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Tuesday March 1, I went to delete the item and had an email saying my order had been received and was processing,. Wednesday March 2, QVC has multiple returns addresses depending on the merchandise you are returning. This happens 5 times in your life, according to a new survey. It would not stay in place, it kept turning around and sit on the back side of my wrist. Thursday June 16,


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In the end, they made the decision to update their return policy. On the other end of the spectrum, some retailers are now tracking people who may be abusing their return system. And they are teaming up - if you return too much at one store, another may refuse to honor your returns. So - how do other retailers stack up in their return policies? For this article, we've researched and spoken to a lot of retailers and documented their return policies.

As we approach the holiday buying season, consumers will be purchasing a lot of speculative gifts - in other words, gifts one hopes will be appreciated. Let's face it, though - we all miss the mark occasionally, so make certain you are buying from a store with a great refund and exchange policy.

The other end of the return spectrum is the Final Sale, No Returns. This is for items that are on clearance and need to be sold permanently. Sometimes you can complain to customer service and get a return exception , especially if you vent on social media! Many items fitting in this category are in Clearance sections or clearly marked as such, often with prices ending in certain digits. Listed below are the posted return policies of major US stores.

Keep in mind that some stores have different policies for in store vs online purchases. Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta, and Banana Republic sell some items that are marked "mail only", which can only be returned in store. They pay for return shipping though.

Check your stores website first. Apple — 14 calendar days from date of purchase, no restocking charge. Must return to a local store. Excludes opened software, electronic software downloads, software updates, Gift Card, Developer products, Apple Print Products. Wireless carriers have their own service cancellation policies. Holiday - Items purchased at the Apple Online Store that are received between November 15, and December 25, , may be returned through January 8, Best Buy — 15 days from date of purchase, no restocking charge.

They do utilize a 3rd party return tracking service, see below so your return can be denied if you have returned too many items. Customers with Elite status get 30 days for returns, Elite Plus gets 45 day returns. You have to pay shipping when returning items, better yet, return them to a local store.

Items purchased with a third-party contract like Mobile Phone carrier contracts and DirecTV and Geek Squad Protection service plans cannot be returned. A 15 percent restocking fee applies to opened notebook computers, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, radar detectors, GPS navigation and in-car video systems.

A 25 percent restocking fee applies on special order products, like appliances. Frys - Varies depending on product category, but most items are covered for 30 days. Amazon - 30 days from purchase date, but you must pay for return shipping unless your return is the result of Amazon's error.

Claims for missing items or items damaged in transit must be received within two business days of receipt of merchandise. Returned items must be in new condition in original box with intact UPC. Final sale, non returnable: Unwrapped TVs, combos and monitors 37" and larger, opened computers and software, software downloads, unwrapped consumables, build to order computers, special orders, submerged underwater equipment, unwrapped educational tapes and books..

Costco — Offers unlimited full refund guarantee for every product they sell. No special holiday policy. Dell - offers a 21 day return policy for all products unless damaged. Opened software is not returnable. HP - offers a 21 day return policy for all products unless damaged. Return shipping is FREE. Lenovo Outlet gives a shorter 14 days with the same restocking. Defective items, Unopened items and the wrong item are not subject to restocking fee.

They have no special holiday return policy. You can even get your membership fee refunded, if you are not satisfied. Sears - has a very complex return policy and every product category has different time requirements. All products must be returned in original packaging and you must provide your receipt. Items sold by third party sellers, floor care equipment, vacuums, major home appliances, sewing machines, water treatment, plumbing, heating equipment, mattresses and items with return policy period less than 30 days are not covered by the extended Holiday Return Policy.

Terms of standard policy including, but not limited to, non-returnable items, restocking fee, original packaging, etc. Staples - Staples is unique in that they sometimes accept returns from their competitors, as long as the item is in it's original packaging. It is up to the manager to approve it. Most of their products carry a 30 day refund guarantee, but electronics is limited to 14 days.

