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I was so waiting for this and I know thousands of readers were! You have identified the phychological aspects of weight gain very well. The cycle that occurred in the early s marked the time when I made the courageous decision to leave Catholic schools and attend public schools. I am going to try your tips from now on. Trust me , it helps. Absolutely LOVE how it tastes, really satisfies my sweet cravings!


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A parent may have had a model of beauty to which the child rebels. Whenever they set up a structure of eating for themselves, they rebel and compulsively over-eat. This is the aspect that creates the boundary flaw to which weight is used as a substitute boundary. Often, it represents a preoccupied mother and a pattern of disillusion and dissatisfaction through the mother not fulfilling her dearest hopes and wishes. With an eating disorder, a preoccupied parent could leave the child feeling unprotected.

When associated with food addiction, this aspect indicates a child who felt controlled by a parent, learning to stuff the resentment with food. The individual rebels against the control by being out of control with eating. Growing up in a critical, perfectionist environment, the individual experiences perfectionist demands that he or she cannot possibly fulfill. With a food addiction, the individual sets up a boundary of fat for protection and distancing— and as a release from ever feeling the painful emotions of rejection, guilt and shame.

The psychological pattern of a suppressed Mars is to stuff the anger— and to stuff it with food. Sedentary patterns may be established as a means of tuning out from life. These planets are associated with Will and the Throat Chakra. Initially, through the stress of repression and anxiety, the adrenals are taxed. Later, this adrenal stress pulls on the thyroid gland.

In talking to people with an under-active thyroid, they frequently complain that they do not feel alive. Physically, this can be addressed through adrenal supplementation, thyroid support and even taking organic, cold pressed coconut oil that quickly raises the body temperature and energy level.

However, the psychological patterns that contribute to obesity are more difficult to change. This is the aspect that tells me that there was a parent who did not want the child to grow up or grow away.

Later, these individuals sabotage their own efforts by talking themselves out of doing, especially doing something for themselves. These people often feel that they never scored a victory in expressing their anger, their Mars. Often, when they feel anger, they become quit tired and even depressed. This aspect is actually best suited for fighting for an ideal, something greater than themselves, but not directly for themselves. With the compulsive over-eater, this combination can indicate abuse.

The rage and resentment are suppressed through eating. They often fear the rage within. They fear that they could kill someone— so they eat instead, killing themselves with the health issues that arise through obesity.

The thyroid condition must be addressed with a physician. Solaray Adrenal Caps can be obtained at a health food store. An alternative for the thyroid condition would be taking 1 tablespoon daily of organic coconut oil to raise the body temperature and the energy level. This seems to work for a lot of people. Dance puts you in touch with your body. Contra dancing is an excellent aerobic form of body movement and you do not have to worry about a partner.

Long walks are excellent and easy on the body. The past is the past. Deal with it, embrace it and its pain, and let it go. You cannot change the past but you can change your future. More important, learn to speak from your heart. Activate your Mars so that you can break through the glass barrier of Neptune! After the death of my mother in , I joined a support group. One of the disciplines was to write a poem about the lost parent.

These words suddenly came to me— words so true about my mother and I have vowed not to let this pattern continue with me…. If you only have 10 or 20 pounds to lose, that extra weight that has crept on slowly over the years, then a nice Uranus transit or any Pluto transit will motivate you to make changes in your diet and physical activities.

For the compulsive over-eater, a major lifestyle change is required to get that weight off and keep it off— forever! I have observed a pattern of transformational astrological indicators in the horoscopes of individuals who transformed their addictive patterns with food or alcohol. Transpluto transits heal an addiction through a process that elevates the individual to a level of inner self-sufficiency that makes this possible.

These transits can be obtained from the Solar Fire and WinStar astrological programs. While this can be determined by examining the declination of the progressed Moon, this can easily be calculated on Solar Fire as a degree graphic ephemeris. Carolyn Egan kindly showed me how to set up this graphic and I was amazed to find that all of my example charts for people who stopped drinking, smoking or lost a lot of weight occurred when the progressed Moon was at maximum south latitude.

