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You should be able to go to the elementary school and aske the person in the front or ask to see the speech therapist and ask her for the number to have you child evaluated. Some examples of softer foods to move onto are increasing in difficulty: She will self feed esp. To make it easy for me with both of them, I would encourage tem to count the stairs. While it is true that all children develop a little differently, there is a general path for achieving milestones, and he is on the latter end of that not only with motor skills, but with communication skills too.

What to do if Baby Won’t Eat Table Food

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Through this I know she can successfully chew and swallow the sw potatoes and apples. No gagging at all. The only other success is at snack yesterday, I gave all the kids fruit cocktail. She ate the grapes, cherries, peaches, and pears I left out the pineapple with only a little choking on a hard pear piece. And she mostly just wants the carb things. Hi Alessly, this is an interesting situation. See my Eating Basics in the menu bar for more on this.

Also, I never want to tell a parent to go against their instincts. If you give her the carb things just moderate how much and try to get her interacting with the other food at least. I would also focus on some sensory bins, there is a link in the post above. With this small amount of information it does sound like there is some sensory stuff going on here. I would use this post as a guide and try to implement as much as you can.

Please let me know if you need more help! Actually, I meant see the post Turning My Picky Eater Around, if you hit home now it is the most recent post or you can find it in the article index! Thank you for this post! He eats graham crackers, Cheerios, and sometimes bananas.

I would focus on what he is eating and make small changes, try other types of crackers and dry cereals to start. Also, cut bananas into different shapes and present these preferred foods with other foods that he is refusing. Around this age taste buds really start to develop as well, which is why he may have become more selective. If it persists let me know. As a 12 month old she would eat fingers of cheese spread sandwiches, small pieces of tomato etc by herself but this has stopped flat.

Screams bloody murder if you try to offer her table foods as her meal. Really struggling to get her off jars and back to table foods.

Tried making my own foods with baby pasta and tomato sauce, again screamed the place down. She was tongue tied but this was snipped at 7 weeks. As I say she happily eat snacky foods such as chips, crisps, fries etc and jars but not table foods at meal times. I would slowly mix in some of those homemade varieties to start or at a minimum add some seasonings or olive oil in small amounts to the food she prefers.

I have a feeling she may not be chewing food well. Really try to demonstrate this for her and have her imitate sticking her tongue out and making silly noises with it. It may be weak or not have good coordination. Also, build on what she is eating well, make small changes by buying different brands and flavors of food. Should it be a different type of cup or also a straw cup?

It is okay, I understand. Forgive my late responses- I was on vacation and have back logged! Still give him opportunities to drink through the straw though. The soft spout is fine but the next time you buy one go for a smaller hard shaped variety.

Can you help me. I have been slowly giving him chunkier purée. He can totally eat puffs and Cheerios and baby mum mum cookies with little to no issue.

We have tried some finger foods such as well cooked pasta, super moist baby mestballs. My issue is he cries at a lot if meals: Even with purée he has been known to cry. I notice with the more sokid foods he will try to self feed a few pieces and the rest I offer in a spoon and he eventually cries and is looking for purée. He loves purée as he can continually shovel it in. He had a formula bottle after his breakfast and lunch. Another one at 3 with a snack. Snack is usually some sort of cracker or puff etc with some fruit lately raspberries he likes and will feed himself.

It is okay to keep focusing on puree at his age. It is more important to keep it positive. Slowly introduce and back off when you see his attitude starting to change. I would consider a free early intervention evaluation, just to make sure. Demonstrate with a wide open mouth on how to chew and use your finger to quickly sweep his cheeks out when he pockets the food. Give LOTS of positive reinforcement whenever he does something good no matter how small. I have a 23 month old son that I can not get to eat table food.

He still gets most of his nutrition from stage 2 baby food. He will eat stage 3 sometimes but gags throughout it. I know it is so frustrating. As I talk about in this post it is really hard for some kids to transition to mixed foods, which is what stage 3 is. For the time being I would avoid it and work more on his chewing skills. Keep mealtimes positive and relaxed. See my article index and eating basics in the menu bar for a ton of ideas on this.

