Janet Jackson Sneak Peek: Stunning 65-Pound Weight Loss Ahead of Tour

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Janet Jackson’s Vegan Diet
July 29, at Well, this is oftentimes physiologically impossible! It is what we must let go of, bad health habits what we call our roots, our culture. She explains to Jay that its all soy and tastes just like chicken. I always weight, get excited over the loss and never continue the plan. I gained all that back when I got in a relationship. You will enjoy the new you at any age.


Janet Jackson Talks Vegan on Jay Leno

Im going to do this diet sounds fun and I already workout at the gym all i need is the right way to eat and i think that i will do fine im down for thelosing 35lbs in 7 weeks. I would like to find a group who would like to lose 35lbs in the next 7 weeks? Anyone out there that wants to try it. As someone mentioned a few months ago, Hollywood is just catching on to what bodybuilders and figure competitors have been doing for decades.

It is a method of losing a lot of body fat in short period of time while holding on to hard-earned muscle. With a vigorous regimen of weight training, you need to have the mental focus and determination to push through this, because you may often find yourself running out of energy.

I see a lot of women afraid to work hard in the weight room in fear of developing masculine figures. Well, this is oftentimes physiologically impossible! Furthermore, Janet did not get her body by doing reps of arm curls with 3 lb dumbbells. Especially pertaining to your lower body, it takes work to sculpt nice legs and glutes!

You would also need a good multivitamin and maybe, although not mandatory, supplementation with a good thermogenic product. Nevertheless, as I have told others in the past, what and when you eat are the strongest fat burners on the market.

By the way, I am not just a fit woman who has never struggled with her weight. For those who do not want to wait for her book, you can always go on a site like bodybuilding.

You can also check out information by Tom Venuto or Lee Labrada. Yep, If you stick to it for a about a month not a day or just a week you will lose the weight.. Basically omitting all the junk food you will for sure lose the weight…I think it is a good diet if your really overweight, Then when the weight is down you can eat smaller potions of junk I mean small. We are so spoil in our eating we need some discipline sometimes.

And this diet is very discipline. You can find it on the internet. I am looking for the meal plan and exercise routine that was used for Janet Jackson, if anyone could please let me know this I would really appreciate it! I really want to try this diet. I am going to be starting off at the same weight as Ms. I have been to the doctor and he says that I am well enough to start an exercise program. Could someone please email more of the daily meal plans so I too can get started on my life changing weight loss plan.

Also, my question is when Ms. Jackson lost the weight did she have to get any surgery done for the excess fat after the weight loss. Please be honest with the answers. I just had a baby and i am really looking for a way to shed some pounds. Can anyone tell me how? Too much protein can be a bad thing, especially on your kidneys.

Beware the protein overload, and as with anything, keep it balanced! To all those consuming protein shakes almost hourly, have your doc do a BMP and urinalysis to check your serum creatine and protein in urine. I lost 5 lbs in a week. Eat 6 meals a day but small ones. At night only eat 6oz of chicken, fish, or 6 shrimp and boiled veggies. OR you could eat a chicken salad. I definitely need to start pursuing my new life. Being over lbs is something that I feel has ruined my life. My relationship is down the drain, along with my confidence and self esteem.

I am not happy at all with what I see in the mirror. Please send me the new life plan in detail…. I have been a size 11 most of my adult life. After I had my daughter 30 y. I gained a spare tire. But then I gained 40 pounds and was pounds. We had a weight lose contest work and I won, losing 40lbs.

I am now lbs. I have change my eating habits. For some reason I have been staying lbs. I know I have another body under this layer of fat, but dam,,,,,, where is it? I wish it would stop playing and come out, come out where ever you are. If anyone has any ideas, please, do tell. I have been yo-yoing since high school. And I had once dropped 40lbs doing Atkins. I gained all that back when I got in a relationship.

I managed to get down to lbs by April which was not my goal. I was suppose to go to lbs. I am an emotional eater too. I was going to go back to Atkins but then I realized how quickly the weight came back and I how sick I was feeling afterwards because of all the meat and cheese. I have made the decision to just eat differently and excercise for 30 minutes or more5- 6 day a week. That includes walking and going to the gym.

I will commiti to doing weight training twice a week and eventually moving up to 3 days. I have started today with 1 slice of Turkey Bacon,!

I aim to stay on the right track. If anyone has any tips that can help me along the way please email me. II am 45 and will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary next year. I would love to renew my vows and fit into my wedding dress again. I have actually been on a diet similar to this for about a week now… The plan goes like this. I havent weighed myself this time.. I always weight, get excited over the loss and never continue the plan.