These were periods of my greatest transformations. This period or cycle lasts for several years. The cycle that occurred in the early s marked the time when I made the courageous decision to leave Catholic schools and attend public schools. The second cycle occurred when I made the courageous decision to live life as a normal sized person. This may be a bit of a surprise but Jupiter can be involved with massive weight loss. As demonstrated in my progressed wheel for November , the beginning of my transformational cycle, the progressed Jupiter was exactly on my progressed Ascendant.

By the autumn of , the transiting Jupiter crossed my natal Ascendant and I actually began my weight loss program. What happened during this cycle? I discovered new ways of expanding besides gaining weight!

Later, I started taking dance lessons. A planet progressing into the sign of Scorpio can portend a greater sense of resolve that is supportive of the transformational process. Any Pluto transit but more potently the conjunction, square or opposition from Pluto can bring the individual to the point of taking control of any out-of-control habits.

Initially, the transiting Pluto in hard aspect to a natal planet will make the individual feel overwhelmed and out of control with their life situation. This will extend into the eating pattern. During the Transformational Process, the individual will take control of their life and their addiction. Tired of feeling out of control, something snaps internally and they take charge.

Closets represent your inner space, the basement represents your subconscious and your car represents your body in general. Compulsive over-eaters have chaos and disorder in their personal environments. Take a look at the inside of the car of a compulsive over-eater. Never eat in the car. Put all groceries in the trunk. Give yourself permission to throw out problem foods. Define boundaries with your family and tell them that problem foods are not allowed in the house. If not locked up, they will be thrown out!

And, remember, the grocery store, to the compulsive over-eater, is a War Zone! Take a friend grocery shopping. Initially, Neptune can encourage over-eating to make us feel more grounded. I find that the Bach Flower Remedy, Clematis, is a powerful cure for this feeling of disconnectedness.

Later, often through some disappointment or disillusion, the individual can actually move beyond their self-created boundaries. If I had known what it would be like to travel through Eastern Europe alone and for the first time, I would never have gone.

Under Neptune, I had no sense of what I was doing or where I was going, as if God had put a brown paper bag over my head. The favorable aspects comfortably expand our vision, allowing us to explore new options of diet, exercise, and lifestyle patterns. With the hard aspects, these can initially stimulate compulsive over-eating because you feel like your fingers are stuck in an electrical outlet. It generates a type of nervous electrical energy for which food seems to ground and soothe.

This very uncomfortable feeling ends only when we end something in our lives that we have outgrown. Ending a bad relationship or frustrating job can take 10 pounds off in a week! This is my story and my observations of the Transformational Process. It is not an easy process. If anyone would like a copy of the astrological chronology of my weight loss from through , contact me by e-mail. They often have Taurus-Gemini combinations. If the sign of Cancer is involved, there can be some digestive sensitivity that contributes to the slowness in eating.

Pluto and the 5th House can be associated with attention needs and controlling others and their time through eating very slowly. Readers — I received this e-mail privately but I have permission by the writer to post an edited version of her request on this website. I will add an additional answer to these questions later. I wondered about having a consult with you as to how I should go about weight loss.

Since Saturn is in my 12th house now, it will be hitting Jupiter and my Ascendant in less than two years. Saturn transiting the 12th House and the 1st House too is an excellent time to commence a major personality transformation.

It is always a time of letting go of the old persona. BUT , it is an excellent time to initiate the lifestyle changes that go with weight loss. I have observed people lose weight, stop smoking, go into therapy all during this transit through the 12th House. Erin Sullivan has an excellent book on Saturn and its transits through the Houses. A hypnotherapist said that I consciously want to lose weight, but my unconscious does not want to lose weight, but she did not know why.

I am horrified when a therapist makes such a statement. It offers no help and it only serves to give excuses. With Neptune on the ASC and Mars in Pisces, this empathic and psychically sensitive individual absorbs such discouragement and excuses. The chiropractor recommended a 2 week liver cleanse. I really like the effect of a liver cleanse but 2 weeks is oppressive. I use a modified Hulda Clarke cleanse that takes 1 day to flush out all of the gall stones and cholesterol.

