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2013 LEAF ECO and B-mode (SV and SL trims)
Now that I know stevia is associated with muscle, joint and throat problems, I am really going to get this stuff out of my life. In evolutionary terms, early emerging taxa tend to have dichotomous branching with reticulate systems emerging later. Glossary of leaf shapes. If yes,what is your recommendation? Stipules may be conspicuous e. Question is that if acceleration is harder on eco mode, does this drain more battery in acceleration process? Hi, Ernie Let me see if I understand this correctly:

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Nissan Leaf

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I have put it into smoothies, coffee, water and now this banana bread! We did this three times for each of the four drive modes and averaged the results. This is what we found:. So the real question now is how does this help you in your everyday driving? Our intent is that it will better help you select the proper mode at the proper time. If your everyday driving consists of significant stop and go city traffic or stop and go freeway traffic for that matter you can maximize brake life and further reduce maintenance costs with ample use of B-mode.

When approaching a stop sign, or red light while using B-mode, rather than lifting your foot completely off of the accelerator pedal, try just lifting part way off. Eventually you will learn the art of accelerating and braking just with the accelerator in many situations. As its regen mode is relatively aggressive, you may find yourself shifting between ECO and B-mode depending upon speed and incline, perhaps even using Drive mode with slight inclines.

As far as the difference between using Drive and ECO, it may come down to personal preference. We know many individuals that have experience in German vehicles that prefer the pedal feel when in ECO, as many German makes offer firm pedal resistance. Others prefer the lighter and quicker responsiveness in Drive mode. One thing to keep in mind is that the ECO mode does provide a significant amount of brake regen compared with Drive mode, based on our findings. Also, a quick reminder that while in ECO mode maximum acceleration is still available by fully depressing the accelerator pedal.

There is no right or wrong way to use any of these modes. What you want to sort out for yourself is which mode do you prefer in any given situation. There is no way that you can damage the car by using any of these drive modes. If the B-mode offers too much braking for your taste, try the ECO mode. In the end it comes down to being able to personalize your car for your driving style. With all of these modes to choose from, you can tailor your LEAF to the way you drive making for a more enjoyable ownership experience.

Nissan does not illuminate the brake light when using the Brake mode. When in B mode, the effect is similar to the engine braking of a 6-speed manual-transmission vehicle in perhaps fourth gear.

It is not such an abrupt change in speed as to pose a danger to anyone following. Does switching between modes while driving cause any issues? Should I wait until I stop to change modes? I like using D mode on the freeway and ECO on city streets. You can shift between modes at any time and at any speed. I often use the B-mode on my LEAF when slowing down for a stop light, and then place it back into D prior to take off.

Shifting into any mode will not damage anything while in motion. Nissan does a great job of preventing drivers from damaging their vehicles by doing things that would harm the vehicle or the driver. I hope that helps. Still playing around to figure out which. Also of note, but not mentioned and very effective if you are in Eco B and set the cruise on a downhill, the Leaf will use maximum regen to hold you at that speed rather than just coasting and allowing speed to build up.

Never mind… I now think this is because my battery is full going down that first hill in the morning… my bad! This is the case with all electric cars, as there is nowhere to send the generated electric power. The new LEAF has accounted for this by using the mechanical braking system when B mode is engaged, and the battery has a full charge, so that the driver experiences the same vehicle behavior whether the battery is fully charged or not.

We have had a leased LEAF for 20 months, and get 5. We leave it in ECO all the time, and avoid the freeway. Speeds of 35 to 50 mph. Thanks for your comment. As you have proved, the LEAF can be driven greater distances with juice to spare — even in mountainous terrain — if driven moderately. Not everyone will have the time or inclination to drive as carefully as you did on this trip though. Your experience does show the possibility of getting around 90 miles, if needed, from a single charge.

With 36, miles on the battery, I drove over 95 miles in the Rockies with over 3, feet of ascent to the pass summit, and back down the other side. I was going slowly on the uphill portions — as low as 30 mph in steep sections.

It will be helpful to many others. Is there a difference in the amount of regen braking in B mode versus using the brake pedal to get the 4 green balls? When you see the power meter moving to the right using power or moving to the left regenerating you are seeing the total amount of power being used or regenerated. You will need to be on a pretty steep incline to see the power meter move all the way to the left without braking, or slowing from very high speed.

When using the brakes and actively engaging the brake pad with the rotor, that energy is lost to heat. B or Brake mode will lengthen the life of your brake pads as they will be needed less frequently. You will always maximize regen without engaging the brakes. I have a SL. The B mode sounds like a good idea. I would probably use it. I live on Maui, on the slope of the volcano, so I drive down the hill, shop, and then drive back up.

I never use anything other than ECO. Then moving it twice could kick me back to D. Nissan monitors all comments. The D and B modes are toggled from the shift lever. You do have to move the shift lever twice to go into D, then B modes. If you have the ECO on, it will be on the next time you drive the vehicle till you toggle it off.

Driving back up the mountain, will use up more energy. ECO softens the acceleration; B increases the regenerative braking. They are two different modes. And thank you for your comments. Question is that if acceleration is harder on eco mode, does this drain more battery in acceleration process? This is an electronic accelerator pedal that provides additional resistance when in eco mode.

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