to protect against spills.

E If you have a bathtub you are not using, you could put a piece of plywood over the bathtub to lie upon, perhaps covered with a cushion. This may be more comfortable than lying inside the tub. If you spill some coffee and the wood is angled properly, the coffee will flow harmlessly into the tub. F Please do not do enemas inverted or in some other strange position. It is best if you relax, and the best position for this is usually lying down.

Coffee enemas are excellent for children and even babies, providing you are careful. Be sure to use less coffee and less water for children, depending on their size and weight. The parent can sit next to the bed. Lubricate the enema tip well and insert it very slowly and gently, going straight upward from the legs. Twist it a little as you insert it to help it go in. An adult-sized enema tip is usually okay, or for a baby one may find a smaller enema tip.

Once the coffee is inside, one may need to place a small piece of soft cloth over the anal opening to help keep the coffee inside. After the coffee has been inside for at least 15 minutes, the child can turn over and expel the coffee into the bedpan, or get up and expel into the toilet if the child can hold the enema. We suggest one made of plastic. They are cheap and simple to clean. Glass is okay but it could break. Metal buckets are also okay, but will interfere a little with the coffee by oxidizing it.

These also work well. Some enema bags are open at the top, which makes cleaning them easy. The bag or the bucket should come with a plastic hose, an enema tip, and a clamp on the hose.

Enema bags are sold at Target, Wal-Mart or many drug stores. If you cannot find one at a local store, you can buy a 2-quart enema bag or bucket inexpensively online. Coffee should contain many souls who will fight hard to cleanse your body. However, a lot of coffee is missing souls, or they have been replaced by souls that are less interested in healing.

We know most people cannot tell what is in their coffee, but you might ask in prayer which coffee is best. In general, however, the coffee to use is:. A medium or dark roast coffee. The reasons for this are explained in the previous chapter. The best coffee is often from South America, such as Columbian or Peruvian coffee. Ideally, the coffee beans should look dry, rather than too oily. Medium or dark roast coffee usually is a little oily. However, when it appears very oily, the oil is sometimes rancid, which is not good.

For maximum freshness, buy coffee beans and grind your own coffee. Store coffee in the refrigerator. Organically grown coffee is usually better. AVOID instant coffee, chemically decaffeinated coffee, light roast coffee, and very oily coffees. We also do not trust Starbucks coffees because they often are mixed with other things such as chocolate. Coffee can be prepared in several ways:. The best — pressure cook the coffee for about 14 seconds.

This is a new method as of November The minute boil method. This is an older method and is not used much today. The newer steam flash method. The soak or non-boil method. This is more yin, so it is not as good. Only use it if you must, such as if you are traveling and cannot boil the coffee. Here are details about each of these methods. The best — pressure cook the coffee for 14 seconds.

Do not to overcook it by cooking it longer, which is easy. You must time it for 14 seconds at pressure. This makes the most yang coffee, which is an advantage. If you use a stove top pressure cooker, begin timing when the top starts vibrating. As soon as your timer rings, release the pressure immediately by tilting the vibrating top so the coffee will stop cooking. We put a plastic or ceramic mug upside down over the pressure release valve or top to catch the steam that escapes when you tilt the top.

So set it for 5 minutes or the lowest setting. Get another timer and start timing when the electric timer starts counting. At 14 seconds, release the steam pressure manually by turning the top release button and the coffee in ready. Place 1 to 2 cups or ml. If you are traveling, you could use a large mug with an immersion heater to boil it.

Add coffee, and bring it to a boil. When you start doing coffee enemas, use much less coffee, to make sure you tolerate it well.

For example, begin with just a half teaspoon of coffee and increase the amount when you are sure you tolerate it well. Then work up to about one to two tablespoons of coffee. The amount of coffee. The exact amount of coffee needed varies from person to person. You should not feel jittery from a coffee enema. Reduce the amount of coffee if you feel jittery.

If you use a coffeemaker, you will need a little more coffee because the coffee will be weaker. When the water and coffee boils, turn down the burner and allow it to boil slowly. Set a timer for 12 minutes.

Turn it off when the timer rings. Using a Coffeemaker or Percolator. These methods make weaker coffee. To make it stronger, you can put the coffee through the machine twice or use more coffee.

As with the first method, place about a cup of water in a coffee maker or percolator. Use between 1 teaspoon and 3 tablespoons of coffee and turn the machine on. The newer instant steam flash method or Khurig method. This method is newer, but it also makes a weaker coffee. We much prefer the second pressure cooking method or the minute boil method because it makes a more yang coffee.

This is not as good. Use it only if you are traveling or for some other reason you cannot boil the coffee. It makes a very yin coffee. In a glass jar or similar container, soak overnight a mixture of ground coffee and water in the proportion of one part coffee to two parts water. The next morning, strain the mixture through a fine strainer or coffee filter paper. Then place it in the refrigerator and it will last a few days. To do an enema, add two tablespoons of this coffee liquid to about 2 cups of distilled or spring water, or carbon-only filtered tap water.

Ideally, warm up the water until it is warm to the touch. You can make enough of the coffee liquid to last about 5 days. The ideal coffee temperature. For an enema, coffee must be about body temperature or a little lower.

Testing the coffee temperature. To test the temperature of your coffee, place a finger in it. It should be a comfortably warm temperature. If the water is too hot or very cold, retaining the enema will be more difficult.

Cooling down your coffee. Here are simple ways to cool down hot coffee:. Put half the amount of water that you will use for your enema in the pressure cooker or pot. Put the other half in a measuring cup at room temperature. When the coffee is ready, pour the hot liquid into the cooler, room temperature liquid and the resulting mixture will be at the right temperature for your enema. Place the container in which you cook the coffee in a cold location for a few minutes, such as in the freezer or on a cold floor, perhaps.

Be sure to put it on a trivet or plate to protect the area from the hot saucepan. Add an ice cube or two to the hot liquid. Use good quality water to make the ice cubes. Making extra coffee to save time. Although fresh is best, to save time you can make enough coffee for two days worth of enemas.

Put the extra coffee in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Set up your enema bag or bucket. Here are the steps:. The closer the clamp is to the enema tip, the cleaner the enema is liable to be. The thinner one is for an enema, while the larger, thicker one is for douching. If you are using an enema bucket, this end of the hose attaches directly to a tube that comes out of the bucket.

