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Before losing weight my testosterone levels were 4. I had to go home to change twice because the bleeding was so heavy. Article last reviewed by Mon 23 April I tried going to a Hair Dresser to ask them what they would recommend? Eat omega-3 foods like salmon, mackerel, tuna, white fish, sardines, egg yolks, walnuts, hemp seeds and natto to reduce inflammation and balance hormones.

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This is a lifetime condition it never goes away. I may beable to reduce the dosage later in life when my hormones are less active but not now. I can never go completely go off without losing my hair. No spoting problems as I was on the pill some women do get that with spironolactone if they are not on the pill.

As far as the sheding goes all hairloss treatments will typially cause a shed thats how you know it is working. Some right away others a month or so it can last a few weeks or several months. But you are only losing the hair sthat are dead and going to fall out in several weeks anyway the hair that is not is dead is well protected and keeps gorwing and then the new stuff comes in.

I have actually had no side effects form my treatments. Better yet I have hair! Sorry Bees I forgot to answer what I thought was causeing the major shed. To be honest as I started all the medications around the same time so it was really hard to tell. However, I think that they all the medications contributed but at differnt times.

The minoidil works the fastest as it is so direct the others like the spirolactione and Diane take a while to get into the system so they were maybe were the trigger at the later phase of my shed. Regardless, for 3 months of pain the result was 10 years of great hair. The shedding was worst for the first 6 -8 weeks then it slowly taper down to a almost nothing by 3. Maybe 20 hairs a day from over that was awesome change for me. Thank you for being so inspirational, open and talking from the heart.

I ordered my Minoxidil today to compliment the vitamins I am taking. With the use of information from you posts I feel like there might be hope for me to grow my hair back!

I have aga and noticed it first thinning in the temples but now its affecting my hairline. Dr Redmond says its normal for women to have this pattern as well as when the hairline is in tact with thinning behind it. My question is does anyone here have my pattern? Does it become so obvious that you have to wear your hair over your forehead.

Also can anyone on this site tell me did taking spiro help decrease the hair loss at least? Please let me know and how long before the shedding slowed?

Hi all, I was diagonsed with AA 7 months ago, damn I was never prepared for this rollercoaster ride that iv been on for the last 7 months. I suppose I should be happy with that huh guys? Sometimes the regrowth I got tends to shed but like 1 or 2, is that normal or does that mean its getting ready to shed?? Plus what man would want to be with a bald woman?

I recently started noticing as I wash my hair, comb it out and run my fingers through it gently I have shedding. I believe that this has been going on for approx. I am 34 with a moderate amount of hair and when I ask others if they think my hair is thinner they can not tell.

I however notice a difference. I have been to dermatologist and family doctor with all labs practically drawn and all normal. I am now taking iron. I have read this site before and took the advice to have a scalp biopsy. I believe that I am in the early process of hair loss.

My biopsy came back with Androgenetic alopecia and TE. No one in my family has female pattern baldness. My parents have a thick head of hair. My grandfather however was bald. I have not started the rogaine due to the scare of increase shedding. I probably could not take Yaz due to past experience of being on it extreme breast tenderness. I recently had my hair cut and my stylist said she would not have known if I did not say anything. I would like to ask if I should start the rogaine and spirolactone at the same time or just one.

If just one which should I start with in your opinion. I am having a hard time accepting the diagnosis as androgenetic alopecia since both my parents have a full head of hair. My dermatologist also stated that it would not be uncommon to take a biopsy elsewhere in the scalp and get a different diagnosis.

Any opinion would be appreciated. I can see that! Trying to figure out what to do. Derm was reluctant about spiro wants to put me on Accutane. Now the doc IS telling me to try Mens rogaine. My biggest concerns about the Rogaine are 1. I might want to have a kid sometime. My GP mentioned spiro as a possibility when she sent me to derm. Do I start the Rogaine and see what happens? Or do I go back to GP and try to get. Genetics are funny that way—not every gene gets expressed in every person: Consider, for example, that an identical twin—who shares the exact same genetic makeup as her twin—might develop genetically linked cancer when her twin does not.

