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Georgia Legislature, Governor Deal: LePage Issues Letter to Feds: No Obamacare Exchanges for Maine. LePage, in a letter to U. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, noted that the State of Maine has repeatedly stated that the law has severe legal problems, is bad policy, and overreaches into the lives and pocketbooks of fellow Americans. Montana Voters Nullify Obamacare Mandates. The prohibition does have some restrictions, but the good thing about this [is] these rules are being set by the state of Montana, not the the Federal Government.

Carts, Horses, and Secession. Asking the White House to comment on the secession of one or more states won't move the President, Congress, the courts, or the military. But it is symbolic of the exhaustion many people feel as they watch the crony political class squander their treasure and their liberty. Rick Perry officially notified the federal government on Thursday that the state will not set up an exchange to help people buy health insurance.

Republican governors decide against setting up ObamaCare insurance markets. Several Republican governors, in what could be their last symbolic stand against ObamaCare, announced Friday that they will not set up a state-based marketplace for selling health insurance.

The governors of Wisconsin and Ohio joined Texas Gov. Rick Perry and others in confirming that they will not establish so-called "health insurance exchanges," which are set to launch in January GOP governors brace for fights over Obamacare, drilling.

Will multiple states' non-cooperation be too much for ObamaCare? The answer, of course, is an emphatic yes , since by its very nature, ObamaCare is too much for ObamaCare, but individual states' freedom to opt out of designing their own state-specific health insurance exchanges is turning out to be yet another flaw in the oh-so-masterful plan. This argument is absolutely wrong.

Allowing your states to be deputized as instruments of federal policy is just as bad as bowing to federal commandeering of state agencies, which is unconstitutional. Talking Points Memo is shocked, shocked! The Democrats' Unforced Errors. They have made key unforced strategic errors in the past decade which have caused them to lose half of their legislative seats and governor's mansions across the states, significant chunks of their agenda and of course the Grand Prize of them all, Pennsylvania Avenue.

One major unforced strategic error was forcing ObamaCare down the public's unwilling throats at midnight on Christmas Eve before passing their beloved Comprehensive Immigration Reform, or at least doing something about the ailing economy. A "monkey trap" is sprung when a victim is so reluctant to surrender a temporary gain it fixes him in place allowing his enemies to inflict long term destruction. Its first victim was the Democratic Party which having hailed it as a step on the road to a single payer health care system, were so blinded to its financial and practical faults that they let it drag them to oblivion in the midterm and presidential elections rather than letting it go.

But its lethal career may not be over. Ted Cruz R-Texas pulled out a surprise map during his town hall debate with Sen. What's in a Name? Headline writers love it and President Barack Obama decided to embrace it when his Republican enemies coined the term. But the memorable handle may have done more harm than good for Obama's signature policy, now in the process of being repealed before he even leaves office. It's provided an easy scapegoat for people suffering problems in a health care system that was a mess long before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed Congress in without a single Republican vote.

Democrats are addicted to Obamacare. It has performed poorly, alienated far more people than it has aided, and been a political disaster. Yet Democrats can't shake it. In , it was the issue that delivered the House to Republicans. In , it gave them the Senate. In , it was one of the keys to Donald Trump's capture of the White House. After all this, a rational party would want to scrap Obamacare or modify it significantly.

Particularly thanks to Obamacare, which has never been popular, the Democrats lost the House in In , they lost the Senate. In , Democrats held 60 seats in the Senate. Obamacare premium hikes could push swing state voters to Donald Trump, Republicans. Six years after passage, Obamacare is still cropping up on the campaign trail, as Mr. Obama turns to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to build on his signature achievement in lieu of Mr.

Trump, who's vowed to tear it down. A look at what happened in Arizona shows the cascading effects of problems with the design and implementation of the ACA, combined with early missteps by insurers. Some priced plans aggressively, angling for market share and betting special programs built into the law would protect them from losses.

Those protections didn't work as expected. Enrollees' health-care expenses repeatedly overshot the projections of nearly all Arizona's insurers. ObamaCare hikes leave Dems exposed. Democrats are increasingly acknowledging that the Affordable Care Act has an affordability problem. Former President Bill Clinton said recently that people who are ineligible to get subsidies to buy ObamaCare insurance are "getting killed.

