NutriSystem Leaves a Bad Taste in Many Mouths

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NutriSystem commercial mistake...?
Then there was still the money issue. Key business levers such as length of stay, average selling price and revenue per customer are continuing to grow year-over-year. I doubt celebrities shop at Lazy Boy or Ashley. I was feeling great! Daily calorie amounts vary from to , and each days food consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks. This allows you to view all meals and options before joining. I needed calories a day to achieve my desired weight loss goal of 30 lbs.

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Then you can pocket half the cash to go and load up again when you get off the diet. Your donations pay for the CIH Forum hosting and software. I absolutely hate these damn commercials advertising "Nutrisystem".

They go on and on about weight loss, the commercial seems like its five-minutes long. I didnt know I couldnt already do that!

I must be living under a rock. What probably pisses me off most is that it gets shown so damn frequently. Some commercials its like you see it every commercial break and sometimes twice per break! Its like they're shoving Nutrisystem down your throat and with 30 types of commercials with 60 actors. They even have Larry the Cable Guy in one of them now!

I dont dislike him, but these commercials are getting ridiculous. Yeah, I hate those ads. A bunch of crappola food you have to pay to get delivered, fad diet. How about the one with that sports "babe" from tv, what's up with her lines How many girls can do that? Whatever, shaddup and go back to your fad diet fake delivery junk, Miss So Different. I'm gonna get mine right away!! Someone I work with is on MetLife?

All of the food is powdered. The thought of mixing up powdered scrambled eggs, I just find revolting. MetLife is my life insurance company From what I've seen of the Nutrisystem ads, the people following the diet lost brain cells as well as fat. Could have been MetRx, too. I think that's all powder. Get a quick 14 minute workout using the unique Max interval exercise machine.

This device is by far the most effective of its kind. It makes it so that anyone can exercise their abs anywhere and anytime. See clearer instantly day or night.

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