To my knowledge, hairloss—esp. It hasnt gotten wrose but i was laying in bed and i felt it was like growing and i freaked out because I wanted to dye my hair for the new years, do you think it is possible for me still to do so? I am putting cream on it but, it is hard to remember to put it on daily because im so busy with school and work. I was wondering if you have anything that will help me get my hair to regrow because Im very scared. My male derm practically dismissed me. His only suggestion was and almostly flippantly that I get myself some vitamins, namely Biotin.

There was no mention of Rogaine or anything else other than acceptance. I never expected something like this. How much will this thinning progress and how quickly. Hello Bonnie, It is now , Can you give us an update on your hair progress? I have always had thin hair, so does my sister and my Mom they do not have hair loss. It was manageable and always looked fairly decent…if I was having a particularity bad hair day I could always put it up and feel comfortable.

Beginning at age 35 I started to notice a little less hair it seemed like every year. I keep cutting it a bit shorter and just thought it was part of the ageing process. His hair looks great. So there is hope. I will actually consider it and get a part time job if my hair will not grow back. Back to my story so, less hair, less hair year by year.

In late , I had a miscarriage, a break up and extreme stress over it. I was not crash dieting but ended up essentially doing that stress, not eating and lost 20 lbs.

It is significantly noticeable now. The back is thin but covers my scalp. My scalp is covered in the front for the most part but I have to use lots of hairspray so that bald spots do not show. And like one of the girls said…you feel so awful…who is going to date a bald woman?

Actually an old lady in a dept. She said do it during the winter, wear a cap and your hair will come back thicker. I have not been this brave yet!! I think it has helped a bit. How much are we talking about???? I need to find out a cost. So if anyone knows the avg. I wish everyone luck and will keep you all updated on my progress. I will stay positive and hope you all will too. Do most all scalp biopsies come back AA and TE both? Is it worth it? I have noticed increased itching so may switch to foam if that makes it better.

I put it on and let it set, then add nioxin thickening spray and curl gel after. I mostly dry my hair then add mousse and finish and curl with a dryer brush thingy. Then I tease at roots to hide the thinness and spray. Thanks for a great website and for any answers to my questions!

I started losing my hair about 9 months ago. I have lost at least half of my hair. I had a scalp biopsy done and the Dermatologist said I had Female Pattern Baldness with superimposed telogen effluvium.

Can either of those things cause a burning and itchy scalp? This all started around the time I started swimming in our neighborhood community center. Could the chlorine have reacted with with the chemicals from dying my hair? Could I have picked up a fungus that nobody sees? Could just losing excessive amounts of hair for any reason show up as FPB?

I stopped swimming 7 months ago but still having the itchy, burning scalp with lots of hairloss. Please someone help me.

I am not handling this well. I am extremely depressed. My daughter 22 yrs. She has a seizure disorder and is taking Keppra. She had blood work to determine a possible thyroid problem, but results came back normal. Went to a dermatologist only saw physician assistant , said appears to be androgenic alopecia. Blood tests ordered for hormone , came back normal. Just had scalp biopsy, awaiting results in a few days. There are several hundred thousand results. Many most anti-epileptic drugs can cause hair loss.

I went through a shocking loss myself on a few of the drugs. I wish I could help more, but knowledge is power, so if she knows what is causing it, hopefully she can begin to address it. It is heartbreaking to lose your hair I know! I have learned a lot on this site.

Would a little extra hair on the rest of my body be so bad. I might get my eyebrows back. Also any annoying hair growth can be taken off with a laser if needed. I took anti-epileptic drugs for pain. I wish the physicians would have told me they might increase hair loss in my already thin cotton candy hair.