Pour the coffee into the enema bag or bucket, making sure you remove the coffee grounds from the liquid. If you use a coffee machine, it is done for you. Three ways to remove the coffee grounds are 1 decanting, 2 using coffee filter paper, or 3 using a fine strainer.

To decant, pour the coffee liquid slowly into your enema bag or enema bucket, and the grounds should stay behind. Alternatively, you can strain the coffee liquid through a fine strainer or coffee filter paper into the clean enema bag or bucket.

If you are using an enema bag, screw on the top of the enema bag. Be sure the plastic hose is fastened tightly onto the enema bag and the thin enema tip is attached to the other end. If the coffee is already inside the bucket, shine it down on the coffee. You will have to do the lamp before putting coffee in a rubber enema bad because the rays will not penetrate the bag.

Remove air from the enema tube. This is an important step if you use an enema bag, but is usually not needed if you use an enema bucket. To remove the air from the tube, grasp, but do not close the clamp on the hose. Place the enema tip in the sink. Hold up the enema bag or bucket slightly above the tip until the coffee water begins to flow out. As soon as it starts flowing, quickly close the clamp. This expels any air in the tube. Lubricate the enema tip with a small amount of petroleum jelly, Vaseline, soap, olive oil, coconut oil, or shaving cream.

Vaseline or petroleum jelly works very well, although is a little greasy. Soap or shaving cream can work well and cleans up easily. You may experiment to see how much and what kind of lubrication is best for you.

If possible, have a bowel movement before doing your enema. This is not required, but it may make it easier to retain the enema. If you have difficulty having a bowel movement:. It often works better than eating other food. Only do one of these, and only use a cup of water. Some people like to do several plain water enemas before they do a coffee enema to clean the colon. This is too much exposure to water. It tends to make the body yin, which is not good.

Hang the bag or bucket. With the clamp closed, hang the bag or bucket one to three feet above your abdomen. If you have no place to hang it from, you can place it on the floor or bed next to you and you can hold it up to let the coffee flow in. Position for inserting the coffee.

Many people prefer lying on their back. You can lie on one side. Some people use the doggie position — on one hand and knees. A few are on their knees and on one elbow with the butt in the air. The latter positions are somewhat less relaxing. Make sure there is plenty of lubrication near the end of the enema tip. Rub the tip around the anal opening first to lubricate the entire area. Then this author likes to press the side of the tip against the sphincter first.

As the sphincter yields, aim the tip straight upwards toward the body from the legs, not at any angle. Twist or turn the enema tip gently as you insert it , as this can make it slide in much easier. Make sure the enema tip goes all the way in. The enema tip must go in at least two inches or there will be a mess. Never leave it half way in — it will not work this way. There are two anal sphincters it must pass through, so the tip must be in all the way.

Letting the coffee go in. Once the tip is all the way in, open the clamp and hold or hang the enema bag or bucket above the abdomen. The coffee may take a few seconds to begin flowing. If the coffee does not flow when you open the clamp. First, look for kinks in the hose and get rid of them. Rarely, a coffee ground will block the tube. For the latter problem, you can squeeze the bag or the hose to get the coffee to flow. An excellent idea is to mentally encourage or allow the coffee to flow into your body.

You can just visualize it entering, cleansing and healing the body. If you develop a cramp as you are putting the coffee inside. Close the hose clamp and take a few deep breaths. Perhaps roll your hips a little to the right and then a little to the left.

In most cases, the cramp will pass quickly. However, if the pressure is too great, get up and release the enema. You can always start over. If you have emptied the colon before doing the enema, cramps will occur less often. If you are worried about reaching the toilet in time to expel the coffee without making a mess, a good idea is to keep a portable toilet handy.

This is nothing more than a small bucket with a toilet seat on top. They are sold at medical supply stores. Keep this right next to you wherever you do your enema. If you must expel the coffee quickly, you can just move over to the portable toilet and expel the coffee very quickly.

When all the liquid is inside. You will know because the enema bag will become flat or you can see that the bucket is fairly empty.

You can leave the tube inserted, or gently remove it and store the bag or bucket safely. If you have a lot of intestinal gas, definitely leave the enema tip inside of you and leave the clamp open. The intestinal gas will tend to flow out through the enema tip. Otherwise, you may not be able to hold the enema.

Turning to your right side. At this point, a very good idea is to turn on to your right side for about 30 seconds. Then turn again onto your back. This maneuver causes the coffee to flow from the descending into the transverse colon and even somewhat into the ascending colon.

It enhances the enema, so please do it. What to do during your enema. Excellent ways to spend the 15 or more minutes of the enema are:. Do the Pushing Down Exercise. You will find this superb exercise much easier to do while you are doing an enema provided you lie comfortably flat on your back.

Do the Dantien Therapies. These are excellent along with the pushing down exercise. It is also an excellent time to practice Deep Breathing. With some practice, you can do some of these at the same time. You can also do Vaginal Coffee or Penis Coffee at the same time you do the enema. To save time, some people also do a Kelp Wrap at the same time they do a coffee enema. The procedure is to rub the kelp on first, leaving the buttocks and thighs without kelp to make doing the enema easier.

Then do the enema. We do not recommend walking around the house with the coffee inside. We also do not recommend reading or other intense activity. At first, the procedure may be a little cumbersome. With practice, it gets easier. Some days all will go smoothly. Other days it will be more difficult to hold the coffee due to gas in the intestine or because the body wants to get rid of a toxin and wants the enema out of the body quickly. You can do a second enema if this happens shortly after you begin.

Once in a while, you may also need to urinate after a few minutes of inserting the coffee. This is because the body is eliminating a toxin through the urinary tract, and wants the toxic urine out of the body quickly.

This is a problem because often you will not be able to urinate and retain the enema at the same time. A trick to help this is to bend over forward while sitting on the toilet.

This may allow you to urinate and not lose the coffee enema. Try to hold the enema for at least 10 to 15 minutes. More is even better, up to one hour. When you are ready to expel the coffee, go to the toilet and empty out the coffee solution. It is okay if some water remains inside. This can indicate that you are somewhat dehydrated.

