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But I now weigh and I haven't been able to lose the weight even though I've been training and working out. It was the best plan ever. Been life time for the last 10 years and have gained back everything and lost motivation in the process….. Thank you so much!!! I need that weekly check-in to stay conscious and on track. What is the difference in the points plus and the OLD weight watchers plan??


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I guess because I now need a calculator to figure out points when I was able to do it in my head. On points plus I have gone over the old points number a point or 2 each day but stayed within my points plus number. I know that WW has tried to incorporate the newest nutritional information into this new program but they also have a profit motive in getting new and older members into the meetings and also in selling new materials and kits.

Having done the new program for the last 3 days I have to tell you it is almost essential that you purchase the new points calculator and perhaps the new complete food companion. Most of the foods I eat just are not covered in the free materials. I guess we will see if in the long run it works. I have to wonder, after 3 days of doing it the new way, if in a year or 2 we will be back to doing it the old way in some renamed new plan.

So excited about the new program. My first meeting is today! Please sign me up for the online support group — that sounds great! Where do you buy the new kit for that price?

I have looked online and they are like dollars. I found your site by searching for the new WW info, excellent review. I just recieved my new package on yesterday and it is soooo exciting. Way to go WW buddies!

I have done WW in the past, but all the enthusiasm about the new program has convinced me to try it again! Hello Danica, I appreciate your comments and enthusiasm regarding the new WW plan. Last evening I attended my regular meeting and I must admit it was the most quiet our group has ever been, just trying to listen and grasp the new concepts as our leader discussed them. I just typed in WW new plan in my search and stumbled onto your webpage and it is wonderful.

Explained so much more and the comments from friends has helped a great deal. I reached my goal and will work hard to maintain it for life! But I am confused about how I can get my daily points target.

On the old plan, it was I am not into going to back to a meeting right now and I do not subscribe to etools I am a Lifetime Member and the third option is to use my points calculator to calculate the daily points target seems to be the best bet for me, but how can I figure out my daily points target using my points calculator??? Thanks for this post! I love the information you posted and looking forward to the new program!

I have a points calculator from the most recent before this program change will i need to purchase a new one or is it the same one? Love to join , lifetime WW member.. But like even the idea of more than 18 per day and fresh fruit 0 Yeah!!! I heard that the old points calculator is obsolete now and you need to buy a new one! I guess to be successful, one needs to make an investment! Looks like the kit with free calculator may be the way to go!

Glad some people are interested in the new program. On the plus side, I found a formula online evidently the points plus system has been in place in Europe for a few years under a different name:. Yesterday, I was able to call WW number to ask a Q about the new electronic calculators. Is anyone else having similar problems?

Will make the transition easier to manage with an entire group of WWs along side! The new points system sounds very exciting — free fruit! I bought the books and all that good stuff. It didnt break me but it was excpensive. So now if I want new books I have to pay for them. I do have an i phone so I have the app.

I am almost a lifetime member. Im not sure if I like the new plan. I just found your blog and I love it!!! I think it totally worth 30 something but after getting it home 55 seemed outrageous for it. But I am loving the new program, I ate my normal breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt this morning, and while I usually ad a fruit to it. This morning tough I added strawberries, raspberries and a banana!!

Loving the zero point fruit!! I would like to join the support group. I was confused by the new program at first, but I have the hang of it now, I hope. I would love to be a part of the support group. This would hopefully prevent that. And these are the only two ways that I can calculate points now because there is no free slider.

I would be fine with the new program if there was a slider or free app. Laura, I would try to talk to your leader about the situation, sometimes they can be helpful. Also, once the big excitement of the new program is over, I wouldnt be surprised if they started having free ways to figure out points- and we all know a pirated version will be online very soon.

Not that I support trademark infrigement! Every couple years this happens. After I lost my weight on winning points? Thank you so much for all this info! I entered in the nutrition info for a Special K Protein Meal bar and the new points value is 5 was 3 — I entered in the same nutrition info but lowered the protein and the points actually went down — I thought protein would lower points, not increase them.