Keep up the good work. I am 28 and was diagnosed with Telogen Effluvium in September. In December I got a second opinion. She did a pull test and confirmed TE. She said she believes it is chronic. At the end of the visit she said there was a possibility that I also have AA. She told me my hair would stop shedding in 6 weeks and after the second shot I should notice baby hairs growing. The shedding got worse and there are no baby hairs. I went to my gyno who performed a bunch of blood tests.

She was very supportive and called in a referral for a second opinion. The second derm is the one who said I may have both. I suffer from OCD and am constantly worrying and dealing with extreme stress. They said this is what has caused the TE. I see a pain psychologist and a therapist. I have been learning meditation techniques and basically doing whatever it takes to calm down. I am currently not medicated for my OCD.

I was on Paxil for it in but did not like it. I took phentermine to lose weight, as I am about 20lbs over weight. My derm said this also could have triggered the hair loss. I have crash dieted many, many times in the past and was a vegetarian for 9 years. I eat fish now and eggs and dairy. My hair has always been fine but not anything like it is now. I am a singer and perform frequently on stage. Well, last Sunday I had a breakdown about my hair. It has been a year and no new baby hairs, only shedding.

Monday I went to the wig shop and bought a wig. Since I always wore my hair up before and used toppek to cover it, some people actually thought it was my real hair and that I chopped it off and got it colored!

I just said thanks. It is so cute and I feel so good about myself. I took a picture and emailed it to my mom and my best friend. They are soooo supportive and think it looks great.

It has cut a ton of time off of my morning routine. My husband is so supportive and thinks I look great! He thinks I look great even with my natural hair, but I think he can tell how happy I am now. So, although my hair may not be growing back yet, I am feeling positive about my situation.

Hang in there everyone! I had a biopsy done and it confirmed TE but the report always says is not conclusive. I have tons of new growth on my head thank the Lord in heaven above. However I have a lot of new hairs fall out. I am going to a specialist in Atlanta and really they have no answer.

I built up a sensitivity to it over time. It started out as itching in my bangs then on my crown then full blown burning, itching, pain, etc…the doctors said it was from TE, no this was more like a wounded feeling. PPD is a black rubber mix and is an irritant to the skin and over time with regular use you build up a sensitivity to it. Well the doctors kept saying stress related 4 doctors chalked it up to stress but the good Lord revealed it to me. After getting my hair dyed in April on my way home a huge clump fell out in my hands then only worsened over time.

I then googled Inflammatory Telogen Efflivium who came up with this name is all I want to know because it is now definitely part of my vocabulary? That was my offender! My hair is jet black by the way, so I was getting the highest concentration of this crap in my hair dye PPD is what gives hair dye color And yes every hair dye uses PPD.

While my shedding has tremendously slowed down my hair is not well. I can only wash my hair with baby shampoo that is absolutely the only thing that does not irritate my scalp. I see baby hairs come out, all kinds of stuff that make you go hmmmmmm. But I do thank the good Lord that He revealed the cause. Just identifying that is half the battle. I just read so many comments on irritated scalps and wanted to share. Because when I asked the doctor if he thought that was it he said I seriously doubt it!!!!!!!

If you read the article on the study I mentioned you will see at the end or beginning that allergic reaction to PPD in hair dye should be added to the text books on possible causes of TE! One other side note, I noticed that my front hair line stayed irritated and red even after all other symptoms had calmed down and I figured out it was my face lotion that I would apply to forehead that was seeping onto my scalp.

Completely stopped applying and that has calmed as well! What PPD does is creates sensitivity to all chemicals. Has this robbed me of a lot of my life and confidence absolutely! What do I do? My precious healthy son and good loyal husband. The list goes on. So I went back to the hair specialist in Atlanta yesterday, Dr. He is very encouraged with my massive new growth and various layers. But my concern is the new hairs that come out.

What I have read on CTE this is a characteristic of it; the telogen continues to affect the assaulted follicle. We all need to start praying that God will let the doctors in on His anatomy and creation and how to fix this. I just went to Dr. Griffin too just a few days ago! I live in Atlanta and was excited to get an appointment with him and am hoping for some changes hair growth!