Mark Dayton said this month that "the reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable to increasing numbers of people. Host Stephanie Ruhle was speaking with Hunt, who is covering Hillary Clinton's campaign, about the recent reports on how health care premiums under Obamacare are expected to skyrocket next year. With premiums set to go up double digits, this has got to be a problem for the Clinton campaign.

First, Ohio has been hit hard by Obamacare's many failures. This year Ohio's Obamacare co-op collapsed, leaving 22, Ohioans without their health insurance.

Aetna also announced that in they were leaving the state's Obamacare exchange. Those awful developments make's Strickland's statements in support of Obamacare extremely tone deaf: More than , people in North Carolina are set to lose their healthcare plans under Obamacare due to two of the state's three insurers dropping out of the exchange.

Hillary Clinton goes silent on Obamacare. It is the Democratic Party's most important legislative accomplishment in two generations. It is something Hillary Clinton, although she left the Senate by the time ACA became law in , worked for all her adult life. So why doesn't Clinton at least mention this great achievement as she campaigns for president? A look at transcripts of Clinton stump speeches since she kicked off the general election campaign on Labor Day finds the Democratic candidate almost never talks about Obamacare.

She doesn't promise to expand it. She doesn't promise to protect it. She doesn't extol its benefits. When Hillary Clinton held a seemingly insurmountable lead in most national and state polls, she didn't need to worry about the health insurance sticker shock that much of the electorate is about to experience.

Her edge was large enough to ensure victory even if she lost a couple of points due to voter anger over skyrocketing premiums caused by Obamacare. Those halcyon days are gone. Her national lead has all but evaporated, and she is behind Donald Trump or clinging to tenuous leads in crucial swing states whose voters will learn of huge rate hikes one week before Election Day.

It's time to kill the ObamaCare penalty. President Obama promised his law would provide an array of affordable health plans. In , consumers will get neither choice nor affordability.

And insurance premiums are skyrocketing across the country. Consumers will be clobbered starting Nov. They'll want to know what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton intend to do about it. How to Escape Obamacare. When open enrollment starts Nov.

People who earn too much to qualify for a subsidy will be forced to pay as much as a fifth of their income for health insurance. And they'll get less choice of doctors and hospitals and less prescription drug coverage.

Annual enrollment begins eight days before voters go to the polls. Donald Trump is vowing to repeal Obamacare. In the three-plus years since the ObamaCare exchanges opened, the law is teetering on the edge of the abyss. Now a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released late last week shows that the public is far from satisfied with what Obama claimed was the be-all and end-all of reform.

Understanding the politics of the president's health care law has never been complicated. It was barely passed through Congress despite huge Democratic majorities in , became the driving force behind the GOP's takeover of the House in , and again was the leading issue Republicans campaigned on to retake the Senate in Nearly 15, advertisements aired about Obamacare in the last week of last year's midterms, and 94 percent of the messaging was negative.

One week later, Republicans won nine Senate seats and netted their largest House majority since the s. For Republicans, it has been the political gift that keeps on giving.

As of this month, Obamacare has undergone not fewer than 50 substantial changes since its enactment in March One wonders what is worse: Such wholesale changes on the fly, by the law's own architects, demonstrate the Affordable Care Act's resounding failure better than any critic ever could.

Many of those responsible have now admitted the error of their ways, resigned, or inadvertently revealed the dishonest manner of its passage. Political proponents such as former Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana have also suffered swift dismissals from their constituents. Dems run away from Obamacare penalty they imposed. The Democrats who wrote and passed the Affordable Care Act were sure of two things: The law had to include a mandate requiring every American to purchase health insurance, and it had to have an enforcement mechanism to make the mandate work.

Enforcement has always been at the heart of Obamacare. Now, though, enforcement time has come, and some Democrats are shying away from the coercive measures they themselves wrote into law. If ObamaCare is so great, why do Democrats repeatedly try to hide its more unpleasant features?

The latest example is their desperate effort to grant still more exemptions to the law's individual mandate. Obamacare vote to test Democrats' resolve under Republican majority. Sorry, but these Democrats are 5 years late on Obamacare. We also learned that there are lots of Democrats having second thoughts about Obamacare. Record 58 percent would repeal ObamaCare. Few American voters feel their family is better off under ObamaCare, and a record number would repeal the law if they could.

