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When your package arrives, just follow the step-by-step recipe cards. The Fit Meals Paleo Meal Plan is inspired by the natural, unprocessed, hunt-and-gather style meals that our ancestors enjoyed. We cater to your specific needs. Each site offers a center for gathering, parties, socializing and lunch. Adam is incredibly accommodating.

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Opening our own storage and distribution site will enable us to deliver , meals to people annually and will improve our efficiency and service quality.

Educate, train and prepare individuals for employment in food services. Assist with the preparation of mission-related meals. Prepare meals which Moveable Feast can sell to partnering organizations to generate revenue to support our programs and services.

These meals are a real-world application for our students and a dependable revenue source for Moveable Feast. We want to grow this program by educating a greater number of students and provide improved job training and career guidance.

Through Home-Delivered Meals Program, we provide: Ryan White Re-Certification Form Acute Services Application Instructions Acute Care Application If you or a loved you know have decided that help with meals is right for you, it's time to explore the best options.

There are several solutions to consider, some of which offer an alternative to delivered meals. Let's take a look at the different types meal services offered and explore the pros and cons of each. Senior centers have been around for a long time and offer an important role in our communities across the country. But, how are they for senior meals? There are many types of mailed senior meal delivery services where food can be delivered right to your door, typically in a large cooler with ice packs.

Perhaps the most well known senior meal delivery service is Meals on Wheels. And for good reason as they provide an incredible benefit to many older adults in America. Meals on Wheels programs originated in the United Kingdom during WWII when many people lost their homes and were unable to cook their own meals. Meals on Wheels programs generally offer very affordable meals delivered right to your door. An in-home personal chef is a unique option for seniors looking for healthy, customized meals.

A final type of meal program that more and more people especially seniors are turning to is an in-home personal chef. Normally with this option, a chef does all of the grocery shopping, brings fresh ingredients with, cooks the meal and cleans up in the home. Many believe having a personal chef is reserved for professional athletes and celebrities, but nowadays that isn't the case. Meals provided by a personal chef can be relatively affordable, with some able to offer prices similar to senior meal delivery services.

What is Chefs For Seniors? We are a mission-driven company with a goal to keep older adults in their homes by supporting both nutritional and social needs. We host a network of professional chefs who are all passionate about bringing fresh food into the lives of seniors at an affordable cost. Watch this second overview video to get an idea of our in-home, personal chef meal service. Barrett was a long-time executive chef and restaurant owner with over 25 years of experience in the food service industry.

Since the company's inception, Chefs For Seniors' local chefs have prepared over , meals for seniors in 9 states, and is growing quickly through its nationwide franchise expansion. There are several reasons that it makes sense to choose Chefs For Seniors over other meal delivery services:.

Central Inland Empire CA. North Atlanta Suburbs GA. North Denver CO Area. North Shore Chicago Suburbs. Palm Beach County FL. South Broward County FL. Nutrition - When food prep becomes difficult, many seniors turn to packaged foods, which often offer poor health benefits, or simply stop eating. Meal services can offer healthy meal alternatives.

Enjoy a curated selection of our best sellers or customize after checkout. Check out a selection of our items here , and customize your box after checkout. We offer two plans: The Starter Set includes 4 meals 2 servings each and 2 sides, snacks or sweets which are large enough to share.

The Good Life includes 5 meals 2 servings each and 5 sides, snacks or sweets. We generally recommend stovetop cooking, but all are microwavable as well.

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