Went to a WW Mtg. Very excited about the new PointsPlus Plan. Please sign me up for your WW Support Group. You have such a nice your site here. I love the idea of your blog and support group! Also being an on the go mom, it made it very difficult to stay on the program. I would also love to see ideas shared. As a single parent I can no longer afford to attend meetings…that 39 a month is a huge expense for me…one that can go to utilies, groceries, etc.

I could use a support group outside of weight watchers where I can get the support and encouragement that I need to stay on track.

I would also like to join your support group. Any help available to stay on the wagon would be greatly appreciated. Please sign me up! One more thing-I would like a section where people attending meeting might give a summary of what the weekly meeting was about.. This would be a lot of fun for those of us who cannot attend meetings. I am 71 joined ww in , lost 72 lbs, became a receptionist, then a leader for 6 years.

Became ill and could not exercise for a long period, gained 40 lbs and am back. It is much harder, but I am determined to lose 28 lbs which would put me at my goal weight. Just discovered your site. I am getting motivated again about losing the weight. Would love to be part of the support group!!! Thank you for all your hard work on this site. I would like to be part of the WW support group.

Been a lifetime on and off for years. A new program will be difficult to learn — but maybe motivational at the same time? Going to meeting tonite. Thanx for sharing that prices will go UP in January. Am a lifetime member, but 10 pounds from my goal weight. Please add me to your group for motivation to get to goal and stay there! What a great explanation of the new program. I am a new WW user and was just getting the hang of it when they changed the guidelines.

I would love to be included in your group. Danica thank you for such a complete run down of the new program! It sounds like some awesome changes were made! Thanks for the info Danica! Your info and excitement about the new program sent me running back to WW to join in!! Please add me to the WW Support Group!!! Any advice or tips for new members would be fabulous!! Add me to the group! I would love to join the support group…one question I have is where did you get that deluxe kit?

On Weight Watchers site it is I am also very interested and want to be included please. Total frustration for me! I want to join in Jan, and want to prepare for success! Any and all help appreciated—I have a large amount to lose and plan on succeeding. I did it once before and WILL do it again…. I am really excited about the new program. And I love being able to grab an apple or some grapes for a snack. Since I am doing the program on-line I would love to become a part of this support group.

I am definitely looking for a positive, upbeat experience and I believe this is the place to find it! I started Wednesday with the new program — I would love to be included in the support group!

Would love to join the group. I have anxiety about switching over! I feel overwhelmed that I need to recalculate everything. I dont know what to look for while shopping. I was in a rut for a while and i am loving points plus. What is has done is get me re-focused. I would suggest that everyone get the points calculator. I use e-tools and my i-pod but have found so often this week whenn looking for point values I had to either get my i-pod or go on the computer. Would love to see recipes on the group site especially since I am not a cook,.

Thank you for sharing this info! Wow…what an amazing group of people…. I can tell this will be my place to go and learn and shar.

I found this fantastic website off of a Yahoo news story when they quoted Danica. I have been maintaining lifetime goal for two years, and still attend weekly meetings. I do not subscribe to e-tools, use a 3 month written tracker, and have not had to pay since i am staying at goal. The materials were free and complete. The minimum daily is 29 for everyone — and if you are lifetime and maintaining — add 6 — to a daily target of See if that helps maintain — adjust accordingly.

The weekly allowance points are now 49 for everybody. Free fruit is wonderful! I was resistant to change also — but one can always find fault from a resistant point of view — I decided to accept the change as a booster to the mediocre set in, roll up my sleeves.

Fits my lifestyle better than any in the past. If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to ask yourself what you are willing to do — the resistance can become just another excuse to delay that success. I was on maintance for 9 years and lost 65 pnds on the old point plan and kept my weight off till I got layed off over a year ago there went my routiine and then starting putting weight back on.

Love going to the meetings and seeing the other members suggestions. I also would like to be part of the suport group love your site. I just started Weight Watchers yesterday and feel a little overwhelmed. I was browsing for information online and came across your site.