The front of my hair beyond my hair line is the thinnest but I have lost it all over. I think it has actually slowed down now, at the 6 month mark, but really no regrowth. The worst shedding took place in November and December but now it seems to have leveled off to a normal amount of shedding each day about 50 hairs or so that I can tell.

On the top of my head, I barely see any. He said that the TE probably triggered the AA. I started the topical solution which contains rogaine yesterday morning and noticed how greasy and bad it makes my hair look. I was told to put this on my hair only once per day, vs. Anyone else here put Rogaine on only once a day and at night to avoid the greasy look?

If so, how did it work for you? It seems like once you start Rogaine, that you must stay with it for the rest of your life, which is an awfully big commitment! I kept hoping my hair would grow back over time.

This is all very upsetting! Hi Ann, That is amazing. They are truly caring individuals. Did they do a scalp biopsy? If I were you I would start out using the rogaine at night and wash it out in the morning.

I guess when you go through this for so long you start to not be so scared of trying different things. They are very aggressive there and I like it, but are limited in how they can treat mine due to my allergies. I lose a lot of little hairs so it is hard to tell. They have never diagnosed me AGA; they think it is purely TE that allergies to hair dye triggered just want me to sit tight and wait a year to see what grows back.

Goodness knows I have been to their office enough driving them crazy! But they are always patient and understanding. Maybe even in a year God will enlighten them on what they need to do! I am 6 weeks into the treatment and notice MORE hair loss than ever in the shower or even just running my hand through my hair. Sarah, yes there is a shed that goes along with Minox and even the laser treatment. It is almost a guessing game for them as much as it is for us.

I hope it is a success for you. I have been losing my hair for months now, then the burning, very paiful itchy scalp after about 4 months of hair loss. I have just been diagonosed with low progesteron, high estrogen, low iron it is at 11, should be about It is amazing how they are all interrelated and affect us with some very strange symptoms, which throw Doctors off and they think your an idiot!

This new Doctor suggested that becuase I have fibromyalgia, and sjogrens syndrom-due to high estrogen, that it has inflamed my scalp. So, with the autoimmune disorders, low iron, low progesteron, the hair loss started. My feet and hands also burn as does my vagina. I have been on a progesteron tablet for 5 days now, and have got my period, also, I must say that my vagina is not burning as bad although it has just started again!

Anyways there can be an array of reasons that this happens to our scalp and hair, this is just my story, but maybe it can help you all in that it might make you think of other reasons for the terrible hair loss. It is bad enough going through health issues and when you add hair loss it is such a blow to us all.

Glad I found this web sight. Above, there is a lady who mentioned the burning feet, get your iron and hormones checked just to see, you never know.

The doctor has given me a liquid topical steriod to stop the inflamation on my scalp, it still burns real bad though. My question is does anyone know anything about the burning scalp thing, I am so worried and impatient to have the iron suppliment and progesteron to kick in. Thank you, God bless and keep you strong…. Pesca, I hope you read the comments posted on this page.

However I have severed itching, burning and sore like a bruised sensation on my scalp. It is all I use. I can only use Johnson and Johnson. I also bought over the counter coritsone oinment that came in a bottle that was in liquid form that had a little pad thing at the top where the liquid seeped through by padding it on the spot. I use this when I have a flare up. Now the severity of my pain went on for about a year before it was resolved. And I do have damage.

But you should not use rogaine until your scalp is healthier. If you wanted to do something I would get the laser comb and use it. Also keep your hair dryer on cool like press the cool button while you are blow drying the sensitive areas of your scalp.

This helped a lot. What your symptoms are a lot like is eczema and heat exacerbates the symptoms. Good luck and I wish you the best. I hope things have continued to go well for you. I have a bit of an update. Just in the last week or so, I do believe I see some regrowth!

