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It may seem like you were drinking alcohol, so be sure you are prepared for this and take steps to mask your breath if you have to go to work. These include portion-controlled meal plans, specific eating times, and controlled vitamin intake. However, skeptics say that Atkins doesn't create a better fat burning body but simply allows the dieter to take in fewer calories by eating dense foods that make them feel fuller longer. Seeing as some diets work for some women, while others need a different approach. Higher valued foods are digested quickly and create a quick rise in insulin levels where as lower numbered foods take longer to process and are absorbed slower keeping the dieter feeling fuller longer. Rapid weight loss without the hunger.

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Medifast vs Weight Watchers: Anyone switched?

I would try to mimic the Medifast plan as closely as possible with more of a transition, maintenance mode so as to keep your carbs low as possible and to reduce the sudden blood sugar spike, which will probably cause the rapid weight gain people can see. So that means, no breads, sugars, potatoes, most fruits, high sugar veggies, pasta, rice, etc.

Just like we are eating now. You will have to do alot of label reading and shop pretty much lilke you do now. But it is doable, if you are willing to put the extra effort in the research.

Again, I would follow the guidelines like a transition and maintenance Medifast diet and see how it goes.. Check in with us if we can help along the way.. Also, some folks have done a mini "MF transition" program instead of stopping Medifast altogether.. Honestly, only you know if WW will work for you. I used to love the WW program; however, it ended up not being restrictive enough for me in the long run as mentioned above. It's a good program though if one doesn't manipulate it. Unfortunately, I didn't seem to have that willpower.

Although after being on Medifast since Janunary perhaps I would now. It's worked so well for me. This has been what I have seen as well.. What I have see for most of us that have made goal and are now maintaining is that we really have to watch our carbs. I firmly believe that all calories are not equal and yes, it's calories in vs. I would do a full transition if at all possible.

If not, ask Nutrisystem about a quicker transition. But then be very careful of the carbs. Good luck and keep us posted as to how it's going. If you decide to switch horses midstream, do make sure you transition for the full 6 weeks..

Good luck with whatever you decide.. I've been double-tracking my foods in both WW and Medifast just to see how they compare these days.. I don't see how the folks doing the on-line version get enough support. The point system has been changed, and the look-up program is the only way to know for sure what the food you are eating is worth.

There is much more work involved in planning meals, staying within your points, and not going crazy with the weekly additional points everyone gets. If I was following WW alone, I'd be gaining weight instead of losing. Plus I am loving my convenience factor and the choices I have for Medifast foods. Only you can decide what is best for you. But whatever your final decision, follow a plan and stick with it without cheating or using those extra points for sludge you'll stop your weight loss..

Wishing you the best.. Both systems really only work if you log your food. So if you're going to log your food anyway, why not do it on the MyMedifast and track your calories, protein, and carbs and just limit them to a higher number than you do now?.

The thing I've observed about WW that bothers me is that the fans of WW tell you they are making a lifestyle change and it's not just a diet. They tell you they are learning to eat right. Well, I learned how to game the points system to justify what I wanted to eat. That doesn't mean it doesn't work for some people.

I'm sure it does. With MF, you pay for food and the information is free. I think this is a program with tools I can actually use the rest of my life. A system where I had to pay to find out the point value of most foods.. I don't know what you're situation is, but if it was me, and I was going to have to log what I ate anyway, I'd rather track nutritional values over points and save my money for other things.. Plus, and this is just an opinion, but the I find the people on the Medifast boards to be friendlier and far more helpful and supportive than on the WW boards.

I think it has to do with the the most frequent answer I saw on the WW boards which basically amounted to: Go read your guide materials that you paid for, unless you didn't pay for them, in which case, I did pay for them, so I'm not helping you.. Where is that "Like" button? I did the WW Points program last year, since then it changed again! I have already lost more in the past 5 weeks on Medifast than I did in three months on WW and I did not go off plan once!

South Beach Diet has a rich menu including more than 20 breakfasts, around 50 entrées suitable for lunch and dinner, and about a dozen of healthy snacks. Most of the items on the menu are healthier renditions of classics and traditional favorites, like chocolate shakes, muffins, pancakes, omelets, frittatas, sandwiches, comforting soups, chili, fajitas, BBQ chicken, and more.

The menu is designed to accommodate certain types of special dietary needs. Some of the items on the menu are gluten-free, many of them are shellfish-free, and for individuals allergic to wheat, the service can create a wheat-free menu. Diabetic-friendly meals are available upon request. The program is not suitable for vegans and individuals with nut allergies. The Silver plan is the most affordable plan that allows you to choose from a slightly smaller assortment of meals in comparison to the menu available with the other two plans.

You can choose the meals yourself or let the South Beach Diet experts choose the meals for you. In comparison to the Silver plan, the Gold plan allows you to enjoy greater menu variety and comes with snacks included.

Just like the Silver plan, this plan provides you with enough food to last you 4 weeks. The Platinum plan offers all the benefits included the Gold plan, with one important bonus.

It provides you with 21 South Beach Complete shakes that contain 20 grams of protein each, with zero added sugar. We were happy to find out that South Beach Diet meal plans are actually highly affordable. Here are the exact prices. All plans come with free FedEx shipping. South Beach Diet is available throughout the contiguous US. You can expect to receive your delivery within 4 to 10 business days. To make sure South Beach Diet meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages.

Both diets operate under the principle that high levels of carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates, lead to spikes in blood sugar that cause hunger and overeating. Because Medifast is a meal replacement program, the company offers over 70 different products for dieters to eat at regular mealtimes while on the diet. The Atkins Diet does not deliver prepared meals to the home, but the company does offer shakes and bars that dieters on the plan can use.

The main focus of the Atkins program, however, is on home-cooked meals. Accordingly, Atkins sells a few different cookbooks and also provides an online database of recipes for dieters to try. The company also offers products such as baking mix and pasta for consumers to cook with.

Both systems offer online support in the form of forums and articles. Video of the Day. Diarrhea With Atkins Diet. Atkins Recommended Snack Foods.