In addition, if comments by one of the health care law's authors about lying to "stupid" Americans are true, over half of voters think President Obama or other administration officials are responsible for that deception. Republicans must perform radical surgery. GOP Senate candidates campaigning against the health-care law captured at least seven seats, giving their party control of the Senate.

These new senators better live up to their pledges and put bills on the president's desk to repeal the worst parts of ObamaCare. Don't throw us mere crumbs, such as repeal of the medical-device tax. Every new GOP senator who won in last night's election campaigned on repealing Obamacare.

Senators Cory Gardner R-Colo. The GOP will take control of the Senate with fresh momentum to dismantle the president's signature healthcare law. All 10 newly elected Republican senators have campaigned on the promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare, and five have already voted against the health law while serving in the House. McConnell unveils plan to dismantle ObamaCare. McConnell said the GOP will tackle unpopular aspects of the law such as the individual mandate, the medical device tax and the hour workweek requiring employers to provide insurance.

Don't care for Obamacare. Nearly half of voters on Tuesday said Obamacare went too far, according to exit polls. Forty-seven percent of those who cast ballots in the midterms said the health care law, which opened for enrollment a year ago, went too far.

Just as critics had predicted, ObamaCare has again proved itself a job-killer. Especially for Democratic senators. Even before the full results were in last night, it was clear ObamaCare had again retired more of those whose votes brought us ObamaCare. That's no surprise, given how most Democrats did everything they could to avoid even uttering the word "ObamaCare" during their campaigns. What would happen if you ignored multiple requests from your employer to stop wasting time on your pet project and instead concentrate on a higher priority task?

You would be fired, of course. There are six U. Senators up for reelection tomorrow who richly deserve to lose their jobs for that very offense. With the voices of protest reverberating in their ears, these cynical pols voted to foist Obamacare on an unwilling electorate. Democrats will pay the price for Obama in November. Americans can't help but notice that Obama has consistently placed his ideology and political interests above the national interests and routinely resorted to partisan sniping and scapegoating instead of accepting responsibility and accountability for his decisions and considering a change of course.

More disturbingly, voters must notice that Obama's words are increasingly unreliable and that he expects them to believe his version of reality over the reality itself. His response to a question from a steel plant manager at a town hall meeting last week in Indiana concerning rising healthcare costs was particularly revealing.

This midterm election is all about my policies. A study released a few days ago found that barely more than a third of the Democrats running for Congress this year have expressed support for ObamaCare.

The GOP made more noise yesterday about the one-year anniversary of the federal O-Care exchange opening for business than the White House did. Voter Intensity Strongly Against Obamacare. A new poll from Public Opinion Strategies, commissioned by Independent Women's Voice, finds that people who care about the issue of Obamacare really don't like Obamacare.

On the flip side, people who like Obamacare really don't care about it very much. That's a bad combination for pro-Obamacare candidates. With insurance rates set to spike in Alaska, a new ad faults Senator Mark Begich, one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country, for supporting Obamacare and missing votes. The law didn't go into effect in time to hurt the president's re-election bid in , but it is making life extremely difficult for the president's party in Democrat Harkin says Hillary Clinton's 'fingerprints are all over' Obamacare.

I'm not sure if Tom Harkin did this on purpose, but he might have single-handedly disarmed Hillary's presidential run by tying her intimately to the passing of Obamacare. Dems struggle to get out from under ObamaCare in Senate races. Lately, Democrats in tough Senate races have been slamming President Obama for breaking his pledge that everyone could keep their health plans and doctors "no matter what.

Look, I didn't realize people would lose their health plans 'til a few months ago. Kay Hagan responded to criticism over her obliterated 'keep your plan' Obamacare pledge by claiming she didn't hear about cancellations until "last fall: She was warned explicitly about this issue at the time and chose to side with Barack Obama and Harry Reid against North Carolinians. Democrats do not want to be judged on their results, to be held accountable, to be assessed on their governing record.

The economy remains weak, the Affordable Care Act highly unpopular, and the mood of America sour. Left-footed Democrats try to dance to the right. It's not new for Democrats to pretend to be moderate when they're back at home and then turn around and act completely differently in Washington.

ObamaCare Remains a Bust with the Public. We'll then see how many of them connect the dots and accept that it's a political catastrophe because it's a substantive catastrophe. GOP establishment strikes back in primaries. The North Carolina Senate nomination was by far the highest profile race, in part because incumbent Democrat Senator Kay Hagan is extremely vulnerable, with her approval ratings under water, and her vote for Obamacare a cement overshoe.