I always have a lot of energy after this…until I eat sugar and then the energy is gone. I have given up refined sugar! The allergy problem is the next issue. Allergies are caused by afflictions to the Moon, Mars and Neptune. The Food Addiction signs are Cancer and Virgo. I have seen charts similar to your own strong 8th House and I have also seen them go through a major life transformation and lose weight. Yet, all have a personality profile that resists this.

The fear is that something totally beyond your control could happen. This is connected with your Sun in Taurus in the 8th House square Pluto. Was there a death in your family, maybe when you were almost 3? The tendency of the 8th House is to dig in and resist any external change. White Angelica Oil often heals this but there are other therapies that might help seal the leaks, even stroking your own energy field can help.

How did they change? When I first wrote about weight loss I started a book on techniques but then I realized that Dr. I took up country dancing no one would dance with such a bad dancer so I paid my teacher just to dance with me for 1 hour. This is only what I liked. Now, how have 8th House people changed? Being an 8th House person with Virgo strong, you have natural healing ability. You are a natural healer but you have to find YOUR way of healing others.

A client who just sold her publishing house went to this woman and it was life altering for her. She goes over the body and senses a block. She stimulates the block and thoughts race into your head. The body loved this idea and reacted with an explosion of energy. When she commented upon taking a workshop, the body shut down in fear of using a lot of energy that she did not have. Only does healing work on weekends. Very lovely — - a pure soul. These need to be identified. Some are due to poor internal bacteria and some are emotionally based.

I find that NAET technique works very well for letting go of the emotional type. A friend in Germany gave me this technique for histamines. Mold allergies are the worst for me and I find that taking HerbPharm, Nettles Blend, really helps but you have to take it for at least 3 weeks before you notice a different and you must always take it.

These allergies make you feel tired but they do not keep you from losing weight. Only people who have food issues know what you are experiencing.

Most doctors and skinny people have no clue. I have not found one yet. You did bring up things from the unconscious. However, his death must have had a tremendous impact on both my mother and my maternal grandmother.

My brother tells me he was very warm, lively, and fun-loving. Maybe it was her idea to race down that hill. Phil says it better about weight loss. Whereas, I could relate to your story. This week, I mysteriously got some kind of burst of energy, changed my evening routine and started writing again. My food allergies started much earlier, around age 5 my mother told me, rather than age 12 or so.

From eating so many apples as a child, I developed childhood eczema. Molds are my biggest problem. But I guess the Taurus sun, and the square to Pluto both cause the resistance, until some major destructive event forces a disruptive change.. No caffeine, tastes like tea, calming, an adaptogen Dragon Herbs, Wilshire Blvd. Zanzibar Chai passion flower, basil, ginger, vanilla, allspice, hibiscus, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, orange peel, etc.

Lynn, again you have given me great information! I have been seriously overweight for years! Everything said about Moon and Neptune fit me. I knew the weight I had was for boundaries and to keep people out of my life. Last year when there were a cluster of planets transiting Scorpio, Uranus had just stationed direct on my ASC , I decided it was time to lose weight. I had never considered going on a diet before.

I started the 1st of December. I lost 85 pounds. I made it through Christmas without one single cookie. I went from to Interestingly enough, I bought a new car, cleaned out my closets and ofcourse bought a whole new wardrobe: I am happy with where I am at now so this may take awhile to accomplish more weight loss.

Thanks again for all of your work and study and for sharing your knowledge. I was born on 09th October , Could you write me how to set up this graphic? Now I have problems with my weight and I try to lose many kgs pounds but unsuccessfully so far… Your article inspired me very much. LYNN — While this can be calculated using the Solar Fire astrology program, it can also be determined if you understand progressions if you have an ephemeris with the declinations.

Using the declinations, you can see when the progressed Moon goes into Maximum North and South Declination going passed 23 degrees 26 minutes North or South.