It is so wonderful!! If possible, I would like to be part of your WW support site as well. Thank you for your terrific blog!! Is there something we have to do other than comment here, to do so? I would love to participate. I recently became a life time member, and this would be the spark to keep me going. Add me to your group please. I did ww on line for a year and lost 20lbs.

Went off and gained it all back plus, been doing a medically weightloss program for the past 7 weeks and have lost 24 lbs, but it is way expensive, and with the new point system, I am excited, because I have low blood sugar and had problems staying on point before. I would like to join the support group too! I did WW in the past and loved it. Yikes pregnancy sure does a number on your body! I lost 20 pounds ending 1 year ago on Weight Watchers.

Have recently last 5 months put 10 pounds back on. I actually never reached goal the first time, but was reasonably happy where I was. Would love to have the extra support of your group — I found it so helpful when people in my old WW meeting talked about things that helped them, recipes, snack ideas, etc. I am rejoining this week. Do you know when the app for the droid is coming out that you spoke about. Scan the barcode and get the points value? Also do you know what it is going to be called.

Your website is great, I am going to start weight watchers soon! I have had much success with the Weight Watchers program and hope to lose even a little more with the new plan.

I would welcome the chance to be a part of your support group. I hope to hear from you soon! Calling Weight Watchers today to get their pre-paid pass that way, its way cheaper then getting it at a meeting.

My mom joined and she said most people in her class had big weight lose numbers on the new points plus. I would like to be a part of your new group. I am slightly anxiety-ridden with the new points plus progam and I need support! Look forward to being a part of this new community…. I just joined Weight Watcher for the 4th time this past Friday.

The leader was great! For the first time I actually feel like I can do this and I am very excited. I have 80lbs to lose, I am really looking forward to new online support group.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I love your enthusiastic presentation and overview. I just ordered my kit today and I am so glad I did because there were only two left and they have no idea when a new shipment will arrive.

All the motivation I can get and sharing recipes and ideas is so fun and makes the process so much easier. I started the new program last week and lost 4lbs. Points Plus is exactly the same. The GI book offers details on how everything is calculated and there are very good tips.

I still believe in tracking to stay focused. The new program will definitely work! I look forward to being a member of this support group.

After eating points a day, really had trouble even coming close to recommended daily target of 35 and only used 2 of my WAP. Thus, my scale is showing a loss; hope that means as i adjust my eating, more points will mean maintenance. Find i eat mostly power foods, a lot of fruit — which i guess was using my points up prior.

Never in my life did i think i would have to eat more to NOT lose. It works when you work it! Only took a lifetime of errors to get here — it IS possible, so hang in there! You, too, can do it. It is incredibly simple. It does not use four variables. It does not find plus points. But what it does find is virtually equivalent to plus points. Do you think anyone might be interested? I have lost 60 lbs with the old program and am looking forward to the new program.

Our WW at work will resume with the new program the 2nd week in Jan. Please add me to the mailing list. Would love to join the support group! Thanks for this site. I am diabetic and very concerned about the effect that free fruits will have on my daily glucose levels and my A1C three-month levels. I have been quite effective at managing my daily levels through minimizing sugary fruits such as grapes, melons and pineapples.

I checked the site for a discussion of diabetes and the new program to no avail. I am thinking that I can follow this program if I maintain my current consumption rules for fresh fruit. Common sense tells me that I will need to modify the program to meet my needs; however, will too much modification mean that I am not really following this program? Can other diabetics tell me their experience?

Please add me to your mailing list. I am very interested in the support group. I have been struggling with my weight for the past several years. I lost 35 pounds in but have gained it back.

I have been attending a Weight Watchers meeting and leave feeling motivated but by the second day I have lost motivation, with sweets being the main problem. Very excited about the new program. I am a lifetime member and I just signed up again today for etools. Looking forward to learning about the new program. Are there WW spies who are watching everything you eat??? I kind of did the old way but did not really stick to it but now i am ready to stick to the new program.