I would highly recommend a feeding eval, he may have some underlying issues. Of course, let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks so much for replying. I mentioned my concerns at my sons last well check at 18 months. His pediatrician seems to think things are ok since he can in fact chew really well. We eat at the table for meal time. I make him a plate of what we are eating and get him to sit with it for awhile.

I believe the curiosity is a step forward. Interest in eating is awesome! In the mean time focus on those foods that I talk about in these posts, they will be the easiest for him to eat. You are doing a great job! Oh I have a whole post on that, see the side bar under popular posts or the article index in the menu bar at the top.

It is called Mega list of baby and toddler foods. Think of cooked potatoes, noodles, soft pizza, tortilla shell, fish, etc. Let me know if you need more help! I am just looking for some advice. She was never a picky eater…loved every puree I gave her and is really good with textures from a spoon.

Recently she has largely refused all food from a spoon — even things she always loved. Even things I know she likes like avocado or blueberries. By the way, as clarification.. Sorry, for just responding as I just saw this. It sounds like she wants to be done anyways. I would also avoid toys at the table, I know it works not, but trust me it can turn into a monster.

Try to build off of what she is eating well and slowly build a bridge to new foods. In the article index see in the menu bar see: If this problem has persisted I would also consider an eval, see the article Help for Babies and Toddlers. I hope that helps and let me know if you need anything else! Thank you, this is very helpful.

I have an almost 1 year old, and she used to eat puree like a champ. She tries to put everything in her mouth at once and often I still see the food in her mouth minutes after she puts it in. So, now I sit there and dole out a piece at a time and wait for her to swallow. I have come to dread mealtimes, it takes forever now! I would say there are some red flags here and that your instincts are right. Put food on her gums where she should be chewing. If you are in the states see the article index and look for the post: This will tell you how to get a free in home eval.

If you need any help with this let me know! I just came across your blog when searching for information on this topic. She will eat pretty much any cubed table food we give her, as long as we put it in her mouth. She has a great pincher grasp and will play with the food all day, but she will not bring the food to her mouth by herself.

She even fusses if we put her hand to her mouth. I did some reading and found that a good table food portion size is 1 tbsp per food group at a meal. She was drinking around 32 oz. Should we give her more? Your blog is extremely informative, and any advice you could give is greatly appreciated. Hi Sarah, I would definitely recommend cutting back on her milk wherever you can. It is most likely that she just needs to learn to eat more at meals.

Give her lots of praise when she eats something and try to change up the environment if you can. Have someone else feed her, move her high chair. This will help her get out of her habit of throwing a fit.

See the most recent post: It really is important to trust them in their appetite. This will also teach her that she needs to eat when the food is there. I have been reading your blog since last night and the first thing i went to this morning when my son went down for his nap.

It is so amazing and you give such great advice! We have been having such a difficult time with drinking and eating. My son just turned 1 and has never been a great drinker, from a bottle. He can do it, he just will drink 1 or 2 oz at a time and then stop and push it away and we keep have to encouraging him to drink. Now that he is 1, a whole new problem with sippy cups, or actually the same problem. I wouldnt be so concerned, if he was eating more, but that seems to have also slowed down.

The worst is breakfast. When he wakes up, I give him some time and then offer a 4 oz bottle, he will take maybe 2 oz with encouragement and will not touch any food…today however he wanted nothing to do with drinking out of a bottle or sippy, but did eat some cheerios in milk, that I fed to him.

I am so lost about what to do. Therefore I feel like I need to rely on feeding him a bottle before nap and bed to compensate. I always try to give parents at least one tangible thing they can do, but in this case that is really challenging without more info. Are you in the states? He would qualify for a free feeding eval, and I am available for consults as well- no pressure though.

Email me if you have more questions. Thanks so much for getting back to me. He seems to have the muscle strength and the doc has never mentioned anything abt being tongue tied.