In this case, you need to drink more water, or a different kind of water. However, it is fine if no coffee comes out of you. Rubbing your abdomen and your right calf area, while sitting on the toilet, may help eliminate the water. Please read the article entitled Water For Drinking at www. A bidet toilet attachment can be wonderful to quickly and thoroughly clean your bottom. USD and provides a spray of water on your anal area while sitting on the toilet.

It attaches easily to many toilets and uses the water supply to the toilet. The bidet toilet attachment can also be used to greatly speed up development, and we highly recommend it. For details, read Bidet Toilet Attachments.

Washing out the enema equipment. Each time after you do an enema, wash the enema tube, the bag or bucket, and the enema tip thoroughly with soap and water, and hang them up to dry. It is not necessary to sterilize them. The reason is that a little peroxide may remain in the enema bag or tube and you may accidentally put it inside yourself, causing a very unpleasant burn.

Soap and water are sufficient to wash out the enema equipment. When you expel the coffee into the toilet, some of it may splash on the sides or seat of the toilet. A good idea is to flush the toilet right after you expel and then sit and try to expel more. When you are done, flush the toilet again. This helps keep the toilet clean. You will also need a spray bottle with soapy water to spray and brush any coffee that splashes onto the toilet seat.

Eating after the enema. Many people are hungry after a coffee enema. One reason is that coffee enemas can lower the blood sugar level. It is fine to eat after the enema. We do not suggest eating a lot just before doing the enema. Wait an hour, if possible, after eating a meal before doing a coffee enema. If you do coffee enemas regularly, you may not have bowel movements. There may just be little fecal material present. If you do have fecal matter that comes out with your coffee enema, it is ideal to have a bowel movement just before your coffee enema.

It will make retaining the enema a little easier. Some people do this by doing a quick plain water enema just before the coffee enema to clean out the colon.

Another method to cause a bowel movement that works for some people is to drink plenty of water or eat something just before your enema. Do not eat a lot, however. Another method is to rub the right leg just below the knee. There is a reflex point there that causes a bowel movement in some people.

To retain the coffee for 15 minutes requires that you relax. Make sure the room is warm, and that you are comfortable. Wear a tee shirt, sweat shirt or bathrobe to keep warm or cover yourself up with a blanket. Perhaps put on some quiet music, do the pushing down exercise excellent!

Please do not get up and walk around. At times, a few drops of coffee will get on your towel or sheet, or whatever you are lying upon when doing your enema. Here are ways to avoid this:. Slide the clamp on the enema tube down so it is only a few inches from the enema tip. Rinse off the rim of the enema bag with plain water. The reason is that when pouring coffee into an enema bag, some coffee remains on the outer rim of the bag and will drip when you turn the bag upside down.

Make sure the enema tip is firmly connected to the enema tube. The tip should be pushed as far as possible into the tube. Also, as the enema tube ages, the end of the tubing can stretch and the plastic enema tip will not fit tightly.

The solution is to remove the tip, cut off about one inch or two centimeters of the plastic tubing, and then usually the enema tip will fit tightly. Wherever you decide to do your coffee enema, first place an old plastic shower curtain on the floor, mat, bed or other area. Then place a towel on top of that to catch any drips or slips.

To help keep the coffee in, you may place a washrag or small towel over the anal area. Most people find this unnecessary, but it will help if you have a weak anal sphincter. Trouble holding the enema.

The reason some people have trouble holding the enema for 15 or more minutes is intestinal gas. If intestinal gas is a problem, some stretching or bending exercises before the enema may eliminate the gas. In particular, lay down on your bed and pull both knees up to your chin to expel gas. Another method that will solve the problem is to leave the enema tip inside you the entire minutes with the clamp open.

This allows gas and air to escape back into the enema bag. The bag must be at a higher level than your body and you will need to use a small strap around your thigh to keep the enema tube inside you so it does not fall out. If coffee enemas cause hypoglycemic symptoms such as dizziness, shaking or weakness, it is because a coffee enema may lower your blood sugar.

If this happens to you, eat a little something just before or just after taking the enema. However, we do not recommend eating a lot just before doing a coffee enema. Eating a meal after doing your enema is fine. A rather simple device that some people use to do their coffee enema is a Colema board.

These are sold on the internet. The colema board is a fiberglass board that you lie upon. One end of it fits over a toilet. You just lift your hips a little and the coffee flows right into the toilet.

The device does not require special plumbing, and is not too costly. If you want to spend a lot of money, you can buy a colonic irrigation machine, also called a colon hydrotherapy machine.

It must be the type that allows you to administer coffee and not just water. Using the machine is a little cleaner because one need not empty the enema into the toilet.

Instead, the enema tip on the machine is designed to allow the coffee to go in, and also to allow the coffee to be expelled, all while one lies down comfortably. You can do a coffee enema at any time of the day or night. If done close to bedtime, it might interfere with sleep, due to the effect of the caffeine.

A time to reflect and do the Pushing Down Mental Exercise. Holding the coffee helps one remain quiet enough for the meditation, and actually enhances the meditation, as well. This is a wise use of time and a wonderful combination of therapies. Check the location of your colon in an anatomy book. Rubbing the colon area may help break up deposits of impacted feces or even colonies of yeasts or parasites. Red heat lamp therapy. While retaining your enema, you can shine a red heat lamp on your abdomen.

If possible, suspend the lamp so that it is about 2 feet away and shines down on your abdomen or chest. For therapy, one can do a coffee enema at least daily, and up to four times each day.

Most everyone can use coffee enemas daily for at least years to detoxify the liver and help heal the entire body. For most people, one to four coffee enemas daily are excellent. If one does four daily, I suggest doing two enemas back-to-back in the morning, and two back-to-back again in the afternoon. This has the most powerful effect, yet is very safe.

However, begin with no more than 4 tablespoons of coffee daily. More than this can cause nervousness in some people. Others can handle up to a total of 6 or 8 tablespoons of coffee daily. For best results, a program of coffee enemas should be carried on for a few years, and preferably longer. Many people have continued to take them every day for 10 years or more without any problem whatsoever. A good friend has used them continuously for more than 30 years as he suffers from a very chronic arthritic condition and continues to benefit from them.

Not only has he had no ill effects from them that I can determine, but his health continues to improve. Some health authorities warn that coffee enemas cause dependency and can damage the intestinal flora.