Your purchase must be returned in salable condition with the original packaging, including Universal Product Code UPC , manuals, parts and your receipt or packing slip. Holiday - Any electronic or furniture product, which usually falls within the day return policy, purchased between November 20, and December 24, may be returned until January 15, or as regular policy allows, whichever is later. All other terms and conditions of the returns policy apply. If you no longer have your receipt and we cannot locate your transaction information, your return is eligible only for an in-store credit for the lowest selling price within the previous 30 days in our U.

A valid government identification is required for all returns made without a receipt. Target — Target offers a 30 day full refund on computers laptops, eReaders , tablets , cameras, game consoles, GPS , etc. All other items are generally covered by a 90 day full refund guarantee.

Cell phones have 14 days. Red card owners get an additional 30 days on most purchases. Toys R us - Toy R us offers a 90 day full refund guarantee on all items. Office Depot - Office depot offers an unlimited full refund guarantee on branded products, but only a 14 day refund guarantee on computers and electronics.

Walmart - Like Sears, Walmart has a different refund guarantee based on product category. Most items, however, can be returned within 90 days of purchase date. Consumer electronics and air beds have 15 days. Nordstrom — Nordstroms offers a no time-limit refund or exchange. Free shipping and returns. Nordstrom Rack is limited to 30 days from date of purchase. No special holiday timeline policy. Macy's — Don't love it? You've got a whole year to bring it back. Products must be returned in original packaging and you must have your original receipt.

Merchandise Return Label with a barcode to each item. Other departments have their own policy. Kohls - Return any item, anytime, for any reason. They'll give you a refund, an exchange or merchandise credit. They can even swipe your credit card to look up your receipt. Lands' End - Unconditional Guaranteed Period, anytime, any reason, even personalized items. LL Bean — LL Bean was a famous refund guarantee - there is no time limit, and they accept damaged merchandise as well. Return those boots from the 90's and get a new pair.

But then people abused this and it changed in to just 1 year. After one year, we will consider any items for return that are defective due to materials or craftsmanship.

QVC — QVC allows you to send back the merchandise within 30 days of the date you received the package for an exchange or a refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping and handling and Q Return Label fees. Ross - Ross offers a full 30 day refund guarantee on merchandise that has not been used, worn, or altered.

You must provide the original receipt. Merchandise returns with a receipt older than 30 days will be exchanged or credited with store credit. TJ Maxx - TJ Maxx offers a 30 day refund guarantee on most items, but is unique in that it prints the specific return policy on your receipt for the item you purchased.

Purchases made between October 16th - December 24th may be returned through January 23rd, Zappos - Zappos offers a full year to return your purchases.

The items must be in original unopened packaging, and not used or worn. They offer free return shipping - simply log into your account and print out a return shipping label. If someone bought you a gift on Zapposc. Zappos will exchange out your gift for something else on the site. Express , Bloomingdale's , and Macys. All three require special occasion themed dresses to be returned with tags attached. Most items sold on Amazon. Items shipped from sellers other than Amazon. Bed Bath Beyond — Bed, Bath, and Beyond features a no time limit full refund, with receipt or credit card used required.

They will adjust prices on items any time and will apply a coupon post sale. Same policy at sister stores: Costco — Most items purchased from Costco can be returned at any time as long as you have a current membership. For instance, if you buy a mattress and find it uncomfortable after a year of use, you can return it - no questions asked.

Home Depot — Home Depot accepts all returns within 90 days of the date of purchase. If you have misplaced your receipt, they can look up your purchase with your credit card number.

Lowes - Similar to Home Depot, Lowes accepts all returns within 90 days of the date of purchase. If you don't your receipt, they can also look up your purchase with your credit card number. For holiday check above. I am so happy you loved it! That is strange about the ranking. I prefer a more mild cheese as my main cheese, but it balanced perfectly when I added some baked chicken with BBQ sauce.

This is so versatile, though, that I know I can use any cheeses to get the taste I want. For those who have extra water, mine looks like that any time I do a pasta or grain. Just give it a stir and all the water seeps into the pasta.

It does not specify in the directions to drain off the water after the pasta has cooked and pressure is released. Can you let me know if that is correct? I used a medium cheddar, Edam, mozzarella blend, as well as Parmesan.

