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Make Your Own Homemade Greek Yogurt
It really tasted like a vanilla milkshake and the consistency was smooth. Fill the jars to within an inch of top. Thank you so much for this product! Thank you SO much!! A Anonymous Sep 26,

If Your Homemade Greek Yogurt Doesn’t Thicken

APOLLO™ Pure Protein Powder

In addition, you can easily add more superfoods to your diet like grass-fed yogurt, pureed veggies, fresh greens, nuts and seeds by preparing recipes like homemade green juice, soups or stews made with bone broth. Meal replacement shakes are usually processed, bottled products that you drink in place of eating one of your main meals breakfast, lunch or dinner. In some instances, convenient premade snacks such as bars or juices can be useful for helping keep you satisfied between meals, keeping your blood sugar from dropping and preventing overeating at the next meal.

But because these products need to remain on store shelves for long periods of time, and therefore cannot be very perishable or fresh, for the most part the ingredients used are processed and not ideal. The types of inflammatory, chemical ingredients they use. Get essential nutrients from unprocessed foods — like a mix of veggies and fruit, quality proteins for a range of amino acids , and healthy fats especially those with anti-inflammatory omega-3s or medium-chained fatty acids.

Consuming too much added sugar can lead to moodiness, dips in energy levels, stomach queasiness and worsened overall health due to inflammation.

Quality protein, as well as enough dietary fiber, are key components in any healthy, well-rounded diet. Eat real food with a mix of the macronutrients you need for satiety and well-being. If you turn to meal replacements because you have a hard time eating fibrous, bulky foods — whether due to older age, dental problems or a digestive disorder — relying on these products might cause your condition to become even worse.

Sugar is linked to increased inflammation, dental decay, and fluctuations in hormones that govern energy and mood. Instead I recommend trying some of the meal replacement alternatives below, which you can prepare ahead of time or even in bulk in many instances:. I am giving you a long-distance hug for sharing this recipe. I used Rice Krispies, cut the honey to 1 Tbsp. They taste like those peanut-butter Rice Krispie bars with the chocolate on top that my grandmother used to make.

Oh, I also used 1 scoop of vanilla protein and 1 of chocolate. I think it would be really easy to make these different ways. Never thought of grinding up the oats. I added some unsweetened flaked coconut and chopped almonds instead of the chocolate.

Had plain protein, so I added vanilla to the mixture. I also threw in some ground flax. Well usually spend about 20 pound on a box of protein bars…. Just tried this recipe and now converted….. Taste awsome, thanks x. I just made some and instead of running to the store to get Kind bars, I stayed home and made these instead.

I used almond milk and pea protein. I need something to keep me going while in college and I think these will do the trick! Just keep in fridge or freezer and use the same judgment as you would for other foods. A healthy, high-protein way for me to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The protein bar tasted like a peanut butter cup! Also, I drizzed chocolate make from coconut oil, agave syrup and cocoa which hardens in the freezer. Delicious and a better value than what I can find at the store. These were so easy to make! My daughters and I pulsed a cup of dark chocolate chips to make them smaller chunks and added it to the dry mixture.

So fun and easy to make. These turned out delicious, however mine came out really gooey? I was thinking maybe less honey? What is the texture that these usually turn out like? I was expecting it to be like a cliff bar. But, again, very tasty! I sometimes cut back on the honey and they still taste fine so that might help for you.

I cut the PB to 5 Tbsp. Rolled into 10 balls and flattened with my palms into protein cookies at roughly cals and 10 g of protein each. I love peanut butter and just found another recipe for protella protein nutella. I may be overdoing it but going to combine your recipe with protella. May just be to sweet for my sweet tooth. Just made these last night. I will keep this one for sure.

Do we have anyone who has tasted this recipe other than the author? I just made these with chocolate protein powder, amazing!! Do they usually keep well in the fridge? I am looking to make these for the week. Do you find they keep for several days to a week? Do you have nutritional info on these bars? Might try these as an after weight lifting boost, but really curious what the numbers are.

Thanks for sharing this recipe Lindsay! Just wondering if you know the nutritional facts on these bars-calories, fat, protein, carbs, ect?

How big of a difference would leaving the Chia seeds out make? Could I use plain corn flakes as a substitute for the rice checks? I already have a box of those at the house. I skipped the protein powder and replaced the rice cereal with puffed amaranth, which is a protein source.

Split into 9 servings, this came to 7. MyFitnessPal came up with A serving of my usual whey powder is 11g protein. I increased the honey to 5T. I popped the amaranth in my Dutch oven in a shallow pan, it will just pop right out a few tablespoons at a time. It looks like very tiny popcorn.

Good quality protein powders are expensive, so this is a frugal alternative, and a good one for anyone not interested in using the powders. I like this nutrtion breakdown for breakfast bars for my 8yo. You could adjust the amaranth vs. Great idea for a present… pinned! These look like something I would eat for dessert! Does Cardio Burn Muscle? Sleep and Bodybuilding Huge at Home?

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