I am trying hard to remain hopeful and positive but it is SO hard some days. So, needless to say my Dr. AND I am seeing the regrowth I mentioned. Primrose Oil, Iron, Calcium and Lysine every day. I hope that this will help me grow some new, stronger hair. Stay strong ladies…and be your own best advocate! I have learned through this process that you really must be a squeaky wheel, visit multiple doctors and do your research. There is no way you will get your answers without this. My name is Ana and I am 27 years old.

I began to notice my thinning hair about two years ago. Since I always had thin hair at first I did not think much about it.

Although my hair was thin it was always full and my scalp was not visible. A year ago I began consulting a dermatologist who did a biopsy and determined it was alopecia. I consulted a second doctor and he said the same thing and gave me spirnolactone mg. I began taking the spiro for about 5 months, but stopped when I decided to go off birth control. Now my hair seems to be worse! I can see my scalp and when I comb my hair a certain way it is very noticiable.

I am so sad and depressed. Miniaturization in chronic telogen effluvium takes place once the hair is altered by these different factors and it at that point befalls prematurely as well as grows back much thinner. Typically, chronic telogen effluvium hair loss starts two to four months soon after the incident which activated the condition, and lasts about six months.

Brand-new hairs start growing promptly right after the hair drops out, however substantial telogen effluvium regrowth might not be observed for a number of months. Chronic telogen effluvium recovery really depends upon what has actually triggered it. When it comes to temporary TE which may be related to a trigger such as surgical treatment, the very best reaction is to stand by as well as hang around for the hair follicles in order to get back of their own accord.

With regard to prolonged TE , in case the causal factor may be confined, thus the most effective approach for chronic telogen effluvium treatment is actually to take it out. For instance, when stress is literally the issue, stress elimination is simply the long-lasting solution. When a malnutrition shows up on a blood examination, consequently nutritional supplement may do the trick.

A shortage in thyroid hormonal agents may be addressed by using hormonal supplements. Nevertheless, usually a particular causal factor could not be determined. When this holds true, generally there are handful of treatment choices. The majority of skin specialists turn to recommending minoxidil, a straight hair growth stimulant. Minoxidil may perform effectively for certain people having TE, however in case the governing root cause is nonetheless present, then minoxidil has to be carried on to block redevelopment of TE.

By having elimination for the trigger, minoxidil usage may be stopped. Due to the fact that chronic telogen effluvium is actually a reactive process, that deals with spontaneously, treatment option generally is restricted to reassurance. Any kind of reversible reason for hair shedding, including bad diet regimen, iron shortage, hypothyroidism , or even drug usage, must be dealt with.

Even though chronic telogen effluvium is much less likely to fix quickly, reassurance is appropriate for these particular conditions. Frequently, the understanding that the loss of hair will not advance to baldness is reassuring to the sufferer.

The sufferer must be motivated to style the hair in a manner which hides any sort of recognized flaws in hair thickness. Although topical minoxidil is actually not proven to stimulate recovery of hair in chronic telogen effluvium , this particular medication possesses a theoretical advantage and also is effectively tolerated. Sufferers who are willing to take an active part in their treatment method might prefer to apply minoxidil.

However, bear in mind that minoxidil has notorious side-effects when it come to severe hair loss such as chronic telogen effluvium.

You can try other hair treatment such as Har Vokse. In case an unbalanced diet plan is thought for being a contributing variable to telogen effluvium, particularly with an incident of chronic telogen effluvium , consultation with a dietitian might be incredibly valuable.

The dietary consultation must concentrate on sufficient protein consumption, renewing lowered iron depositories, as well as acquiring vital nutrition. In case the sufferer obtains considerable dosages of vitamin A, this method must be stopped. In most cases of chronic telogen effluvium , the sufferer is actually pleased with an explanation for the cause as well as anticipated course of the condition.

In case a sufferer is anxious regarding hair loss, intermittent office visits to get chronic telogen effluvium recovery might be required.

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