We are supposed to have an eval with EI in a couple weeks. Originally I had called EI, because it was more of a motor skill concern, he is unable to sit up from laying down on his own and not crawling. I understand all kids progress differently in that area, so I wanted to wait until he was 1 to see if there were any changes.

He seems to be reaching for things better while in a sitting position, however if I put him on his belly, he usually just screams until I pick him up. I really try to work with him, but he gets very upset with any tummy time activities.

He is very good with his hands, can stack rings and cups and get a snack out of the little munchkin cup, but the gross motor skill is where he refuses to try. He can also stand and hold onto something every well if I put him in that position, however he will not pull up to get in that position.

Well that is just a little piece of where we are right now with the gross motor skills. Sorry to get off base. He ate a few bites of cheerios in milk and a couple bites of banana that I fed to him on a spoon.

He drank 1 oz laying on a pillow. He has never drank a bottle sitting up. I was going to try rice milk today to see if it is a taste thing? He can also hold up a sippy cup with handles, he just doesnt want to drink from it. I would love to discuss more with you about a consult. Do you think it is the taste of the milk that could be the issue? Glad you are getting an eval- I think it will be helpful for you.

You should get lots of info, plus strategies to get things going in the right direction. Over the past week, my LO has slowly made progress in eating new foods such as bananas and string cheese. Interestingly enough, he does not like to eat cubed pieces of food. Today, I tried offering him several different table foods for lunch: I here you, it sounds like you are on the right track.

Also, really try to demonstrate eating this food and making happy faces. Leave your mouth open so that he can see how you chew it- gross, I know, but it is really helpful for a lot of kids. If you are in the states, see this post, I would get an eval just to be on the safe side. Hi Alisha I am happy to report that we have had some progress. He ate only the whites, while dipping in ketchup and some in chocolate sauce.

I have been consistently presenting that option for dinner for a week now. Most days are okay. One or two days he didnt want any food. He eats a couple pieces himself, then i have to help. Do you have any idea about portion size for a 19 month old. I know this varies ofcourse — each child is wonderfully unique.

But any general guidelines? Is one boiled egg enough for a meal? And he seems to like hummus. How many spoons teaspoons ought to be a good portion size. He doesnt want any after just two or three bites some days. Generally speaking kids need 1 tablespoon of a protein, a carb, and a fruit or veggie at each meal for every year of their age. One egg is more than enough protein, hummus is also a protein.

Does that make sense? Hi Alisha, Thank you so much for your response. I will read up on the articles and links you mentioned. I tried Coco Pops with him and they were a bit of a success. He ate a couple and then chewed and spat out some same thing that he does with other foods. I keep offering the pieces of food, even as I feed him Puree in case he decides to eat.

He will eat anything sweet, but again — things like custard, melted ice-cream etc. Let me read the links and see if I can work things here with my son, and will get back to you. Thank you again Alisha, for all your advice and help! That is good- yes keep giving him food and having him try foods even if he spits them out is progress.

It is ok to use the iPad for now, but ultimately I would try to move away from that. Make sure you check out my post from last night too…. Thanks so much for all of this information. I am having the most difficult time feeding my 20 month old son. He eats two or three pieces of cut up diced food on the good days , otherwise i still have to puree his food. And then if the puree food is to lumpy, he will gag and throw up.

I tried to introduced table food when he turned a year old, and we had so many weeks where he would just gag and throw up. And i backed off, went back to puree foods.

He also lost some weight as a result of the loss of appetite from his meds while recovering from the ear infection. As i mentioned earlier, he will eat maybe three of four diced up small pieced of carrots of potato.

He enjoys grapes and coco puffs — but thats really it. I am loosing my mind. Your advice would be valuable! Hi rp- are you in the states? I have a lot of helpful info on here, but I would recommend getting him a feeding eval. Your state is required to offer a free early intervention program for such issues. I can help you more with that. I am also available for consults- see the top menu bar.

It sounds like there are some underlying issues going on, which I see very commonly- so you are not alone! Take it slow and try to give him scrunchy foods that melt right away. He has to get use to textures and chewing slowly.