However, we have seen NO negative effects from them if they are done properly, provided a person is not developed past stage or so. In a general article of this nature, we cannot address every situation. The next chapter discusses cautions and contraindications of coffee enemas. Make enough coffee to last for two days. Use half immediately and place the rest in a closed, glass jar in the refrigerator.

It will keep for a day in the refrigerator. Just wondering what I might need to watch for. Good luck to you in deciding what to do!

You mention that if you have thyroid disease, it is good to have an ultrasound every year. Wow…do I just request that I have this done? Rosemary, yes it should be part of your regular thyroid maintenance. I would definitely request it!

Steph, Have you had an Ulta sound and a Biopsy. I had a huge Goiter and it was obstructing my airway and my swallowing. I constantly felt like I had Strep Throat lost my voice. I was being monitored every 3 months. I made a choice and it was right for me. When the Dr removed it. It was the worst Goiter he had ever seen. I was instantly relieved of the swallowing and brealthing. I had Hoshimotos Disease. The only problem it has taken 8 years with these diets I am finally dropping weight and all my aches are gone.

Thank God I see the light. Monitor your self and try to see what your individual body needs. Your nodules may decrease. Do not worry about removal at all if the Dr mentions it research and get 2 opinions at least. You still have Hashimotos and Immune System dysfunction, even with the Thyroid removed. I particularly like her printout guides. Changing our world, one thing at a time. I was not eating cruciferous veg, fruit any or root vegetables because of my thyroid condition and candida that the docs wanted to starve of all sugars.

The menu ideas are amazing and I love having SO much food to work with. I actually had to hold myself back at the grocery store because so much food is actually allowed! My only real challenge ahead is kicking the coffee. Should be there in about 3 days. I am weary of candida diets without firm testing to determine that is what you should be doing — if you have a problem, you should probably be seeing a practitioner who is skilled at using prescription or herbal antifungals to help the process along.

Let me know how it goes! I have Hasimoto, take a grain of natur-throid. Wow, gave up so many goitrogen veggies that helped me manage my wt, really truly, can I eat the veggies raw, like in a nutibullet smoothie? This time of year it is hard to avoid heirloom tomatoes and some corn on the cob. But if it means I will lose wt, then, I will. Mickey, I just bought your cookbook. Are you saying you would do this as an elimination diet and then try to add things back in slowly. My question is if I did the AIP recommendation above and then I added back in eggs to see if they would bother me and they did not, is that to say eggs is ok, or are there other items so consider surrounding eggs?

I would add them at the end or last. Unfortunately they affect almost everyone with autoimmune disease, but you could be the lucky one!

Shelly, yes, you should do the elimination diet and then reintroduce things slowly. I would not start with eggs — the research shows that the white is pretty likely to be a problem. I would advise starting with seeds, then nuts, then start experimenting with egg yolk. Once you are pretty comfortable with these It could take up to another whole month , then you can start bringing in the whites.

I am particularly cautious with eggs because of the research done by Sarah on thepaleomom. So it makes me wonder if at the end of the re-intro period you could try just use egg yolks, since I think they are the part that has the most nutrition. Thank you for your time. Hi Brynn, Yes, according to Sarah Ballantyne egg yolk is a stage 1 reintroduction and can be introduced sooner than egg whites.

I have had a partial thyroidectomy due to nodules wish I had known about AI protocol years ago and Fibromalygia. Would adding fermented foods be the thing to add to help this or do you have any other advice? Yes, adding fermented vegetables would be a great solution. You could also try taking magnesium. You might be low in bifidobacter species probiotic, which would be another thing to try.

Also, are you properly hydrated? Lastly, sometimes our bodies need time to adjust to a new diet. Thanks for the info. I do stay hydrated and I am taking magnesium powder at night which helps me to sleep. I will add in some fermented veggies and probiotic to see if that will help!

I have hashi;s and stay hydrated I would rather drink than eat and still had bathroom issues. Just starting to add meat back into my diet. I tried Kimchi, but it did not improve the bathroom issue. I then read Dr. This has been the best supplement I have ever tried! No, really, the best!!!

Cheryl, yes, low HCL can be quite problematic in people with autoimmune disease. I am happy you found something that works for you! Any chance of your ebook being printed or even made into an app? I will announce when I know more details! If it helps, the ebook is fully linked up and interactive.

It is easy to navigate, for an ebook. I notice you are including goitergens? I started Nutribulletting and all the kale and other greens seem to be the culprits that threw me into a flare after 12 yrs.

I want to do the elimination diet and get the leaky gut and hashimotos under control but there are such conflicting ingredients. Peggy, I do not believe goitrogens to be a problem, after looking at the research Sarah Ballantyne The Paleo Mom has done.

I personally eat them raw almost every day, and I am healthy and full of energy. Are you sure something else in your diet or your life maybe stress could have caused your flare? Sometimes we like to peg these things on food, when in reality there are lots of factors that effect autoimmune disease.

They are vegetables that tend to be very high in nutrients that are hard to get elsewhere. Sarah is coming out with a book at the end of this year with over 2, medical references backing up why this protocol is effective. I encourage you to check out her website, thepaleomom.

Thank you so much for all this info. I plan on buying your book Friday! I was diagnosed hashi a little over a year ago. I have two questions for you… 1 I recently found out that tomatoes were nightshades and have been ignoring it since that is my favorite salad ingredient.

I do still find myself needing naps in the middle of the day so what are the chances that tomatoes are causing that? We are driving to Florida for a 6 day visit to Disney. My mother in law set up a dinner plan for us to eat out each day for lunch and dinner. Needless to say it took me about a week to recover even though I special ordered food. I can only assume that I received gluten somehow. I was thinking about taking my juicer so I could at least load up on vitamins and minerals, but is there anything I can do about the eating out?

Make sure to wait at least a month, and that you are also removing other sources of nightshades eggplant, peppers, paprika, curry, cayenne. I think it would be really hard to do the autoimmune protocol elimination diet while on a vacation like that. I would try to do your best with some of the suggestions I made in the video, but I think you will be limited in your options not having a kitchen. Try only to eat at places that can give you a gluten free meal.