I have wanted to eat less carbs but did not want to do Atkins or the other popular low carb or no carb diets. So I hope you will let me join your group i would appreciate it very much.. I had the best luck with Core in the past — but not enough people did it and it was hard to stay motivated. I have so many questions still have not been to a meeting yet about the changes in points. I wonder if there is a site with the new points listed for most foods?

I still love a piece of pizza occasionally and a glass of wine, so now with the extra points I think it will fit in nicely. When I did the old point system I never lost more than 2 pounds in a week, however, when I started doing Core — I lost 4. I hope this will be the same.

Good luck to everyone. I reached my weight watcher goal in There have been many changes to the program making it not very restrictive. The choices allowed were poison to me. Over the years I have gained weight and am now at my highest point. This is the week that I will again join ww and am looking forward to following the comments your readers submit. Boy, you have devoted alot of time to this site. Thanks for the effort. I never saw the estimated points per meal chart. Can someone update me on the pnts per weight?

I am about scale needs batteries and i would like to know how many pnts im allowed with this new system. Nvm I just read where you arent allowed to combine the old and new program.

I am not sure about the effectiveness of the new plan. In the first week of the new plan I lost 1 lb. In my case I think the problem is the 0 point fruit without any advice or limitation about the maximum quantity one can eat per day. I ate a lot of fruit. In the past plan it sum up about points e. Now it is all together zero points.

I lost 52 lb. It was an excellent online tool for weight control and loosing it will be a big gap for me to diet. Could I please join your support group? Updates when posted, etc? I also rejoined WW and not sure how long I can keep going to the meetings, for financial reasons, so hoping I can stay accountable this way!

Your blog is fantastic and you are inspirational! Include me in the support group too. Looking forward to getting back into the WW groove.

I would love to be part of your WW. Glad I found your website…. Would like to be part of your support group. Seems there is alot of interest in a support group. Your partner in health, Cindy. I have been trying to lose weight on my own—with no success—I think joining your group is just what I need! Ok I just decided to start the program tomorrow. Its seems to be the most nutritionally sound so I am really looking forward to it.

I am going to be doing everything online as there is not a group meeting within 30 minutes of my house so it would just be easier for me. I will need all the support I can get. Can I please be a part of your support group? I am feeling so sad I quit drinking and smoking many years ago then the weight gain.

Lately I have been experiencing sweats and can get no relief. I need this to work!! Thank you for this information you shared. I rejoined WW last week and am ready to get back on program this New Year. I lost 40lbs, made lifetime and kept it off for 2 years.

I fell off the wagon this last year and have gained 13 lbs. Thanks for all the info on the new points plus program!! Now How do I order the new deluxe kit? Is this a different app you refer to? I did WW 9 years ago and lost 30 pounds. I stopped doing it because I thought that I could continue to lose on my own.

I need the accountablity. In the pic above from the kit there are also 10 levels of allowed points. I have 1 hubby and 4 kids ages yrs. I do not, but want to help them. Is it feasible for me to attend the meetings since my schedule allows it and I am the cook in the family , and implement this program for my whole family? I like the healthier concept for , and think that learning proper portions is also a plus even for my 8 yr.

Do you think it would work? Love seeing Jennifer Hudson in the new commercials. I always try new weight loss methods…but seem to come back to WW every January. Would love to be part of your support group — looking forward to reading your blog on a daily basis — thanks! I became a lifetime member using the regular points system.

I need to rejoing WW, but very nervous about the new program. I lost then gained all in a week! Yes, WW has done a great marketing job once again!

I prefer the straight forward approach … Calories are calories.. No rulers, slides, calculators, manuals, or silly gimmicks. Thank you so much for providing this! I saw that you mentioned an app for the droids that can scan the bar code and tell you the points. Is that app out yet? If so, do you know what it is called so I can find it a download it? Lost 50 pounds eating WW foods 4 years ago and kept it off.