The president said the middle class would share in the benefits of his reform plan, with lower costs and more secure coverage. Instead, millions of middle-class families have lost the insurance plans they liked and are now paying higher premiums for coverage they consider inferior.

A little-known proposed change to the president's health care law could result in a new political nightmare for Democrats who are vulnerable in the midterm elections.

Sorry Democrats, Obamacare is still electoral kryptonite. Softening opposition to Obamacare is not a path to electoral victory for the GOP in Fear stalks Democratic senators up for re-election. Fear, like fire, is an effective teacher, and grades on a sharp curve. They're even, like The New York Times, making up encouraging poll numbers as they whistle past the congressional graveyard. The fear of graveyard haints and boogermen is real.

With just days until the Nov. Obamacare Advocates Try Lewinsky Tactic. It is a strategy they first devised in an attempt to prevent President Clinton from being impeached. Indeed, one of their most important front groups, MoveOn. The tactic failed, of course. Yet, in their panic concerning the upcoming midterms, congressional Democrats have resorted to it once again in a desperate effort to extricate themselves from the fatal Obamacare debate.

For vulnerable Democrats, Obamacare has become a 'four-letter word'. In spite of high profile Dems like former President Bill Clinton urging their party to talk up Obamacare during the election cycle, The Hill reports this weekend that for many running for election or re-election, the so-called "Affordable Care Act" they once enthusiastically supported is now little more than a "four-letter word".

Independents more likely to back anti-ObamaCare candidates. Most voters say ObamaCare will play an important role in their vote in this year's elections, and over half are more inclined to back the candidate who opposes the health care law. That's according to a Fox News poll released Monday. The new poll asks voters what they would do if the only difference between two congressional candidates is that one promises to fight for the health care law and the other promises to fight against it.

Democratic candidates across the country still see the health care law as a drag on their campaigns in the midterm elections. After four years of trying, there is still no evidence that the president's signature piece of legislation has become popular. If the law was really working, and voters were excited about it, Democratic candidates would be talking about it all the time, rather than trying to change the subject. Debbie Wasserman Schultz D-Fla.

Asked about vulnerable Democrats who have criticized President Obama's flawed healthcare law, Wasserman Schultz said they are running their own race. Obamacare will bury us. Steve Lynch is a Democratic Rep. Voters 'Frustrated and Embarrassed' by Obamacare. Dems would win back House if not for health-care Web site woes. House majority this year if not for the troubled rollout of the federal health-care Web site last fall.

The web site was the least of it, Howard. The American people don't like to have their insurance cancelled or their rates increased without a very good reason. Voters are also tired of high unemployment, and sick of hearing about a long string of Obama's scandals. The Democrats' only hope is to get as many people dependent on government handouts as they can, and then run as the party that will perpetuate those handouts. As November disaster looms, Dems forming circular firing squad.

Having rammed through a disastrous transformation of health care, a lot of congressional Democrats and many more down the ticket suspect that voters will vent their anger at the party that foisted the travesty on us. The Website Is only a Symptom.

All reasons which would, for any reasonable person, suggest that Republicans are currently winning the larger healthcare debate, not losing.

Louisiana Senate race a battle of pork, policies and political legacies. Bill Cassidy will be about Obamacare. There's no doubt Obamacare will play a big role in the campaign. Pollster Celinda Lake's advice to fellow Democrats to take a midway position in the congressional campaigns is flawed because it can't be sold as honest. Reacting to results from her bipartisan Battleground Poll that show Obamacare to be a political loser, Lake said: Say it was flawed from the beginning and we're going to fix it.

Dems' Obamacare 'fixes' are just Washington wink-winks. These "mend it, don't end it" proposals are meant to allow Democrats to triangulate between blind support for the increasingly unpopular health care law and Republicans vowing to repeal and replace it if voters give them control of the Senate as well as the House in November. Warner, Landrieu and Begich will probably talk about these proposals more frequently than the others because the three face formidable Republican challengers this fall.

Chicago's Rahm Emanuel Runs from Obamacare. Instead he fell into rote praise of Obama and his healthcare scheme. Democrats push for new changes to ObamaCare amid midterm fears. Several Democratic senators moved Thursday to "improve" parts of ObamaCare, proposing numerous changes to the law amid concerns that it could cost Democrats House seats and possibly the Senate in November.