I have already noticed the weight loss and want to continues. Im sleeping better and more often, and my body just feels alot better. I dont think the protein shakes are necessary, but it gives you what you need for your motabolism to really get going. This was given to my by a friend who is married to a personal trainer, its the same plan he gives to his clients, with exercise of course. Its very true, you cant call this a diet, you have to make it a life change or you will never stick with it.

And all this crap about no carbs… your brain, not your body needs carbs. The key is not mixing carbs with the wrong foods and not eating carbs at night. With that and exercise anyone can overcome anything, but you have to WANT to do it. Not just know that you need to, or being pressursed because someone around you is doing it.

And people, remember that cheating only hurts you. I exercise everyday at a local gym, and do some laps in the pool afterwords, and so far have lost 5 pounds. Loosing weight has always been really hard for me ever since I have twins and everyone is right by just changing your mind set and the way you eat you will loose weight.

I have exactly 2 months before my 10 year high school reunion, and I plan on looking good! Thanks Janet and fellow commenters!!! It sounds like the South Beach Diet which takes out all carbs in the begining. I remember losing like 8 lbs the first week I tried it a couple years ago. The first week of South Beach you cut out all processed foods: She must be healthy to be able to carry on such an intense schedule.

The sample menu, looks just like the food my husbands doctor recommends, since he has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I would be greatful if someone could forward the eating plan to me too. This will do us both good. Please send me a menu or the foods to eat like janets diet.

And how much exercising to do. I want to try this change of life but and i know there shouldnt be a BUT in this but i have 3 kids who wont eat many veggies and a husband who wants meat and potatoes, my family is over often or im there and they eat like piggys, lots of country style food with lots of grease.

I dont go out so i dont have many friends so therefor i dont have motivators and no support. My kiddos are only 5, 2, and 1, lol and youd think id lose weight from chasing them, but i am lbs and would love to look and feel so much smaller by thanksgiving. I guess i just need some support. If your trying this change of life and you need some support and feel like giving some support and tips along the way please email me, my name is christina also i live in va in case any of you are close by.

I am ready to start this plan is there a book I can read up on Catherine M apart from the detox raw food? This will be my very 1st time ,however I am lookig for love in all the right places, so that i will someday soon be dating and not be lb,so prayerfully i,ll be writeing back soon with excellent news. Everything on this menu I like and it sounds yummy. Jackson and most of all Determined. Jackson looks Great,so if she can do this well so can I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the menu Mr.

Must go shopping tomorrow God Bless all.. Yes keep away from any white products, rice, flour, potatoes. Sweet potatoes is better. Eating x a day is great and you can eat as much fruits and veggies you want. Just remember not to mix the starches with meats or other starches. You should start to drink water later in the day.. Then I jump started to do the plan i mentioned above which takes you to the stages of being a vegetarian…not me but the book helped…The Raw Food Detox Diet…Amaazon.

I lost 16lbs in like a month! I had no gas after the first few days…and my body runs like a clock. According to the book I was a stage 3 and will as I get older get to a 2 but no hurry. I sitll lvoe all types of food and I do it in moderation. You will enjoy the new you at any age.

I am 44 years old. And I lost 73lbs Just believe and you will do it. Consistence and sleep is a good thing. She also became well-known for her weight issues and the yo-yo dieting she's undergone throughout her life. Jackson's body image problems began when she was only Producers of the sitcom "Good Times" asked her to lose weight and bound her chest before shooting.

Her brother, Michael Jackson, also teased her about having a big butt. Those significant events in Jackson's life caused her to engage in unhealthy eating habits: Jackson lost weight through the Nutrisystem program in She was even one of the celebrity spokespersons for the company.

Marie Osmond and Dan Marino were others. According to Nutrisystem, Jackson lost 10 pounds in just over a month using the program.

Jackson told "Us Weekly" in April of that she used to eat when she felt stressed or depressed. She learned to use other activities as substitutes for food when she feels those ways, such as reading, creating music, being with her family and friends, and going to movies. Those activities provide Jackson with the comfort she used to get from food.

Jackson learned the key to weight loss success is to keep the weight off. Losing weight is one thing, according to Jackson, but the true test is maintaining the weight loss. After starting with Nutrisystem, Jackson says she never gets on the scale or obsesses about her weight. She instead lives a healthy lifestyle.

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