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Month: November 2015
If that isn't Candace Keach, a person I use to work with I'll eat my shoe. The hunt is on Chris Jaworowski is a really good shot with his semiautomatic rifle, and he has plenty of experience hunting hogs. GO is a wonderful game. Drink beer the rest of the day. Regarding the correct ping representation, you and others may already know this, but if you refresh the page once after your first landing, the ping is different and much better represented. Strafe jumping is just as useful.

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Month: October 2016

The station sent a memo to employees letting them know Fritz was done. He's also a former Fox News radio anchor. Herb Hoppe Longtime central Minnesota radio station owner Herbert Hoppe, known for constructing the only directional AM quadplex radio tower field in the U. Hoppe died Wednesday at the age of Herb named the station after his wife Val. As other local broadcast owners sold out during the consolidation of radio, Herb remained independent.

He relied on his farm-raised work ethic, the unwavering support of his wife and the next Hoppe generation, and his belief in the craft of local radio. Cedar Rapids police this week said it may never know what caused Rob Norton, 69 of Iowa City, to drive the wrong-way on I this past January. Norton drove south in the northbound lanes for about 3 miles before crashing into another car.

Jennifer Koenighain, 28 of Cedar Rapids, was driving home from a yoga class in that other car. Norton and Koenighain died in that crash. Norton also founded KRNA radio before selling it in Police this week could only say Norton had alcohol in his system but that he was not legally drunk. The details of his autopsy report are confidential records. Because Norton was not legally drunk along with other unknown factors, police say they cannot know for sure why Norton was driving the wrong-way on I for so long.

What songs do you always sing along to? Name your dog Snickers. What movie had the best soundtrack? Pirates of the Caribbean was great. And of course Star Wars. That was definitely a catch. These new catch rules are so pointless. What did that one teacher at your school do to get fired? Need some games to play, fellow gamers what would you recommend? Let us not forget this isn't the first time we've seen football in Tagpro youtube. This Nutrisystem commercial uses the Tagpro Next music ispot.

Ahh thanks, that makes sense. Do you happen to know what the song is called? He's known for year. If you can't keep in in your pants, keep it in the family. How to decorate in McDonalds i. Decorations in McDonald i. Maybe they are playing mlb 2k Mice are just baby rats. The sinking of the Titanic was a miracle to the lobsters in the ship's kitchen. Which celebrities do you suspect might be bad in bed?

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