The proposals came from a half-dozen senators, some of whom are facing reelection in the fall and most of whom represent moderate-to-conservative states. The legislation squeaked out of Congress two days before Christmas , without a single Republican vote. Smartly, Democrats heavily back-loaded the new law, making sure its most painful effects wouldn't be felt until after the next presidential election in But many Americans were furious about the government's takeover of the best health care system in the world.

The Tea Party was suddenly born, and its angry members promptly replaced 63 House Democrats with Republicans in the mid-term elections, the largest seat pick-up since Did zombies eat If there were Pelosi chides reporter for referring to ObamaCare: In response to a reporter asking a question about Obamacare being a political winner or loser, Pelosi said, "By the way, it's called the Affordable Care Act.

It's called the Affordable Care Act. The past chairman of the Democratic National Campaign Committee predicted "Democrats are going to be increasingly on the offense on the Affordable Care Act even as we talk about other critical issues" heading toward the midterm elections.

Chris Van Hollen D-Md. The Democrats' Obama trap. Thanks to Obamacare, Democrats just lost a special election in a Florida House district that President Obama won in So what do you think vulnerable Democrats in states and districts Obama lost in are thinking today? The problem is Democrats can't run from Obama or Obamacare. Yes, the president is electoral kryptonite in Why this week was 'screaming siren' for Democrats.

Several factors have played into the Democratic skittishness, including President Obama's persistently low approval ratings and the emergence of two viable Republican Senate candidates in states Democrats had hoped to hold fairly easily this fall.

But it was the volume on the doomsday chatter that went up noticeably with the victory of Republican Richard Jolly over Democrat Alex Sink in the special election for Florida's 13th Congressional District this Tuesday.

The election to replace the late Rep. Bill Young was cast as a referendum over Obamacare, and the Democrat lost even when polls indicated she was favored to win. Obama Factor Adds to Fears of Democrats.

Democrats are becoming increasingly alarmed about their midterm election fortunes amid President Obama's sinking approval ratings, a loss in a special House election in Florida last week, and millions of dollars spent by Republican-aligned groups attacking the new health law. Both Obamacare and Obama himself are political poison.

Obama Becoming 'Poisonous' to Midterm Candidates. Driving Democratic fears are Obama's low approval ratings and the unpopularity of Obamacare. Progs start to realize the disaster ahead, but still are in denial. The progressive dream, of a benevolent state led by the best and the brightest caring for a grateful population unable to fend for itself, is dying a painful death. Nancy Pelosi said her Democratic colleagues should not shy from the Affordable Care Act in their midterm campaigns, arguing that Republicans "are wasting their time using that as their electoral issue.

Some observers believe the win forecasts difficulties ahead for Democrats, as their opponents are sure to use the unpopular health care law and the president's poor approval rating as campaign issues. That's a bold prediction; let's wait and see if it was accurate.

Florida loss exposes Democrats' disarray on Obamacare. Democrats can't even agree whether Obamacare was the reason for their crushing loss in a Florida special election Tuesday. Now picture how their messaging plan for the health care law is shaping up for Republican lobbyist David Jolly's victory over Democrat Alex Sink has many Democrats privately worried and publicly split about how to talk about Obamacare.

Sink's Loss Not Tied to Obamacare. Here we see the White House spokesman boasting that Obamacare wasn't mentioned in the Republican's victory speech, therefore it must not have been a factor. Always mention Obamacare in your victory speeches. And there will be many victory speeches. In a crucial referendum on how harmful the highly unpopular Obamacare legislation will be to democrats in the midterms, GOP candidate David Jolly defeated a much better-funded and more well-known pro-Obamacare Democrat, Alex Sink, in Florida's special election to replace the late Rep.

ObamaCare not to blame for election loss, says White House. ObamaCare is not to blame for the loss that Democrats suffered in Tuesday's special election in Florida, according to the White House. Press secretary Jay Carney said the healthcare law was "not the decisive factor" in the narrow defeat of Democrat Alex Sink to Republican David Jolly in the race for a seat left vacant by the late Rep.

Another Illegal Obamacare Edict? President Obama is planning to break the law, once again, in an effort to protect vulnerable Democrats in the Senate. Obama's edict would theoretically forestall, until after those crucial midterms, a tsunami of voter outrage that would inevitably drown the reelection prospects of many Democrats.