I would recommend to anyone to visit a kinesiologist or nutrition response practitioner toxins out which foods exactly to avoid. I have hashimotos and my elimination includes many foods on the permitted list while many others on the forbidden list are fine.

The first acceptable one, yes, alphabetically, is alfalfa. This is a veggie that boosts the immune system. Yes — this list is for the autoimmune protocol, it is not comprehensive for all gut-healing protocols a person could be on. We are all unique! Thank you for sharing so much information with us. Can you let us know if mushrooms or nutritional yeast would be acceptable?

Mushrooms and nutritional yeast is ok — make sure it is grown on sugar beets and certified gluten free. Hi Mickey — I have gluten sensitivity and have been Paleo for a while now, and just finished a 21DSD with no improvements in the condition of my chin and jawline acne. My current diet is heavy in eggs and nightshades, so my next thought was to try the AIP to see if it will help me with my acne and infertility. Do you think someone with these symptoms is a good candidate to potentially benefit from the AIP?

If you have some underlying autoimmune issues AIP will help, but I would still try and get some testing done at the same time. How are you going these days? I know this is a super old comment, but I was just browsing this post today and thought I would respond. The symptoms you listed match it exactly. The excess insulin causes the ovaries to produce more testosterone, which causes infertility, acne, and also weight gain.

A lot of times the treatment is to go on low carb diets, but you can also try different birth controls as well as metformin. I was diagnosed with it a couple years ago, and have been on metformin since then.

My testosterone has gone down significantly since then, but I am hoping to go off of metformin when I start AIP. Thank you so much for this. I appreciate these printouts. I have your book and it looks really great. Do you favor bone broth over other broths chicken or beef due to the nutritional content or does bone broth encompass them all depending on where you bones come from.

I noticed that coffee and tea are not listed on either list. I realize that caffeine can be an issue and should likely be avoided in an elimination diet. I am wondering your thoughts on herbal teas during the elimination phase. Hi Jen, Bone broth is better than others because it is more nutritious — it has more minerals, gelatin and collagen. It is very good for healing the gut lining. Coffee is not allowed on the autoimmune protocol, but tea is fine.

Herbal teas are OK but be sure to avoid anything immune stimulating, like green tea or echinacea. Be careful with peppermint because it is very dehydrating. I like to make ginger infusions with a squeeze of lemon. Hi Mickey getting ready to start this is any meats ok? Pistachios are nuts and not allowed. Thanks for your help and information. I wanted to ask you if cashews are considered nuts. They are not on your list and there are a lot of paleo recipes with them, so I am not sure if they are nuts or not.

Must I avoid them? Hi Mickey, I just wanted to let you know that cashews are actually members of the sumac family and are trees, not legumes. Peanuts are legumes, along with alfalfa, clover, peas and beans.

Cashews are considered tree nuts, even though they are actually seeds one seed per cashew apple. They are members of the Anacardiaceae family along with mango and pistachio. Thanks Angel, I do know they are not technically nuts, but most people think of them as such.

I am actually not allergic to nuts, but I am to cashews! They still would not be included in the elimination diet because they are seeds. Thanks for the input! I live in Barcelona too!

Per e-mail to exchange recipes or ideas or something? I apologize Mickey if you see my post as inappropriate! So what is the AIP diet anyway? Still on the Warpath: I'd say don't go super […]. Thank you for all the great information on what to and not to have when doing the autoimmune protocol.

I have one question though. Ashley, Yes, but only use balsamic that is gluten-free. Some brands use wheat paste to seal the casks they age it in. How do you know which balsamic vinegar is not sealed with wheat paste?

I have never heard of this before and LOVE a good bv! I almost hate to post this. I have been eating roma tomatoes a day for the past 2 weeks.

Could that mean that tomatoes are a no-no for me? Brooke, nightshades are usually problematic for those of us with autoimmune disease. I have been diagnosed with hashitaxicosis, which involves cycling through hyper and hypo thyroidism. Can this diet be successful with this more unusual disease? I do know that some with hypo or hyperthyroidism and autoimmunity in general feel a lot better when getting to the root of their food allergies and sensitivities.

I downloaded the Cookbook on Saturday and have started to follow it with my daughter who has Psoriasis today Monday. A couple of quick questions, can we eat.. Mustard the condiment ; garlic puree from a jar; canned tuna; canned coconut milk. I am continuing to find more about AIP but I was hoping to find the answers in the interim. BTW — great cookbook, it is written well and very easy to follow. Canned coconut milk has guar gum or other fillers that should be avoided unless you buy the natural value brand.

It is also cheap and easy to make yourself. I am happy you like the book, and best of luck! I would leave it out on the elimination diet and then add it in once you get to reintroductions. Some see results in a matter of days, others it may take months. Everyone is different and you never know until you try!

Citrus, esp oranges are one of the highest allergenic foods and always recommended to be avoided in most healing protocols, except for lemons. Why do you include them in the allowed section? They sure bother me. I was pretty surprised to see them recommended. The excluded foods are those that are shown to contribute to leaky gut, not necessarily common allergens.

Some people have additional allergies that they need to avoid in addition to the foods on the list. I just bought your book and am currently doing my first Whole I have ulcerative colitis and have done tons of food allergy testing.

Most of these AIP restricted foods have never shown up as an allergen except for almonds and flax seeds. Would there be a reason that the AIP restricted foods would cause leaky gut, but not show up as an allergen themselves? Some versions of the paleo autoimmune protocol suggest avoiding spices, but alas, […].

I need simple carbs to fuel my workouts, but I see nothing that would fall into that category on your ok list. And I avoid all dried fruit due to a mold sensitivity. Sandra — simple carbs are sugars. Have you considered starchy carbs, like sweet potato, yam, hard winter squash, and plantain?

These are great for increasing your carbs without adding sugar. My 20 yearold daughter, who has psoriasis, had been doing the protocol for 3 weeks. She has stuck to it. She has been using cream on face prescribed by doctor and she can see results there but not on the rest of the body arms and keys. So she is attributing that to the prescribed cream by physician. She is thinking about stopping.

Fyi — Also my husband and I have been following this as well as moral support. We feel great and are down in our weight. Made the raspberry cheesecake in your cookbook for our Canadian thanksgiving. Hi Sandy, Would you want to ask this question to my facebook page? You might get some more timely responses. Just connect with me using the facebook icon in the side bar, and send me a message with what you would like to ask the group. I know a lot of people have had success with psoraisis, although it seems to take longer than most AI conditions to see an improvement in.

