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Also what about milk? Therefore it is actually different from mucus. I have now decided to do strictly juice. Thanks for the idea Trixie. Could you give me a little input on this product? Stacey, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your fast.

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Kale juice | Simple and tasty kale juice recipes

I hope to get my boyfriend and I started on our juicing plan today or tomorrow! We have different goals. Mine is more appetite control and weight loss whereas his is about more healthy habits. My wife and I are planning on trying to do the 3 day juice fast and I just bought an extractor like a nutri-bullet will this work instead of a juicer? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Christine, welcome to JOJ and thank you for your comment. You have heard wrong.

I am so excited to start tomorrow I need to loose approx. Lorena, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! I started my fast yesterday. Trying to go days of just food no solid foods. I was a bit skeptical on working out while on my fast but I was surprised at how much energy I got after drinking my juice an hour before the gym. I killed my 1 hour cardio. Is it recommended to make the juices ahead of time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? HI, What about coffee?

Can I still have my black coffee in the morning? I am super pumped about juicing…. My question iswhat about adding hemp powder or cgia seeds or flax seeds. I donht see these ingredients in any of your recipes.. And the difference between smoothie and juicing.

Personally, I would NOT add protein powders to any juice as they contain non-natural elements. I also add organic Flaxseed oil to my juices in the morning. Whereas fasting means no intake of solid food. I want to start getting healthy again by cleaning my system and lose a few pounds to jump start my weight loss Journey. Would that be okay to start the juicing process? Hi Donnie thanks for the information. I am going to start my 60 day juice fast tomorrow. Wish me good luck, I have 60 lbs to loose.

Based on my results after this 60 days will go for another 40days with a decent gap. Anyone wants to join me tomorrow.. Can you tell me burning calories while on this Diet is good enough to lose more weight? Dolly, I wish you all the best on your juice fast! You will be successful! After that you can start adding in lite exercise but make sure you listen to your body. If you feel worn out and tired then you may be trying to do too much at once. I have had what felt like mini headaches but drinking a juice takes care of it.

I want to go to 30 days and possibly even to 60 like Joe and Phil but my wife is asking me to drop the fast and go see a doctor to come up with a sensible diet. I want to know what you think about this, especially since I seem to have lost about 15 pounds already. Socks, welcome to JOJ and congrats on 10 days of juicing! Ask your wife what is not sensible about juice? If you do plan on going longer than 30 days then it would be a good idea to check with a doctor to make sure everything is how it should be for you to continue.

This will help you come up with a plan to incorporate solids back into your diet when you are ready. After watching the documentary , Fat, sick, and Nearly Dead we decided to try the fast. We each have close to pounds to lose. We aredrinking juices per day and drinkinglots of water. We are on day 8 and hubby lost 9.

Tall and I am 5. I think I am drinking too much juive but my husband says we are following joe cross plan and it does not matter on your height or sex. Teresaa, the most important thing to understand on a juice fast is that you should have a juice when you are hungry. Everyone is different so you may have more or less than your husband.

Just stick to listening to your body and having a juice when you feel hungry. You must ensure you are getting the nutrition your body desires. I gag every time I try and drink one and end up just chugging it with my nose plugged. Is there a recipe that taste more like fruit than vegetables but still has more veggies than fruit in it?

I need to lose weight for my wedding and will not go wedding dress shopping until I lose the weight. I had that same problem. I started using only half the cucumber and peeling some skin off it. Also, look up some recipes with mostly fruit to start out with.

Pineapple, strawberries, red peppers, blue berries and carrots and most other colorful fruit all have really strong flavors and drown out the other stuff in the drink. So maybe try some recipes with those in it. I can say the taste was different during the first day as opposed to the third day. You can cut the cucumber portion in half too.

Try adding more lemon or another apple to your juices. Make them enjoyable for you! You will lose that weight and you will succeed on your fast Mary. I am new to leaving comments, threads, etc. I have been debating the juicing alternative, and the other day i bought a juicer, went to the grocery store and started the next day.

I am on day 2 of the juice fast, and so far so good! Donnie, i know you said to relax with exercise, but I have been following an exercise program, and thus far i feel fine with combining the juicing and exercise, i will touch base again in another few days after the detox period and let everyone know how i am feeling.

