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Mix the above seasonings and cream. Any suggestions to make it palatable? You most certainly can have eggs as a replacement. Some of the flavors I am only able to find on Amazon. If you could escape to anywhere, any era, where would you go and why?

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Maxx -In Store Only T. So far I am still losing… Yesterday I had butter coffee for breakfast x2 , a huge salad, grilled fish topped with butter and a large side of squash when I went out for lunch with a friend.

For dinner, I had a serving of Halo Top and about 4 pork rinds. I also drank my water and a Powerade zero. I am down 0. I think we are all different too. For me, I was only losing about 0. This is a big difference for me! I want to remind you that I am not a Keto expert.

I feel as though I am still learning the process. My goal is to share the knowledge I have learned through my own journey in hopes that it helps someone else just starting out! If you want to have more conversations about anything Keto related you can find me in these other areas:. Join our Facebook Closed Group! If you want recipes directly to your inbox, sign up for our email newsletter here! We promise to deliver delicious Keto Friendly meals directly to your inbox!

Just fill out the form below. PS… we never spam, we hate spam! Jennifer, I have a couple of questions. First, I notice you recommend bacon and pork rinds. I am Jewish so this is a no-go for me. What do you recommend instead? Second, can I say have eggs with the beef or beef one meal and eggs the next? I would keep it as simple as possible. The goal of this fasting technique is to restrict carbs and eat the right amount of protein and fats.

You most certainly can have eggs as a replacement. I did keto for about a month last year and lost 20 lbs… but since have seriously slacked and gained that and then some. I need to kick my rear in gear again. You might have to allow your body to work up to it. I would wait until you are fat adapted first. Should be counting your calories everyday. My highest recommendation is that you check out the Keto calculator at ruled. I started this today, so i put everything in my app.

Should women eat less? Following this with one cup of keto Butter coffee puts me at calories. My normal goal is a day. About how long can you do this fast. This experiment really opened my eyes to the amount of fat I consume.

I did this experiment for 4 days. When I finished with this experiment I learned that I need to add way more fats to my diet. I like a variety of food and flavors though. I love steak so I make sure to top it with lots of butter. I also like fish so I add way more oils or butter. The key to this whole experiment is to up your healthy fat intake. Lowering the other ingredients such as dairy or substitute sweeteners keto desserts to my diet was key in jumpstarting my weight loss goals again.

This is how I like to think of it anyway. Was wondering if you happen to know the weight of the ground beef prior to cooking for each serving? I boil beef in bone broth and it stays like chunky JUICY chunks versus frying it up ahead of time I put butter in it then sauteed mushrooms, and raw spinach for addictive soup. The bacon grease gave it added flavor. It was delicious and I am stuffed from my one cup! Do you think it would work the same? At least, this is what I learned during this experiment!

Are you cooking the GB all at one time and then just re-heating and adding butter at the time or re-heating? I cooked a big batch of ground beef at the start of the week and then added butter to it before I served it to myself.

I would reheat portions when I was ready to eat. This was a big timesaver for my busy schedule. It would harden in the refrigerator at the bottom too. Curious if a couple of eggs instead of the coffee in the morning would work as a substitute?

Otherwise, it looks like a winner! Do you think this would work with coconut oil or ghee? I am a bit sensitive to butter. I love it too! This is so great tho! Want to try it! I am starting this today!

Please come back and tell me how it goes for you! It totally inspires me to learn and share more! Note sure what to do about the butter part, I really have the taste of butter. Hoping to cover it up with lots of spices. I think one of my problems has been not enough fat, too. Thank you for all the info.

You are very welcome. You know, I needed easy myself. My youngest just had a surgery and requires a bit more attention on top of my already busy lifestyle. I live for easy nowadays!