This is most likely because the skin is a low-priority organ for the body, and takes a long time to heal. I know you wrote this months ago but I am curious if your daughter stuck to AIP and how she is finding her psoriasis? I am on week I was about to give up around week 7 but I stuck it out.. Amanda, Thanks for coming back and offering support! I was using the Applegate Organic brand. It has dextrose and spices in it…. I would call the company to be sure. I do need to follow this to deal with thyroid.

However, I am a vegetarian and without pulses then my diet would be deficient in nutrients. Hi Jane, This is a pretty complicated problem. I found the autoimmune protocol when I had been vegan for 10 years, and I failed at doing it a vegetarian way. Beans have anti-nutrients in them that make the absorption of vitamins and minerals a lot lower than what you would think, plus they have been shown to aggravate leaky gut, which is present in those with autoimmune conditions. Would you consider eating fish?

I think the only way to do the autoimmune protocol without meat, is to only eat fish and you would have to eat a lot of it. Eating animals and sea creatures is not an option for me. Do you have any suggestions as to where else I can get my protein from? For now, I rely a lot on soy, eggs and legumes. Hi Kate, This is a difficult question, and I know where you are coming from. I was vegan for 10 years before finding the autoimmune protocol.

Like you, I was eating a lot of soy and beans. I had to start eating meat to get better — I got to a point where I was so ill that it was no longer worth it to me. Thanks Mickey… over 60 days strong now! Someone should write about retracing emotional wounds and trauma that can come with addictive foods. That is great Ian! It is so true what caffeine and sugar do to us.

I am not the best about writing about emotions or I would have done it… food is more my thing. I really dislike anything with coconut in, is there any alternative to coconut milk?

Hi Helen, You are right, almond milk is not allowed on AIP but it something that may be reintroduced later. You can do AIP as a pescatarian, but you need to eat a lot of it!

I recently was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura. I did a lot of research as I took 2 weeks off work to try and recover as my spleen was enlarged due to sucking back all my platelets. I have thought I was celiac, so immediately I kicked my diet into high gear and eliminated all grains including rice.

My bowels started changing, however now I notice that Jalapeno Peppers, or any really spicy pepper really affects my Bowel movements. I find that the bell peppers do not affect me that much, or atleast I get no symptoms of anything. Eggs have never been a problem, however I can eat almonds, but no other nut it seems. Sesame seeds used to bother me, but I have them now. I can have butter and cheddar cheese, but any type of cream or milk other then those and I am sick for 3 days.

I did notice that there is not many mentions of Xanthum Gum or Guar Gum, or the other hidden ingredients: To me corn is worse then gluten or wheat and rips me apart! I no longer buy anything in a box, bottle, jar,package or go out to eat.

I cannot risk it. These to me are danger foods for my gut and I think should be added to the avoid at all costs lists if you have an issue. Tomatoes also do not bother me in very small amounts, I had to give up my Heinz ketchup and traded in for an organic ketchup which tastes like tomato paste! I will be skipping the ketchup! I have a question. Does anything else notice there lymph nodes get sore after eating a a food that affects you?

For me it is my lymph nodes on my right side of my jawline only swell up nearly instantly like I have a cold and then I get this persistent phelgm that lasts for a few days and my lymph nodes go back to normal as well. Vernon, I am sorry to hear about your autoimmune disease — that sounds really serious!

I think you are on the right track with your eliminations, but I would encourage you to do a full 30 days strictly on the protocol, including eggs and all nightshades this means tomatoes! Lymph swelling is indeed a negative food reaction, and I get it also. Hi VernonGeek, My name is Nathalie. My babys friend has been diagnosed with exactly the same disease she seems lost and worried.

And at this stage she feeds the baby normally. I believe a change in diet would help. I have autoimmune diseases but not this one. Would you mind contacting me? Do you thing the AIP has helped you? Thx so much for sharing. Just wanted to check in and see if you did the 30 day elimination and how you are doing.

We are a small community. Hope all is well. My husband and I are discussing whether or not bacon is a food to include. What are your thoughts on bacon? It is fine, provided it comes from a clean source — pastured animals, not fed soy or given antibiotics.

Be careful with the processed pork products, you only want the ones with minimal ingredients. I currently have ulcerative colitis and now palmoplantar pustulosis.

I recently lost a lot of weight. I very much want to start this diet but am concerned since I am so underweight. I currently do not eat any meat, but will add fish into my diet. Is there any grain non gluten that is okay for the first 30 days, like quinoa? Also, a lot of sites say that almond is the one nut that can be tolerated? I am just hoping because I can get a lot of calories and protein from these sources.

If they are a definite no, do you have any alternative suggestions? Hi Cassie, It is possible to eat this way with a goal of weight gain — I would say make sure you are getting enough carbs, and cover them with lots of healthy fats like coconut oil, lard, or duck fat. Think hard winter squash, sweet potato, and plantain. I do think you need to at least eat fish to make this sustainable — and you will have to eat a lot of it. Grains are out, unfortunately, especially quinoa because of the anti-nutrients.

I would avoid all nuts for the elimination period and then reintroduce. I have been following AIP diet for 7 months. Your advise and recipes have helped tremendously!!

Technically both are ok on AIP, just not in excess, so your rehydration drink should be fine! I can not se cashew, pistachio, carob and black pepper on the list are these allowed on the diet?

Hi Elise, cashews and pistachios are no, carob is ok and black pepper is a grey area. I would leave pepper out for the first month and then reintroduce it. K… thanks for the info Mickey. It seems to definately be a food to avoid in large amounts and maybe completely for some.

I noticed when I consumed high amounts gurgling in my stomach as it caused water to be drawn in extensively into my digestive tract and alot of gas. That you very much for your response.

I did consume very high amounts of it, so maybe it was just too much…. Ill give it another go later on when maybe symptoms have calmed a bit, and Ill try it in small doses spread out. Thanks for the great info! I was just diagnosed with Graves Disease and am doing a naturalpathic protocol.