My primary reason for doing this is to see how i will feel, i am doing a 14 day juice fast. Good luck to everyone who is thinking to start i say go for it!!!

Kgustin, welcome to JOJ and congrats on day 2 of your juice fast! If you feel fine to combine exercise and juicing then by all means do so! I wish you all the best in your juicing adventure! Other berries and fruit she is unsure of because she is scared to try them. Is it possible to get a wholesome juicing experience with all of these restrictions? Is citrus that big of a deal? Jacob, it sounds like she would have to go straight veggie on her fast. I have about 30 pounds to lose.

Thanks for your help! Denise, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast next Monday! As far as what to do after your fast, read this article I wrote: I wish you all the best Denise. Keep me posted on your success! Is a juicer and a juice extractor the same thing? Sorry for the late response Angel. A juice extractor will pull out the juice and leave behind the fiber. Sometimes a juice extractor is referred to as the old style orange juice squeezers though.

So make sure you are getting a juicer that works out best for your needs. Great to come across your website — very informative and helpful. I am on Day3 of juicing and doing just fine. Infact feeling all the more fresh.

I read through all the posts on the website and got lot of information. I have a few questions though. Can I have 2 spoons of wheatgrass powder a day in my juice , not sure as it has fiber?

Can I carry home made veg juice to office and have it in the 8 hrs I am there 3. I am aiming to reduce 20 Kgs but that may take 60 days juicing — do you think I can do this in breaks and see beneficial results as when done in a stretch. I took some time to spend with family this Holiday season. Yes, you can make your juices and take them to work with you.

Just keep them in an airtight container and store them in the refrigerator. They will keep for hours. While you can do it in breaks, it will be harder for you to go back to juicing after you include solids back into your diet. I was wondering if you can drink kombucha tea and water kefir when on juice fast.

Also, can you take spirulina and fish oil? Yvette, tea is fine but leave out the water kefir while juice fasting. Spirulina is fine but no oils. Congrats on starting your juice fast. I was wondering if water is the only thing I can drink while on the 7-day-juice-plan? I drink a lot of green tea or herb tea and just wondered if I can drink that as well as plenty of water? Tonya, you can drink tea also. Just be careful as some teas such as your greens and blacks have a high amount of caffeine.

You should limit you caffeine intake or at best you should avoid caffeine altogether. Just make sure you are including plenty of protein greens such as spinach or kale into your juices. Sorry Ashley, a vitamix is not a juicer, it is a blender. You must use a juicer while on the juice fast. Hello I am considering a juice fast and was wondering if you had any good pointers for me.

I am doing it to lose weight. I could stand to lose 30 but 20 would leave me feeling much better. I guess I am wondering if there is a certain way I should prepare myself or is it okay to just jump right in? Thanks for any input. Heather, there are so many resources to help you get started on the site and on the forum. Browse around and read everything so you are fully confident when you start your fast!

This will help prepare your body for the juice. If you use a masticating juicer such as the one I bought, Omega , the juice last for up to 72 hours. But beware, masticating juicers are way more expensive than a typical centifugal juicer. I hope that helped answer your question. Or you could just get a masticating one like you have and not worry about it Thanks for the comment BZ!

I tried fasting for 3 days but each day I felt horrible and broke my fast at 5 pm. Last time I attempted fasting I lost 5 pounds in 3 days. Hi, I was wondering if I could have cereal in the morning for breakfast to break my 5 or 3-days juice fast? I juice daily and do fasting couple of times a year. I have been juicing for a long time. I drink 8 oz of carrot with apple 3 times a day everyday. I make the juice on Sunday and Wednesdays. It is a lot of work to do it daily. I was told and find that it is true that I put the juice in 8 oz Mason jars all the way to the top and put a plastic screw on top.

That way there is no oxygen that is getting to it so it will last for 3 days in the refrigerator. After 3 days you can notice how it starts to break down and you will not want to drink it. I have been on the Hallelujah Lifestyle hacres. You feel like you could run around the block many times. Keep on juicing Sherri! My husband and I will be doing our first juice fast soon. I have two questions. How much will this affect the freshness? Mary, congrats on starting your juice fast soon.