Hi, I want weight watchers to work for me this time! Please count me in…I am on disability and am on such a tight budget, I could truly use the free support from people, like me, who want the weight off and for life. How many points do I have a day? Can I use the points calculator I have now? Is there a free support group online that will not kill my budget, since Weight Watchers values health over money?

How do I get the new materials for free? Please answer my questions as urgently as possible, I am 80 pounds overweight and am using a cane because of it! However, Id like to see a new points plus food list online, somewhere other than the website, which I am not on because of finanical reasons. Does anyone know where I can find a points plus food list? I started with the new power p[onts and lost 8.

I am climbing on the wagon…. I am joining on line ….. I did WW online in the past and was trying to figure out why my daily points almost doubled from what it was back then. Do you know if its available here yet? Is it just a US thing? Anyone got any info on it? I was half way through the joining up until I came upon the address part and saw Canada was not on the list,….

Thank you so much for posting this. I am attending an at work information session this coming Friday. I am really excited that the program has changed and is encouraging whole grain, fruits, veggies, etc.

I did so great the first time I did WW which was 10 years ago. Sadly, I have gained it all back plus 10lbs. I was so discouraged until I read this post. Yeah for 0pt fruits and veggies. I went from being devestated by the scale this morning to being encouraged at a new beginning. This sounds so awesome! I rejoined last Thursday, and was so surprised at so many changes with WW.

I joined with my daughter and we are so pumped! I love my new calculator, and my new companion books. Oh how proud of myself I am! I love pizza, and I did not go out and buy a pizza and eat half of it by myself. Blessings and Stay OP. Thanks for all the great information! Lost 20 Pounds last year and now trying to loose more weight for my wedding next july!

Was wondering if you could post the activity points page from the new booklet! Hubby and I just joined last night. We are SO excited to lose weight and get healthy! I have such a good feeling about the new Points Plus program. Just started back a week and a half ago with my eighteen years old daughter.

We both had a great first week 5lbs ea and hoping to have many more successful weeks. There is another free program that is just as good, with added options for your whole health, etc.

How many points do you add if you are nursing mom on the Points Plus? OK… was starting to type and see you found it. I have been looking for something like this I am a new nursing mom: She said it was too expensive to join.

In 15 weeks I have lost 30 pounds. I lost about 6 pounds the first week and then after that I averaged pounds. When i exercised I didnt add in any points.

I just stuck to my point allowance and the weight came off. Is the points calculator on this site accurate or not? Thank you so much!!! Now I can hopefully start!!! So you lost Thanks to whoever it was who told me about Shrinking On A Budget. Thanks to Freckleberry Finds for this post too!

If I am allowed 26 daily points on points plus, how do I fill out the log? You are such a star for this! All I wonder is if you have a preference for a friendly weight loss forum? Like a nice community of people helping each other out? Your blog is amazing! Thank you so much. I would suggest checking out http: It gives free points values for foods weight watchers plus as well as restaurant dishes and their point values.

Does anyone know it there is a points plus food companion floating around anywhere? Thanks for the links! I wanted to add that if you go to foodfacts. At the bottom of each product page they tell you how many WW point are in that product. Not sure of to follow please help….. What a great article. You can also add single items to the grocery list. I was looking into WW myself yesterday and thought the same thing.

I was gonna do more research today but you just saved my time. This is a good site to let people know they can do on their own without paying the amount they charge. Keep up the support! Here is my problem.

If PointsPlus is now saying that fruit is 0 points, then why when you put the info into the calculator, do they not come up at 0 but more like 2? Works out better for me. Ty ty ty ty!!! I am a lifetime member to Ww. I made a huge move away from my family and gained 50 s. So its back on Ww. This has been ablessing. Ty so much for all the great info. I lost and maintained for 7 yrs. I just started and I have a long way to go but I will get it done before my vacation in Oct.

Thanks heaps for this. The computer tells me I am severely obese, and i weigh lbs 85kg and am cm tall. I will give your ideas a go and see how I go. How bout where is a list of foods grouped by pyramid categories and measured amounts?