I am a bit in overwhelm: The last few months have been challenging to say the least. I was wondering if you had any responses from those who are Hyper or Graves? All the best, Saivite. Hi Saivite, yes diet is very important, as is working with a skilled practitioner. Best of luck to you! Actually, it can hurt to try a diet-only approach to treating Graves disease. Graves is a slowly-progressing disorder. If diet alone is not enough to lower thyroid levels, then while you are trying diet and naturopathy approaches, you will become more and more hyper and this has serious side effects.

The most notable outcome of hyperthyroidism is death. So go ahead and switch to an anti-inflammatory, paleo diet but continue to check your thyroid levels and, if necessary, seek alternative treatment for this.

In my reply above, I advised the poster to seek the help of a skilled practitioner in addition to anything they may do on their own. Some of us are able to put our autoimmune diseases into remission with diet alone, but not all are so lucky and nobody should be messing around with their medical treatment based on what they read on the internet.

Hi Mickey, Do you recommend the additional restrictions such as fruit on top of already pretty ascetic autoimmune protocol? I just purchased your book hoping to tackle this with a comprehensive approach.

If I adapted your book to include FODMAPS, gluten-cross reactive foods, starchy vegetables, and fruits it would remove a lot of key ingredients for the weekly meal plans. Can you tolerate the above foods and why did you choose to leave these out of the protocol if they can affect autoimmunity?

Hi Jamie, I do not recommend additional restrictions unless you have good reason — meaning an accurate test, administered by a practitioner shows that you have some sort of overgrowth indicating that you need to remove those foods. I think it is very dangerous to eliminate all of the foods as you have referenced in your comment, just because — those vegetables and fruits contain important nutrients, and your GOOD bacteria still need starch to flourish. If you suspect you have a gut problem, look for a functional medicine practitioner to get tested and get a diagnosis — then you can layer their recommendations with the autoimmune protocol.

Personally, I messed around with the various starch and carb-restricted protocols and got nowhere until I had proper testing and treatment. None of my treatment involved any dietary modifications I had h. Additionally, I came up with very low levels of beneficial gut bacteria, most likely because I had been avoiding starches. I feel so much better after being properly treated and being able to eat fruit in moderation and starchy vegetables.

What specifically were the tests you underwent? And as far as fruit, how much is moderation? Damn my sweet tooth. Though funnily enough he later said on Twitter to enjoy low sugar fruits such as oranges, apples, berries, melons, kiwis etc "in moderation".

Maybe I should use my common sense but I'd really like moderation in this context clarified: In the book he claims eating more than one portion a day is a risk factor for developing neuro-degenerative diseases. Pinto and red beans are a staple in my house. When introducing foods after the first phase do I introduce for example all nightshades, or just one food like tomatoes.

All nuts or just almonds for example? Alex, It is best to take things one food at a time. For nightshades I would start with some spices, like paprika, and cayenne — one at a time. If that is OK try peppers, cooked, then raw separately. If that is OK, try tomatoes, cooked, and then raw.

You get the idea. All nuts should be tested separately. They contain lots of nutrients our bodies need and they help add calories to the diet. How can you tell if you have an adverse reaction to a certain food? Paige, Sometimes reactions are subtle. You need to get to a point where your AI is ideally in remission or greatly improved, before you can reintroduce foods.

I have gallstones and am vegetarian was wondering if you recommend this diet for me. I have been having a lot if digestive issue and am desperately seeking advice. Can you eat fish? I believe it is doable if a person is willing to eat a lot of fish and shellfish. Thank you for your time! Hi Amber, I am sorry to hear about your MS diagnosis. I know many with MS who have recovered their health using this protocol look up Dr.

Terry Wahls, she has a great speech on youtube, and also Whitney of nutrisclerosis. I would encourage you not to give up meat — what you want to do is focus on pasture-raised or wild caught meat, free from antibiotics and hormones. I was vegan for 10 years and I never felt as sick as I did back then. Starting to eat meat again was a huge turning point for my progress. I know the conventional wisdom right now tells us that meat is what should be removed from the diet, but that is wrong — grains and sugar are the culprits.

Wishing you the best! Thank you so much for the response Mickey. Very confusing but I will research what you have recommended. Amber, While I do not believe a plant-based diet is ideal for those of us with autoimmune disease, I wish you the best in trying to manage your condition with diet. Thank you so much for the website about MS! My mom was diagnosed with MS and has refused to consider diet as a way to control her symptoms.

I know your comment is a couple of years old, but hopefully the website will be helpful for me in my conversations with my mom. I think the next step for me is going to be AIP but I need a better support system in place first. Thanks for all you do! Love everything about Paleo. All My family is on it.

No nightshades, eggs, kale, broccoli ,cauliflower, cabbage and many other goitrogens in my diet for 6months. Not to much to eat. I love all kind of veges, but I stopt eating them. I dont know what else to eat. I had a blood test a week ago and found out that I have some inflammation in my body. But Paleo diet is all about healing, right? Because all protein comes from animal products. I would encourage you to start eating them again, provided you tolerate them.

Have you had your thyroid levels checked? I send you comment yesterday. Did I do something wrong? My comment was under Jane name. Please let me know if it goes through that I could continue. This diet is severe. No nightshades any kind of pepper, potatoes, tomatoes, and most spices. How will I survive without ketchup? I dunno, but you, possible dear reader, are along for the ride. For a full list of everything tasty that I can no longer eat, go here.

Thank You so much for your website. I am new here. So many important information. I have Hashi and my doctor never said anything about diet. He only recommended hormones.. But, glad i am here. I am trying to be on AIP. Mickey, pleas tell me, is it topinambur ok for AIP or not? I am trying to find something to substitute for potatoes. I have a problem in finding organic sweet potatoes is the place where I live.

All the best, Eva. Hi Eva, Happy you found me here! I had to look up topinambur and found out that they are sunchokes — completely fine on the autoimmune protocol as long as you tolerate them. I also feel more grounded and solid… slowly starting to get my brain function back. A man I respect and look up to told me I feel older which is a compliment. Thanks for your offerings. Ian, Thank you for coming back to leave an update!

Seems that if my work dries up as it does for the winter, that triggers my anxiety response to want to have sweets and things that will take the edge off that fear. Some of those foods and substances are highly addicting! The swings from hyper to hypo and back again are apparently just like bipolar. So what can I eat???????????????