As far as caffeine, you can take tylenol or ibuprofen for your headaches. That should help with a lot. The juices will last throughout the day as long as they are stored in airtight containers and kept in a refrigerator. That should keep them fresh. Let me know if you or your husband have any questions Mary. I was going to start on Friday, but the juicer has arrived and so last night I went shopping thinking there is no time like the present.

I bought a few ingredients just to try it out and thought that I would still properly start on Friday. Made myself an amazingly tasty juice. I usually wake hungry, but this morning all I wanted was a juice.

Really looking forwards to seeing how long I can last. Congrats on starting your juice fast Sianny! I just started a juice fast today… so far so good but I do have a question: I have an underactive thyroid and I read somewhere else not to juice certain veggies with this condition such as spinach, kale, broccoli and a few others I cannot recall… So I seem to making juices that are on the sweeter side: I am afraid this might be too much sugar. Any suggestions how to substitute for those greens?

I have romaine and celery to use as well. I would consult with a nutritionist or a doctor to see what your best options are for an under active Thyroid. Keep me posted Tammylee. I work out a lot at least 1 hour every day and was wondering if my body was still going to get everything it needs with juicing or if I should not workout while I fast? Also when I come off the fast I know I am going to eat mostly fruits and veggies before introducing other solid food back into my system but what about after that?

Is all you eat veggies and fruits with some protein once in a while? I was thinking about permanently substituting one meal per day with a juice, does that seem like a good idea? Hannah, welcome to JOJ. Your body will get everything it needs but you may consider slowing down your workouts while on the fast as your body will need the rest and recovery time. Read this article on how to come off a fast and how to eat afterwards: Let me know if you have any more questions Hannah.

Hi Donnie- I am gearing up for my first fast and am wondering if it would be counterproductive to add a bit of protein powder to my juices? I have found on past diets that if I am low on protein I get very uncomfortable. Your body needs as much rest to recover from the detox. Let me know if you have any questions. Read this article for more information: My husband and I have been going organic with all of our food and now I am wanting to start juicing.

I am a nurse and have to work anywhere from 12 to 16 hours. What do you recommend I do to so I can have my juice at work? Tammy, make your juices in the morning and store them in airtight containers. Put them in the fridge when you get to work and they should last throughout the day for you. Started the 7 day juice plan and have not lost any weight. This is day 4!

Break down your day for me as far as what recipes you are using, what juicer you are using, and what else you consume throughout the day including water. We will figure it out. I am loving your site. I am starting the 7 day program today.

I read some of your FAQ and. I work a crazy schedule. But after reading some of the other questions. It was mentioned not to store the juice for more than 10 hours. Anything over hours is really pushing it. Do your best to make them in the morning and bring them with you. This way they will still be very beneficial to you. I wish you the best of luck! Hi, I live in Cameroon and am not able to always get fresh vegetables. Am I able to use frozen spinach to juice?

Keep me posted and let me know how things go for you. Is there a trick to keeping the weight off? Rebecca, if you go back to your previous eating habits the weight will come right back. How much did you lose during those 5 days?

Did you read through the guide on how to eat after a fast? If you have to make them ahead of time, make them in the morning and take them with you. It helps to prepare the ingredients the night before and store them in gallon size freezer bags.

They should keep throughout the day. I saw a few things in this article just now that I just naturally picked up on and did to day. For example, I got really angry but I just had another drink and that hungry went away.

Anyhoo, great post thanks! Day one of my 7 day juice fast. I could drink 6 gallons of this a day I think. Any words of wisdom to help shift my thoughts? Kate, congrats on day 7! Hunger should be satisfied, and most likely you are confusing the hunger with cravings.

Hunger is how your body tells you it needs nutrients, and cravings are when your mind is telling you to eat out of habit, boredom, or for the taste and pleasure of it. The juice fast works by resting your digestive system while consuming only juice that gets absorbed into your system. Hi , I am starting the juicing fast process today and just came across your website. It is proving to be a great tool by the way, thank you for that.

I have heard in the past to start a juice fast you need to eat fruits and vegetables only for three days beforehand. Do you agree with this, or is it safe to just jump right into the fast?

Does all of the waist from previous meals before juicing just sit in your intestines while the fast is happening because there is no fiber to move everything along? I know this is kind of a gross question but necessary all the same. Do I need to clean out my bowels before the fast? I did a juice fast for 40 days a year ago and am definately needing another one, I took fiber and physillium husks while fasting the first week to cleanse the colon as well.

