Carb Cycling: The Turbo Cycle

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Today i standing on kg on my ,5 cm and im so depressed that i dont know where to start anymore, What i need to know is: And as with the other cycles, you can stay with the Turbo Cycle as long as you want, or you can change cycles at any time. How it works "The MultiAir system is elegantly simple. I am unsure how to count these. Thank you so much you have my buissnes from now on! Have you tried PB2 powdered peanut butter?

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Try Steak 'n Shake steakburgers, fries, and milkshakes for less with Steak 'n Shake printable coupons and special deals. Steak 'n Shake Printable Coupons. Get New Steak 'n Shake Offers. I will absolutely be purchasing more. December 19th, by william b. I would lilike to say thanks for having that help area and not just selling me the part.

December 19th, by Matthew S. I bought about a year ago after it had sat for 7 years to use as a farm pickup. I wanted to "use it" to haul bales, cows, ECT without burning it up and luckily stumbled across this site while searching overheating problems for 6.

All parts work great, went on easily, and made a very noticeable difference. Tech support was very savvy and courteous. Cooling upgrade took some modifications but works well.

Looking to do injectors and glow plugs at some point. December 19th, by Don C. Waited 'till now to review to be sure problem was solved. Installed easily and haven't had a single symptom since. Was leery of making purchase as my symptoms were not all that typical. Truck would occasionally "hiccup" at highway speed or suddenly accelerate briefly scarey at highway speeds. Always started easily and had good power and never "shut down" as typical bad PMD symptoms.

December 19th, by Brian C. Glow plugs and controller Rating: Truck was hard starting in the cold. Installed new glow plugs and controller over the weekend.

Parked truck at airport for two days - sat in degree weather, got in and truck fired up like it was 90 degrees out. Awesome - should have done this along time okay. No more plugging it in all night or worrying if it will start after sitting outside all day. September 28th, by thomas s. Part by part, ssdiesel brought this thing back to life. Intake and exhaust came for a little fun but didn't wake her up until heat sync and 9 arrived.

Those parts created a noticeable difference in pickup on both the bottom end and extended her legs on the top. The IP was last to this point with an abrupt failure in the driveway, and after 1 email it was on its way. The IP arrived to Cali faster than expected I'm cheap and went in and started without issue. The combination of these parts along with the staffs knowledge, professionalism, and ability solve any issue will and does keep me coming back.

I have a new computer and 80hp chip on order and due to me in about a week. I have no doubts it will perform as claimed and my satisfaction will grow that much more.

September 9th, by scott f. September 9th, by wayne c. I luckily found this web site and got the pmd heat sink and it made me happy with the truck again. I will be buying more of your products in the future because i got the truck for a project to begin with.

July 10th, by Curt L. It has been an interesting project and the guys and girls at SS Diesel are top notch. Their advice and technical knowledge on the 6. Every item I purchased from them helped me to solve a specific problem and thanks to them, I can consider this project complete.

When I have other issues come up, I won't even think of looking anywhere else. July 9th, by Matt F. All my products from ss diesel Rating: I have a dually. I started with the 4 inch right off the get go and noticed a nice increase in flow along with the cold air intake. I have replaced my injectors to marine injectors and also the glow plugs.

My truck was running hot so I replaced thermostat, got the severe duty fan, and a new radiator. She runs cool as ever now. My last purchase was an injection pump. It was a little tricky and confusing to put on, but walt walked me through it and it was a huge improvement. I got to admit I was a little upset when I got charged for a little piece of plastic that was broke off my core, resulting in half the refund back, but in the end walt made it right.

I would recommend ss diesel to anyone with the 6. THey are the professionals when it comes to the 6. May 27th, by Wayne F. Everything I purchased from SSD has made a noticeable difference in power gain. Impressive gains to say the least. April 7th, by Mitchell Product: Even picked up a few extra MPG's. March 7th, by juan Product: Anyway this store is nice, they have all the parts I need so I won't buy from anywhere else.. I'll write an update on how my truck runs when I get the parts.

February 24th, by Timothy H. Before in the summer time, coming up Lookout Mt. After upgrade, I come across Monteagle Mt. Tenn in the middle of August with degrees registering on a temp gauge sticking in the dash vent, hauling a 14 ton piece of equipment on a 20 ton fifth-wheel trailer. Unbelievable, there is nothing on this site that I would not believe in. February 21st, by Todd D. Cold air intake and Haynes diesel book Rating: Shipping was right on the money it was on time..

I plan on making ssd my 1 supplier I won't go anywhere else thanks!! December 23rd, by Bily W. December 12th, by Billy W. November 26th, by eugene g. September 27th, by Ryan B. September 11th, by nathan k. I plan on purchasing parts soon. Customer service like this is rare to find.

Well made and it woke the turbo up. July 13th, by Roman Product: The product is fantastic and shipping was very fast.

My son is impressed with the air intake I purchased and has installed your advertising decal on his truck!! Kudos to you and the staff!! We were upgrading the entire vehicle, especially the cooling system components, for use in part, as a Make-a-Wish vehicle, for kids with Cancer. I was referred to Tad in technical support.

Tad was extremely helpful in clarifying some product questions. Annette assisted me repeatedly, in the customer service department. She made sure my shipping was handled in a manner that saved me on shipping also. I can't say enough good things about my first time experience with SSDiesel! June 22nd, by Adam B. Place the order thursday morning and it arrived fri afternoon thats quick.

Fan arrived in good shape and i hope it makes towing a little easier on the old 6. June 20th, by Linda S. Thanks so much for your patience with me and expert advice.

June 17th, by bobbi Product: Bunch of Parts Rating: We have been going thru alot of money n stress getting his truck fixed and Having this issue come up didnt make it easier, But the awesome and amazing customer service at ss diesel Has made us a customer for life!!!

May 26th, by eric g. May 26th, by Max K. Should have done it a long time ago. I'll hit you up when it's time for exhaust. May 21st, by Max Product: Click for more official photos or Click here to discuss on the Forum. Only 99 cars will be produced. View Here and discuss it Here.

B7 Bi-Turbo Photos 1. D3 Bi-Turbo Photos 1. B3 S Bi-Turbo coupe Photos 1. General Stand Photos Photos 1. Click here for our GT3 Oschersleben coverage. After a disappointing 16th in the first race, they stormed back with 6th in the second race.

Click here for our coverage. Despite Adria being a small track with lots of corners the Factory car finished 7th in the first race and 11th in the second one.

The Factory car finished 8th in the first race and 7th in the second one. B7 Bi-Turbo Photos 1 Slides. D3 Bi-Turbo Photos 1 Slides.