I even printed out both the to-eat and the not-to-eat lists, and made sure the to-eat was larger and more prominently […]. Hi Mickey I have just found out about your book and will download it today. I will try again after ive carefully read your book. Maybe I have not failed after all, I have simply discovered how the eliminination diet should NOT be done! Keep up the good work and may all readers get closer to their optimal health and mindset as well as other goals in !

Alice, I hope you can get back on track! It does take the right mindset, a lot of preparation and planning — not something you can just jump into and hope for the best! Just wondering about the elimination of ibuprofen. When there is an autoimmune flareup it involves an inflammation process. Bonne, Ibuprofen is not allowed on the autoimmune protocol because it causes intestinal permeability — the thing we are trying to heal with the elimination diet.

It is definitely a tricky part of the process — I used to rely heavily on them every month when I got my period. I downloaded your book and have been on the autoimmune paleo strictly for a couple of weeks now. Do you have any guidance or recommendations? That could be the case if your GI symptoms are worsening. I would suggest that if you have gallbladder issues, instead of avoiding fat which is essential to healing, especially since it is needed for the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins like A and D you should work with a practitioner to find some supplementary support.

Some people find that with the addition of enzymes or nutrients that stimulate bile flow they are able to better digest fat. I went on Paleo diet, excluded the gluten, sugar and dairy, and my redness started disappearing. I still have acne on my chin and some on my forehead. But now I will try the Autoimmune protocol.

What would you suggest? Should I keep working on my own? Thank you for the advice! I would suggest getting the Metametrix GI effects stool test if you are curious about gut pathogens — you can order it yourself from mymedlab. If something comes up, then you can take the results to a practitioner who can help you get treated.

How come chia seeds are a no no? Also could you recommend a egg replacement besides apple sauce? Tez, all seeds are eliminated for the first phase of the protocol because many people are allergic to them. You can add them in when you start to do reintroductions, just like any of the other foods.

I would suggest using the recipes I have come up with on this site, that are specifically egg-free — you will get the best results that way! These are SO difficult to avoid — everything else is a breeze for me so far!! Tomatoes really make everything taste amazing and eggs are a cheap protein staple!

Anyway, I am just confused on if I need to do the autoimmune protocol or not.. Paige, I have heard testimonies of people with UC being helped by the autoimmune protocol. I would suggest giving it a shot, eliminating all of the foods including eggs and nightshades. I know how hard they are to avoid. If you set yourself up properly you can do it for a month, promise! What do you have to lose, except possibly your suffering?

Any word on green tea and yerba mate? Ian, they are fine! I would be cautious with anything containing caffeine, or in the case of mate mateine—its similar to caffeine. It can wreak havoc on the adrenals. Thanks Mickey… this is hella belated, but every time I try to add caffeine back in it seems to cause me problems so this makes sense.

Jackie, There is still a potential to have those proteins in there, and many people are still sensitive to it myself included so it is not allowed on the elimination diet. You can reintroduce early on when you get to that point, however.

So glad I found your site tonight as I am trying to heal leaky gut too. Can you tell me if they are ok on AIP? Are honey or maple syrup allowed on the AIP? I have been using a touch in herbal teas.

I made the mistake of using and enjoying almond milk in my teas along with pure coconut milk… So much to learn!! It just occurred to me that the almond milk is a no no…. Thank you for the great charts! I keep referring to them as I shop and learn! I have hypothyroidism low thyroid function and would like to make some radical diet changes.

Just about 2 days ago I read the first time about AIP. Especialy the vegetables section. There are some vegetables like bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower etc. I also have thyroid disease and I have no problems including them in my diet. You can read an article I wrote on the topic here:. Today i notices that my omega 3 capsules contain soy lechtin! Are my 3 weeks lost now? And how important is strick adherence to non fodmaps?

So hard when people say that it depends on the person since my stomach is always angry so its hard for me to know what is what… thank you for all your hard work! With the autoimmune protocol, I would not start reintroducing foods until you feel a measurable improvement. You need to have some benchmark to measure your reintroductions on. I have pretty severe psoriasis and some psoriatic arthritis that is aggravated by lymes disease as well.

I need my joints and hands for work so I will often take one third of an advil to help get me through the day. Is this offsetting my efforts?

Any thoughts on what else I could do? Maria, sadly it will offset your progress. I would talk to your doctor or see if you can find a naturopath that can help you find an alternative to manage your pain while on AIP. I have had chronic stomach issues for two years now. I have been on the gaps intro for four months and feel stuck with symptoms first.

This diet was suggested by my dr. But I am still fatigued with brain fog and stomach issues. Is this that much different that it could help? Laura, a lot of time GAPS intro can be too low-carb for people.

If you have autoimmunity, I suggest an autoimmune centered approach like the autoimmune protocol instead of a pathogen specific approach, like the GAPS diet. I am so happy that I found your website! I received your info from Dr. His diet recommends low glycemic fruit, such as no banana or pineapple. I noticed your fruit list is much larger than what he recommends. I definitely struggle with blood sugar issues and wondered if I should really be careful on the types of fruits I eat?

I am new to all of this and am a bit overwhelmed. Hi Kim, yes I am aware that Dr. K recommends limiting fruit. I think if you know you have blood sugar issues, it is best to stick to a lower glycemic diet. You could try getting your carbs from starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, yam, winter squash, plantain, and taro. I take high doses of asprin for my joint pain, only thing that works.

Should I still see a difference. The kind you make yourself I have seen many recipes online is fine! Thanks so much for reply! Its the same brand that sells coconut milk. Its my go-to breakfast so I hope it is ok. Kharrazian has since gone back on that recommendation. I have written an article about goitrogens here:.

I say, eat your kale! I would LOVE your opinion on a couple things… at the age of 45 I am all-of-a-sudden sensitive to nuts as in they cause the worst, long-lasting, acne I have ever had in my life.

It took me a while to make the connection, but now I am positive it is almonds, cashews and peanuts I know peanuts are legumes, but they do it too. So would your guess be that I have leaky gut?

Or some other reason you know of? I do not have Hashimotos.. Will the Autoimmune Paleo diet heal my leaky gut, and if so, will I not be allergic to nuts any more after I am healed?

How long should I use the AI diet before switching to just Paleo? Thank you very very much!!!