Remember, anything you ate had fiber in it so it will clump up and move out. The juice will help in passing it out your system and hydrating your digestive system. The fast works by allowing your digestive system to rest and cleanse. So remember to keep your fast strictly juices and nothing else. I am now feeling less tired, my blood pressure readings without my meds are showing normal, my weight loss very slow — 4 Kilos or 9lb but have lost 4cm around the waist.

My face is not puffy anymore. Had an eye test the other day and the pressure in my eyes has gone down from 20 to 12, I will have a blood test for cholesterol level and thyroid level at the end of the month. I am delighted with all that but highly disappointed that my spots and itching are still driving me mad.

Hives were the main reason for the juice fast. The last couple of days I have been having juices during the day but a small salad with lemon juice at night. I also followed your suggestion of using more lemon juice but had to ease back a bit because of heartburn. Can you offer any other suggestions as to why the hives are not be responding to the fast. I would be interested to know what kind of response any of your readers have had with this particular problem.

Once again thank you for your time in helping me through this — please know that it is greatly appreciated. As far as the itching I suggest you try adding some turmeric powder into a few of your juices daily. I have one suggestion about the itiching…try going through your home and getting rid of all the toxins. Laundry soap is a big cause of itching and rashes. Switch to natural, non-toxic cleaners, soaps, lotions, etc. Good luck to you!

Hai, I am a Malaysian. I am planning to start juicing. But near my place, veg such as kale, beet is not available. What kind of Asian veg that I can use to replace these veg? Tammy, please take a look at the substitution list found here: If you still have questions, just let me know. Hi Donnie, thank you for the guide and tips on juice fasting. Really determined to make it all the way to at least 7 days. Unfortunately I have no power at home and unable to juice today.

Do you have any suggestions for a temporary replacement juice that can be purchased at the store? Matt, you are very welcome! Congrats on 4 days and 13 pounds! If you have to, and only in a pinch, grab a store bottled juice like a naked juice.

Your best bet would be to look for a juice bar. I know some smoothie places offer fresh juice too. Hope your power gets back on soon! Also, I finished my first drink by It is now 2: Should i force myself to drink my lunch?

The best thing you can do is to listen to your body. Rasalina, if you were a big caffeine consumer that is to be expected. Congrats on starting your fast! How much weight should we expect to lose? And is de-caf tea acceptable? Linda, congrats on making the decision to do a juice fast. It really depends on how much you have to start with and how well you stick to your juices.

De-caf tea is fine while on the fast. Keep me posted Linda. Almost the end of day nine. Feeling absolutely dejected — today has been a bad day and I am struggling. I am scratching my skin like crazy and thought that by now my hives would have been under control or at least settling.

This is making me mad and I feel like heading into the kitchen and cooking a steak that I can sink my teeth into! Stacey, years of eating habits will take some time to filter out through your body.

I want you to try including more lemons in your juices and drink lemon water throughout the day to see if that makes a difference. Lemon has a natural anti-inflammatory that will help with the itching. Hi, when doing the juice fast is it ok to drink sparkling water or does it have to be still. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am using a cold press juicer and ideally I would like to lose lb. I will stop with the potato at night.

I am now using various juices one of which includes sweet potato and another that includes avacado — is that ok? Can you suggest any particular ones or should I just stick to the ones on the 7 day fast only?

Also should I be experiencing heartburn — especially with juices containing ginger. Thanking you again for your dedication and taking the time to guide all of us through our juicing phases. Sweet potato and avocado are perfectly fine to juice. Ginger may give you heartburn, it it does just use less of it.

Feel free to use any juice recipes you like on your fast. I am a 57 year old female. I decided to do the juice fast on day 7 in the hope that I can lower my cholesterol, high blood pressure, severe heartburn, annoying itching symptoms which may or may not be, pin size like hives and to drop some weight, I also have a Thyroid problem and take Thyroxine.

I have lost about 4lbs so far. I struggle to drink the required amount of water and feel sick when I try and force it down. I have had no ill effects on the fast, but at the same time apart from the weight loss have not had any good effects either.