I am so glad I found this! I exercise 6 days out of the week so I hope weight watchers will help! Hi any suggestions on how to figure points for the meals you cook at home with your own recipes?

Is there a calculator that will allow you to enter the ingredients? Use this recipe calculator: I am trying to loose about 50lbs by May if possible. I have only lost 4lbs in 2 weeks. Does anyone have any tips for me on what I should eat on a daily basis?? I was thinking about just doing the frozen Weight Watchers dinners is that okay? Can I ask your opinion? I am a nursing mom; however, my nursling is 15 months old and only nurses once in the morning and once before bed with the occasional daytime feeding.

Im not producing enough milk to feel engorged in the slightest, nor enough to make them even a tiny bit firm, even if he skips a session.

Would you even count that as nursing at all? I would count that as part time. I bet someone at La Leche League or another nursing program could give you calorie recommendations for that amount of nursing.

Thak you so much!! D you have saved my life really. Not knowing the difference i went with the old points program. I was allowed 39 points. I found your site, wish I would have found it at the beginning, and it is a great help.

I put my numbers in the points plus calculator and I get 56 points. I had to quit when I got pregnant and circumstances do not allow me to rejoin when the baby is born. I have points sliders and such but for the older plan.

Before fruits were free and points values changed. This was a fantastic find. Thank you so much for putting this together. It told me my points should be I played around with the numbers and by adding weight it gave me higher points.

I would think the more you had to lose the lower your points would be, not the opposite. Does 26 points for my info sound right? So I just used the formula to calculate my points and I come up with 20 points. I need all the help I can get…. Thank you for this: However I just wanted to make sure, is the point allowance calculator up to date? Because on other calculators online I am only getting 26 points as opposed to 33? I did weight watchers before and it was great just need to get motivated to do so again Ifind as you get older harder to loose thanks for posting this you are an angel.

I have a question. I am allowed 29 points a day, plus I work out intensely for an hour every day. Is it vital that I use all of my points? Whats your thoughts on this?

I have been doing points plus for three weeks now and lost 4 pounds. I really need to have something on my phone because I will not track if I have to sit down at a computer every day. You are an inspiration!! I have been roaming your blog all morning and have printed out your food log! So excited to get back on track! A year ago I was right where I wanted to be, I also have Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and it helped me get where I wanted to be but somewhere between summer and holidays I let everything slide and gain everything back!

I was so angry at myself and also determined to get back in shape! So thank you for your bravery in letting us see your journey and to follow along in your footsteps!! Is there a point system for prepared food i.

I am so very happy that you posted this! My aunt is in the weight watchers program, and she looks fabulous after doing it for a year. Thank you so very much for posting this. No need to keep paying out for a service, and with WW you can maintain your healthy weight because you know how to make the right choices. I was on WW back in I lost 40 pounds on it.

I maintained that weight until when we became unemployed. Stress certainly does contribute to weight gain!! I was able to get back to my goal weight in by using the myfitnesspal app. But over the last 3 years I have gain about another 20 pounds My goal weight through ww was I actually got down to So when I went up to I used the fitnesspal to get back down to my goal. I actually gained about 3 pounds on it. Now, to be fair, I have not be able to exercise for the last 3 years.

We changed jobs, had to sell our house and move. All contributed to the stress of weight gain. I dispise exercising but I would force myself on our treadmil. Since we moved in May of I have put on another 15 pounds bringing my weight up to or so.

I refuse to get on the scale. The program that I used in was fantastic. I would love to find that plan again. The points plus just did not work for me. The surger was a failure and I am looking at another surgery in a week to repair a severed ligament and hopefully remove the stump neuroma.

I am looking into doing water areobics but cant do that until I get the knee high cast off in weeks. My thyroid is fine, no other health problems except some major acid reflux that I had back before I originally started WW. It went away after I lost weight. Help me find that please. I swear I saw it on your page, but now can not find it. Sorry about the novel here. I really like your site but I think you are mistaken about the old Weight Watchers plan and how to calculate the daily points.