It's not clear, however, that another delay of this Obamacare provision will save the Democrats. Dems can't run on Obamacare and can't hide from it either. Some Democrats hope to minimize the importance of Obamacare as a political issue by focusing on other topics in this November's midterm elections.

Some hope to win by promising to fix the flawed national health care plan they passed in And others hope to turn the issue on Republicans by appealing to voters who have been helped by the law.

The problem is, none of that will work. The importance of Obamacare as an issue in November cannot be controlled by either political party. It will be determined by just one thing, and that is the performance of Obamacare as a law in the months preceding the election. A lawless and politically transparent Obama administration just became more so on both counts. Why should they need protection?

If Obama's health care law is so [ ObamaCare delays show that the law isn't worth the pain. As vulnerable Democrats press for another unilateral delay of a key provision of ObamaCare, surely many in the party have come to wonder if the law is really worth all of this trouble.

If it's not worth enacting, is it really worth losing the Senate over? But that's exactly what's happening as President Obama tries to placate panicking Senate Democrats by carving up his own law. The likely result is less ObamaCare and less Democratic Senators. It's not just Democratic Senators up for reelection who are worried about being dragged down by the ACA. Even Democratic Governors are concerned about how the law is playing out in their states. And no wonder, with stories like this: Democratic whip urges vulnerable Democrats not to 'hide' from Obamacare.

You're not going to duck. We believe in it. It is good for the country. It is good for Arizona. Obamacare is the best thing John Dingell ever did. The Rube Goldberg Democrats. As American voters watch ObamaCare continue its Godzilla-like rampage across the national health-care landscape, it's worth considering the collateral damage this political monster may be doing to the Democratic brand itself.

What if ObamaCare's problems become a metaphor for the modern Democratic Party? Holt, D-NJ, says he won't seek re-election.

Rush Holt announced Tuesday that he will not seek re-election in November and will retire from Congress when his term ends next year, meaning New Jersey will have at least three new members of the House come January. Democrats in Denial Over Obamacare. In a memo leaked to the press, Democrats argue they can neutralize their health care vulnerabilities by promoting their desire to fix the law and blaming Republicans for intransigence in seeking a full repeal.

Keeping Obama at arm's length. The giddy electoral success of has been tempered by the harsh political reality of Dems' new plan: Democrats know their biggest problem in this year's midterm election is Obamacare.

So top party operatives have settled on a strategy to try blunting the GOP's advantage: Democrats Running Ads Criticizing Obamacare. In Florida's 26th district, Democrats are running away from the president completely, and Obamacare in part. Specter of welfare state jolts Democrats. The White House and congressional Democrats are trying to limit the fallout from the politically damaging conclusion in a Congressional Budget Office report that the Obamacare entitlement creates a major incentive for some people not to work.

While some critics focused on a finding by the CBO that Obamacare will result in 2. A Super PAC funded by big money Democrat donors seems to have made up its mind that is hopeless, and is concentrating its resources on electing Hillary in Tough luck for all those Democrats who bet their political careers on backing Obamacare.

The president's State of the Union address not only glossed over the disastrous start to the [Obamacare] law's implementation but also, in another now familiar Democratic meme, treated the debate about the issue as finished. But unfortunately for his party, the latest batch of ObamaCare problems may serve not only to revive the discussion about the wisdom of the law but also severely damage the electoral prospects of Democrats whose names are, unlike that of the president, on the ballot this November.

Dem Casualty List Grows. Each week, it seems another Democrat lawmaker announces their retirement from Congress. Henry Waxman D-CA joined the growing list. It is only January, but 11 Democrat lawmakers have said they are quitting at the end of this current term. Is Obama Backing Away from Obamacare? Surely Democrats in the Senate who are facing the voters for the first time this November after voting for Obamacare were expecting much more. Instead, they got an anecdote, pointing to Amanda Shelley of Arizona who needed a safety net and was grateful for Obamacare.

But the president didn't mount a strong, energetic defense of the law or make any explanation for its obvious and embarrassing failures. A spate of retirements. Obamacare has begun a three stage descent into disaster. The classes are conducted at a more relaxed level, enabling senior citizens to enjoy activities that their younger peers enjoy. This may be the time to take that yoga class you always thought about. Best of all, the program is free as part of your health insurance coverage or covered under medicare.

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