I also used lactose free skim milk. This recipe is fantastic! I made it for the first time in my Instant Pot. I also added about one extra ounce of evaporated milk. I will definitely make this again. I just made this and it is so good! Super easy, so creamy and cheesy! It really only took 10 minutes and my teenage son loved it. I will be making a double batch for my next pot luck! I have no idea what I did wrong but I followed the instructions to the dime.

First time using the instant pot after a proper dry run. Too much water for the amount of pasta. I had to drain. Way too liquidy with a can of milk too. What did I do wrong? The recipe calls for 16oz of pasta and my bags of pasta were only 12 oz. So, I had to use 4 oz out of another bag thank goodness I happened to buy two! Only my second time using my Instant Pot. When I released the pressure, it was great until it started shooting out starchy white liquid.

I was a bit skeptical because of how easy this recipe looks. Not only delicious but fast and super easy! Never making the boxed versions again — this took same time as boxed! I just made this and it is fantastic!! For part of the sharp cheddar, I used Tillamook vintage extra sharp cheddar cheese. It was sooooo good! My family loved it, everyone had seconds. Sadly there was maybe a cup of leftovers….. It makes a good sized pot of macaroni and cheese. It was super easy.

If you are trying to make a hearty meal in a hurry, this is it. I served it with a bag of chopped salad and salmon patties. The pasta was not cooked at 4 minutes and watery. Added the milk and cheese and it was just watery and stringy. Sorry to hear you had trouble with this recipe. I would love to try to help and trouble shoot what went wrong.

What type of pasta did you use? What pressure was your IP set on? Did you use reduced fat or pre-shredded cheese? If you use reduced fat or pre shredded cheese it will be stringy because of the coatings used to keep the shreds from sticking together. What size pot did you use? So I was distracted thank my son for that and I put all of the ingredients in at once.

Do you think it will turn out? Tonight will be my 4th time making it. Rich enough that we only eat one serving and have plenty leftover and it reheats in the microwave amazingly well. Last week I put a portion of it in a ceramic pie plate, covered it with buttered Ritz crackers and broiled them to brown.

Did I interpret the recipe wrong? Could you clarify how many cups of pasta should be used? I think other commenters with watery pasta may be having the same issue as me. Is 16 oz supposed to be weight instead? Yes, it is weight.

It is hard to give cup measurements with the different sized noodles. This recipe was fantastic!! It was my first time using the Instant pot and this mac and cheese dish was not only easy but quick and delicious! I love cheese, and this was just too much. Super stringy, with no flavor. There has to be better recipes for Instant Pot Mac and Cheese. Did you shred your own cheese or use pre shredded bagged cheese?

You can always add in some sharper cheese if you feel like it was lacking flavor. I hope that helps! Made it today and my family loves it!!! This recipe is approved by my 2. No need to strain!!! I really wanted to like this recipe. And there were so many positive reviews. Putting butter in a pressure cooker is a no-no. Try using a little olive oil instead — you should always use a little oil every time you use your pressure cooker to keep the valve from getting clogged.

My manual specifically states this. You can then add the butter after cooking. Even after draining the water and adding more butter to make up for the loss in the draining process, it was still way too watery.

Adding the evap milk just made it even more soupy. My pasta did not cook all the way in 4 minutes. I purchased Rotini because it looked the most similar to what was in the photo. My cheese seized up. I used the same exact cheeses the recipe called for. I grated the cheese myself even though I usually only buy the shredded stuff. None of it would stick to the pasta. Nothing about this recipe worked for me. It was frustrating wasting all of those ingredients.

I spent, in total, approximately 40 minutes trying to make this mac-and-cheese work before chucking the whole thing. This recipe is intended for an Instant Pot, so I cannot say if the troubles were caused by using a different type of pressure cooker. I recommend next time if pasta is undercooked, to re-seal your pressure cooker, and cook for a minute or 2 longer instead of using the saute. Does your cheese seize up with you put it in a pot with noodle on the stovetop?

I do believe, as others have mentioned in the comments, the little bit of extra water does help create the cheesy sauce you were desiring.

After you stir it all together, and let it sit for a couple mins, everything comes together nicely.

Returning an Item