I believe there was a at the very least, a minimum amount for everyone which was 21 point s a day. Actually you are entitled to 21 points- anything less is very difficult to maintain. I would check with some past members about the old plan to verify your data.

Thanks for all the info! Once you do your homework and create a list of frequently eaten items, this is way too easy. I love your sight and use the activity points link and pt plus calculator link a ton. Today the pt plus calculator does not have the calculator on it!!

Did WW get rid of it — argh! Is there another link to it? I have a quick question about how to calculate activity points in a different kind of situation. We were there for 8 hours, and my pedometer says I walked 5. But if it IS there, let me know! Here is a web site that gives you the points you are supposed to have per day by your age, weight and height, http: I did the old plan before and it worked but im curious about others results with the new program.

Thanks Ashley — you are so beautiful and wonderful! I just found your awesomely-helpful site and am sure I can lose this pesky 20 pounds without skipping any mortgage payments: This keeps me Dave Ramsey-intense!

How do I go about getting a points plus calculator? Always wanted to try the weight watchers program just never could afford the program and meeting prices ty for making it where everyone has the chace to get healthy!!!!!!

Make sure you bookmark this blog post to refer back! I am so grateful for you right now! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was going to head out to WW today but, I found you instead. I need that weekly check-in to stay conscious and on track. I also the support of other people. I have lost weight in the past doing WW, but now can not attend meetings and would love to follow the program.

I used both the online calculator and the old WW Plan to figure my points and got 43 with the online calculator and 34 with the old WW plan. Which should I use? I am so happy that I found your website. I am finally facing up to how bad I look and feel about myself because of it.

I started at the top and have read down all the comments and everything, and have written down quite a few recommended websites. I find people asking the same questions over and over again, and you are very patient about that. Your website is awesome, and has really inspired me to get going with this.

Going to start this on Sunday! Food has always been an issue for me. There is a way to calculate your weight watchers points ON myfitnesspal! You go to your food diary, click settings, and under nutrients tracked, you put in THIS order: Carbs — Fat — Fiber — Protein — None.

Then you just download the plugin http: Then you click the plug in, click edit, change line 10 and 11 to true where it says false. Thank you for your site… You are right I have not joined weight watchers because of the cost.

I participated about 6 years ago and lost weight. I wanted to join again but the prices are kind of high. If you miss a meeting you still have to pay for that meeting you missed. I want to lose 30 lbs. I just want to start off by saying thank you for making this page: Ive gained a total of 50 pounds between my two pregnancys and am having a lot of trouble loosing the weight. Ive started the WW diet, this will be day 4. So you said all fruits and veg are 0pp with the exception of avocado, but what about potatoes?

I am greatful for your information. Stumbled across your web page, briefly read the information and am really impressed. He travels a lot, hence the restaurant food is putting on the pounds.

Connie T — Lititz PA. I have browsed your site several times in the last year and finally decided to take the plunge.

It was very easy to follow the plan that you have posted here. I did go to attend weight watchers years ago and was somewhat successful — but you are right, the money is definitely a deterrent. We are going to Hawaii, for our 30th Anniversary, in about 6 weeks and find that is a big incentive for me to stick to this plan. The fact that I can eat fruit or veggies at 0 points when I am feeling hungry really helps. So after week 1 I am down 4 pounds.

Thankyou for posting this. I agree with one of the comments above. Where can I look that up for free? Do you have an app that keeps all the calculators together? I have a board with them if you want to check it out or just seaech for Weight Watchers Tips or Recipes.

My weekly points target is 26, based on the calculator age, weight, height. But when I recalculate at 10lbs less the weekly points target is still I wish to loose 20lbs, not maintain my current weight. How do I calculate the number of points per week to reach my weight loss goal? I am a little late in sharing but thanks so much for this!

I have shared it with my Facebook friends and on Pinterest too! I have been doing the free Weight Watchers now for a little over a month and have lost 11 pounds woot-woot. Thank you again for this post. Weight Watchers is the only way I can lose weight and free is even better — After all, I am the one working to lose it — why pay them.