While I never give personal readings from my website, I do find that some charts are good examples for teaching my techniques and this is one of them. It will cross 0 degrees in , another turning point aspect. This marks a time when people both enter and leave the life for various reasons. It is a great transitional cycle. When I first visited Poland in , I thought the Polish people were the skinniest people who I had ever seen.

But, after the fall of communism, the bad western foods started coming into this country. That Kit Kat candy bar looked so small — how could it cause so much weight gain! Western junk foods cropped up everywhere as did Gyms and Health Clubs.

The Polish people were no longer skinny! I cannot tell if someone has weight issues by just looking at the horoscope. I cannot tell HOW they are using the energies in the chart. Monika has a lot of Virgo planets — Virgo and Cancer are the food addiction signs. The asteroid, Hygeia, at 13 Gemini, is squaring the Virgo planets. Monika has many planets on the Right or Occidental side of the chart — the needs and emergencies of others come before herself.

Events beyond her control have strongly influenced her life ocidental but above the horizon. When I look at a horoscope, I look for the main issues that, if blocked or frustrated difficult aspects , could cause health issues. In this chart, Mars and Chiron are the main afflictors. Pluto, while not afflicted, represents a theme. With the stellium in the 8th House, there are a lot of Control Issues and fears surrounding being out of control.

Chiron rules wounds and even health issues with which we have to live untile we can transform this area of our life. The transits of Chiron indicate when we need to follow our heart rather than doing what is expected. Mars is very strong and, actually, a positive influence in this chart as it conjucnts the ASC in Capricorn. Eating is a substitute for addressing the anger issues.

Saturn is Retrograde in Taurus in the 3rd House. A blood test is a poor way to determine the thyroid function. Only a low body temperature and a Hormone Saliva Test can show this correctly. Pluto and the 8th House indicate control issues. The more control Monika feels the more the rebellion of the strong Uranus will rebel by being out of control is another area — eating. The good news about the 8th House is that these people can change their bad habits instantly, once they make this decision.

The 8th House is the most obsessive House in the chart the 2nd being the most compulsive. With Neptune in the 10th and Chiron in the 2nd, I feel that they great block and frustration in the life is around fulfilling and meaningful work. Virgo needs to feel truly useful as you can probably tell, I am a Virgo.

It needs work that is fulfilling rather than frustrating. And, the 8th House needs for that is both a passion and an obsession. When I look at this chart, it has strong energies for a healer. Virgo, the 8th House and Capricorn are the medical indicators in the chart.

This type of career would also be very empowering — to Monika and to her patients. Some area of alternative healing would be helpful. There is a need for an outlet for the anger. Mars in Capricorn in the First House are great fighters — not for themselves but for others. Some activity in a politcal arena could be an outlet for Mars, especially while Uranus in Pisces is opposing her Virgo planets.

I drove my local politicians crazy when Uranus squared my Gemini planets but I won my cases each time! There are aspects of transformation in this chart. The transiting Uranus is opposing Virgo. This is an excellent time to rebel against the menial tasks and servitude in the life. Uranus will eat and eat until it makes a radical change in the life. This was no easy venture for me.

The SA Jupiter is also crossing her Neptune as well. The SA Venus is changing signs. This helps us to change.

We tend to change most under the difficult aspects, rarely the easy aspects. I took on the cosmic name and it stems back to the movie Peter Pan and Tinkerbell the fairy was my hero when I was 8 years old, I thought it was wonderful that, when the fairy dust was spread around that peter pan and his friends could fly in the cosmic sky, the fairy dust changed the energy and that is what I do with the work as an acupuncturist.

I fixed myself up, I have a morgage and that kept me moving forward as no money to fall back on, cancerian star sign 13th July What an amazing article.

Thank you so much. I was wondering how long the south moon declination effect usually lasts. My was at the southern-most point OOB in Dec progressed and it was a time of huge change for me — but internal and subtle.

I am now trying to use that strong internal change and let it show on the outside. I have battled ED since my Saturn return and I am now ready for it to change. Could you please speak a bit more about Transpluto and transits to it natally.