I have been on the doctor merry-go-round for over a year so hoping that this will give my body time to heal. Benefits I am looking for are good sleep and no more itching with more energy and improvement in memory — I am sick of this brain fog! Weight loss will be a bonus as the weight has crept on over the years. When should I start to expect results especially with this maddening itch. Any feed back would be appreciated and thank you for your amazing site.

Stacey, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your fast. You need to stop including a sweet potato in your diet while on the fast. The fast works by allowing your digestive system to rest and when you add solids to the mix it start it back up. The juice will work wonders for you if you let it. Also, what type of juicer are you using and how much weight do you have to lose? Keep me posted and we will work together to get you on track and feeling fabulous! Welcome to JOJ and congrats on stepping it up to a full 7 day fast!

I had a great 5 days… I lost Nothing ever worked before this. Do you think this is a good plan? Thanks again for the great site.

Bryan, congrats on 5 days and nearly 11 pounds lost!!! Keep us all posted Bryan! However,I have one huge obstacle. I have a blender that has a strainer attached to it. But your 5 tips advises against blenders all together. Any advice on a good — affordable — juicer to get me started?

Thanks again for this blog and being dedicated. Telling me that you take this seriously. Glad I came across your blog. CiCi, welcome to JOJ and thanks for your comment. I used the Hamilton Beach when I first started and it is a great juicer!

I suggest you take a look at it here. It has everything you need in juicer. I hope you can get it and get started! Donnie, I just wanted to thank you again for addressing my concerns about fasting last week. I would like to share with you that I am on day 6 of my 10 day fast going strong! I lost 13 pounds so far!!!!! What do I need to do to ensure that I continue to loose weight after I complete my fast?

Congrats on day 6 and 13 pounds lost so far! To ensure you continue to lose weight and keep it off after the fast just read this article. Thrilled to come across this website after watching another popular dvd. Each Dynablend Clean comes equipped with a tempered glass carafe, stainless steel motor base, and innovative stainless steel scoop. Have peace of mind with an industry leading 10 year warranty.

Tribest Sedona Express is the smartest digital food dehydrator on the market. It's the easiest way to dehydrate your favorite fruits and veggies. The new compact design comes equipped with 11 Stainless Steel or BPA-Free drying trays , delivering maximum performance without sacrificing kitchen space. It features an all-digital display, transparent glass door, and powerful central fan.

Finally, a smart dehydrator for a smarter you.. Is there such a thing as the best juicer? In addition to that, masticating juicers produce healthier juice because of their slow working speed, although this slow speed may be a disadvantage at times. The Breville BJSXL has a vertical auger which turns slowly but surely to squeeze out every last drop of juice and it also guarantees you more pulpy juice production than the other types of Breville juicers.

The Fountain Crush is a reliable juicer that comes with a 10 year warranty from Breville. Masticating juicers may not be the domain of Breville, but they do know a thing or two about juicing in general, and this machine is the proof. When it comes to masticating juicers, the Hurom brand needs no introduction. Hurom is famous for its masticating juicers and ingenious technology, and the HU is no different from the rest.

The Hurom H masticating juicer comes with the second generation slow squeezing technology from Hurom. It has a single auger which rotates about 80 times per minute, and that? It is also made from Ultem, a material which is extremely durable and which guarantees a long productive life of the juicer. Hurom has been making high quality masticating juicers for decades, and the HU is no exception. It is a sturdy and reliable juicer that ejects really dry pulp as waste.

If you require a moderately priced masticating juicer that comes from a well known masticating juicer brand, is the juicer for you. The Kuvings BS whole juicer can juice whole fruits at once and this sets it apart from other masticating slow juicers.

The majority of masticating juicers have narrow feeding chutes which makes it necessary to cut-up the fruit and vegetable items into smaller pieces before feeding them into the juicer. Kuvings is a brand of juicers that was founded way back in and has continued to develop and introduce innovative products into the markets since then.

The BS is also a low noise juicer with a Watts brushless AC motor, and a very sleek and modern design. The Kuvings BS is a really great machine that comes from a company that really pays attention to consumer safety and wishes. This makes it a product with all the right features and accessories which come handy at all times.

Nutrichef is a popular brand when it comes to kitchen appliances, making everything from juicers to ovens and ice makers.

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