Thanks for helping me along the way — you ROCK! First, I want to say thank you so much for this information. Is there a way to get this calculator through an app on my phone?

I agree that it is probably best to try it with Weight Watchers first then do this free version for maintenance. But it was helpful to me in the initial phases to have the actual weight watchers services.

Are the meals any good? Sounds almost too good to be true. But if it is I might try it. It is shrinking on a budget meal plans. It gives snacks, breakfast, lunch, dessert and dinners. Thanks for all this information. My new years resolution is to lose weight. And huge thanks to Jill for sharing the shrinking on a budget meal plan tip. OMG it is awesome. Meals are really good and so far my kids are eating them too.

Oh and forgot to say thanks for pointing out the slender kitchen points calculator. I like that one better. Weight Watchers is such an amazing program, but it can be expensive to stay on long term. I totally recommend trying it first with them, but this is a great idea for the maintenance phase. How to get Weight Watchers for free.

Found this via Pinterest…thought others would get some use out of it as well! Lena, wife to […]. Seriously, even the world's pickiest eaters me included can find multiple things to eat in here. The variety of recipes is outstanding. There aren't a thousand recipes, but in the back of the book there are menu plans for days which matches the title of the book. Cruising through the cookbook makes me hungry. Many of the recipes are gluten free I'm cutting carbs to loose weight which helps the way I'm living now.

These recipes are not the same recipes borrowed from other recipe books and pinterest pages. They are different and original. I'm looking forward to cooking them. I'll update my review with the sure to be delicious results. Even if you live in the most divided household on the planet when it comes to favorite foods, this book has got you covered with a variety of traditional beef and pork dishes, soups, vegetarian recipes, seafood, and more.

Regardless of the mood everyone is in, you're covered. The book has a rating of 4. Another bestseller comes in the form of the The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook — claiming to have sold over , copies, this book is not messing around when it comes to recipe variety.

You'll make things like chicken tikka masala, corn on the cob, pulled pork, lamb curry, beans and rice, and a cinnamon raisin French toast bake. You can preview a good amount of the book on Amazon, and you'll see that everything is hella detailed and laid out with easy-to-understand comparison charts, and they'll let you know which recipes are vegetarian.

This is a book officially endorsed by Instant Pot, so you know you're in good hands. This pot is amazing and I love it. I got it for my wife, but so far I've done all the cooking in it. My first meal was a Sunday pot roast dinner. I've never attempted to cook a meal like this in my life. My wife has always done this in the oven.

I was stunned to have this pot roast come out about as perfect as you could get it. The inner cooking pot is easy to clean and you'll want to do more and more with it with each success you have.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a new adventure in cooking. Do what the book says and you'll have amazing meals right from the start. You should buy this. As we learned in the reviews, we'll warn you that this is not the recipe book for a family of picky eaters. Many of the recipes aren't traditional American foods, which isn't likely to go over well with kids who won't eat anything past BBQ ribs or chicken noodle soup. This book does, however, list out specific recipes and pages for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Jewish holidays, which I thought was a nice touch.

It also has a 4. It'd be nice if you actually understood all of the things your Instant Pot can do, right? Though the other cookbooks will obviously explain steps, if you're new to this, somehow being able to make yogurt and roast chicken in the same gadget can easily get a tad overwhelming.

How to Instant Pot is your ticket to the ins and outs of this fancy contraption, basically acting as an "Instant Pot for Dummies" manual. Yes, "Instant Pot" is totally a verb. Each recipe walks you through how to use and set each Pot feature particularly with the Pressure setting , and while this might seem redundant to repeat these things at first glance, it actually reassured me that I was doing it right. Eventually that knowledge will become second nature, but in the meantime I feel confident in just following the clear instructions.

The recipes are delicious and varied. I highly recommend this book as a first Instant Pot guide, with the added benefit of outstanding recipes You'll have the option to make a spread of things, from meat and potatoes beef stew, to chorizo, to corn on the cob, to squash soup, as well as a ton of mouth-watering desserts.

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