I have a Saturn sextile taking place right now. The progressed Moon can stay OOB for about years. I have Solar Fire Astrology program and it calculates the graph for me…so I can see how long. Detailed information on Transpluto is on this website — a chapter from a book that I wrote with Noel Tyl and a summary that I give clients. The summary is best but the chapter is more detailed. I came across your article while looking for astrological research on timing the start of a weight loss program.

I am a registered Nurse working in the intensive care unit and newly appointed treasurer for the Astrology Association of St Petersburg. Medical astrology always has fascinated me and I plan on taking some of your classes. Who knows you may even come to Florida to speak to our membership one of these days? Do not forget that the adrenal supplements need to be taken in waves — 2 weeks on and a week off.

Nurses in Chicago told me this. The body easily become accustomed to adrenal supplements. Then, you would have to stay off for several months before they would start working again. This happened to me.

Thank you for sharing that information as I was not aware that adrenal supplementation had to be taken in wave…. This is a wonderful article. You have identified the phychological aspects of weight gain very well. Many of your are writing asking for help but I do not know exactly what you want me to do. Please tell me this. As a disease of isolation, you cannot do this alone.

I do not find that Over-Eaters Anonymous works. But, there are other weight loss groups. Losing weight requires a major life style change. You can no longer be who you are now and lose weight. If you have trouble walking, at least in the U. My neighbor is doing a hospital program and this has been helpful for her. When she leaves the hospital program and tries to lose on her own, it does not work. She gains weight so she stays with the hospital program. Remember, you cannot do this alone.

I had the support for friends who exercised with me, took me to dance lessons and I began traveling and walking. Also know, there are people around you do not want you to lose weight. They will begin to criticize and judge when you are no longer the same person.

Tune them out or end the relationship. I cannot give you a good date to start a diet. It is not about dieting but eating healthy. No date will work unless you are willing to let the Old Self die! To Rita — menopause has nothing to do with weight loss.

I lost after menopause! It is just more difficult to psychologically change after menopause unless there is some motivation. Actually, I have many friends my age who have lost weight born As I lived a lifetime as a compulsive over-eater, I could never imagine another way.

It was like living in a box, all colored inside with the motion pictures of my life, my environment. One day I lifted up the lid and realized that there was so much more to life than the box in which I had spent my entire life.

I sought the Light and moved out of the Dark, never to return to the box from whence I had come. It is safer to live in fear than to experience life, the unknown. And, it requires all of the courage and faith in yourself and the future that you can muster. If it was an easy decision, we would all be at our goal weight. When the time is right, when the Planets have prepared you, you CAN do it!

Please see my birth chart and tell me what planets are causing the weight gain. In the past I have managed to loose weight easily, but now the weight is just piling on. Planets in Virgo and Cancer are the food addictions signs; afflicted Moon, esp. I think u are right about the emotional and controll issues. How can i rectify the planetary food addictions.

There is little more that I can tell you than what I wrote in It is always about ourselves. The planets only show us what our problems are. People who are over-weight are so because they maintain a lifestyle that supports maintaining the excess weight. Until you decide to change this, little can be done. I keep telling people that you cannot make these changes on your own — you need to find support.

I never found Over-Eaters Anonymous to help me at all. I dont know why i read ur blog but it seemed so appropriate for my alcoholic husband and myself recovered codependant. I cured myself and now he is going through his second relationship in a year since he left me.

He pleaded with me not to go. He has pluto transiting his asc which sextiles his moon and semisextiles my sun, sextiles my chiron. I have chiron return and pluto transiting my vertex when this new lady turned up.

My mars has turned direct by progression last year and challenged his mars sun conjunction in aries. I no longer hide away at home and am now on the stage.

This new lady is very similar to him, like a mirror. It seems problems are coming from all sides these days. As the computer keeps flashing the ever-worsening news, people need a PLAN. The best long-term financial plan you can have is to stay healthy. Over time, good health will save you a fortune, but And membership is FREE!

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