Keep things as positive as possible. Please let me know if I can help anymore! Oh, there is also an article index in the top menu as well. That will help you to get started. Hi Alisha, This is very helpful. Any advice would be great. Yes, this is very typical. Try to focus on some drier food for him to pick up on his own.

You can also hold up the piece of food for him to grab one at a time, which will really help with his pincer grasp. Keep trying he will get there! Let me know how it goes! So glad to have found this blog! I have an 11 month old that we started on Gerber puffs and then on to some other table foods, including squishy ones… But she seems to have back-tracked and now gags regularly when eating.

I think we moved too quickly into other textures. I will try some of your suggestions and see if we can get back on track.

Candice- keep me posted! There is a lot of information so take your time and let me know if I can be of any other help! Thanks for the ideas in this blog. I have a 13 month old that will eat yogurt and any puff, cracker, creal bar, cookie etc. She will eat stage 3 foods with pasta in them but will not touch it stand-alone.

I have noticed that she is inclined to play with the food more if she thinks we are not watching her at all…. Yes, it is typical! Try to eat together as a family and not to make her the center of the meal, sometimes that adds pressure and that may be why she does some things while your not looking. Good luck and let me know how it is going! Alisha, thanks for your response! Looking back at my question, I was probably less than clear. Things he will eat: He will occasionally eat cut up adult food, such as diced meatballs or apples, but this is relatively rare.

He often refuses to put pieces of things into his mouth, and if he allows us to put something into his mouth, it often comes back out. We have tried all kinds of different foods served this way with little success. He is able to chew most foods with his gums.

To get him to eat more table foods, build off of what he is already eating. Try other flavors of cheerios, other brands of pretzels. Try other toppings on bread like hummus or cream cheese. We had a huge breakthrough this weekend — he ate a whole meal by himself! White beans, diced roasted squash, and a whole wheat apple mini muffin.

I am so thankful to have found this blog. We continue to offer him pieces of food, usually at the beginning of each meal, but so far he has shown very little interest except cheerios! Do you have any advice for guiding him towards self-feeding? Since, he is still on purees try giving him a small bowl while you are feeding him with his own food.

Then, dip his hand into the puree and take it to his mouth. This may seem a little foreign to him, so keep trying if he is a little reluctant. Once he gets the hang of that, then start to take his hand to the cheerios. Also, try modeling it for him. Great to read your suggestions! Maybe I just need to keep trying over 12 times and at every meal like you suggested.

Yes, Megan, keep trying! This will help him start to branch out a little more. Sometimes, babes go through that phase of throwing everything on the floor. He will get the hang of it! Thank you for this blog! I just found you the other day and you have some great posts! I was especially excited to see the Part 2 of this post today and am looking forward to trying some of your tips with my son.

He is 17 months and does good with certain table foods. Thank you so much! I see the avoidance of squishy textures all the time. Another tip, break it down, and give those things mixed in with other foods. For instance, warm up pasta salad and put small pieces of cheese in it… that is if he eats noodles.

But, the idea is to mix it in with things he likes, slowly! He not into the noodles yet, but he likes the little star shaped pasta mixed with mixed veggie stage 3 baby food, as long as I feed it to him. Maybe I can try this idea with that. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Get a cache of surprise printables that you can use to start helping your child right now! Encourage your baby to feed themselves these finger foods, but certainly give help as needed. If they are eating these types of food well, it is time to move onto some softer foods that require a little more chewing, as we talked about in part 1 of this series.

Keep in mind that babies need to eat actually very little and a tablespoon or two of finger foods may be plenty for them. The best way to present most of these foods is in a small cube shape. This will make it easier for them to pick up and control the size of the bites they are eating.

Babies will often choke as they are learning to eat, it is normal, but we can minimize risk by giving them smaller pieces until they are ready to manage more.

Puffs have next to no calories. Many parents find this to be a challenging time. Hot dogs, grapes, and marshmallows can be cut into small pieces.

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